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Wallsend Golf Club, Rosehill, Newcastle-on-Tyne. (1905 – WW2)

The club was founded in 1905.

Originally a nine-hole course laid out at Rosehill.

Below is a report on a meeting held by the club in May 1905.


Wallsend Golf Club, Rosehill, Newcastle-on-Tyne. Report on a meeting held in May 1905.

From the Shield Daily News Friday 26th May 1905. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Following is the result of a qualifying round for the McClintock Cup played on Saturday 18th May 1907; E Cratney (9) 1up; H Luhrs (14) all square; J Forrest (18) 1down; J R Pattison (25) 2down; A Martin (14) and H Smith (20) 3down; Dr. Woodhouse (12) 4down; J C Shenton (20) 5down; T Y Carter (17) 8down; No returns from A B Binns, J C Henderson, F Lewins, J G McIlvenna, J Nelson, N E Robson.

Below is the result of a match played on the Whitley course in July 1910.

Whitley Golf Club   Wallsend Golf Club  
T Birnie 1 A Robertson 0
A Phillips 1 J Edmond 0
T Robson 1 J McIlvenna 0
R Ryle  0 J Ainsworth 1
J W Morley (half) 0 A McConnell (half) 0
J D Carr (half) 0 H Lukes (half) 0
R Clough 1 W H Douglass 0
R Morley 1 J A Anderson 0
G T Thompson (half) 0 J Hope (half) 0
O Barclay 1 J Shenton 0
J A Dewar 0 F Baker 1
R E Gray 1 T Stephenson 0
  7   2

It was reported in July 1911 that the Wallsend Golf Club had found themselves in an awkward position due to the growing interest in the game. At the time membership had reached 200, but many were waiting to be admitted. The committee had given very serious thought to the matter and found two courses of action open to them. One was to restrict the number of members, and the other was to enlarge the golf course. The committee decided on the latter. The club was in a sound financial position and with the increase in membership any debt would soon be cleared.   

Below is a report on the annual meeting held in April 1914.


Wallsend Golf Club, Rosehill, Newcastle-on-Tyne. Report on the annual meeting April 1914.


Wallsend Golf Club, Rosehill, Newcastle-on-Tyne. Report on the annual meeting April 1914.

From The Jarrow Express Friday 1st May 1914.


The course is marked on the 1921 Ordnance Survey Map below.


Wallsend Golf Club, Rosehill, Newcastle-on-Tyne. The course is marked on the 1921 Ordnance Survey Map.

© Crown Copyright {1921}


Bellow is the result of a match played at Wallsend against Jarrow & Hebburn in May 1921.

Wallsend Golf Club   Jarrow & Hebburn Golf Club  
A Halliwell 1 E S Howells 0
E Bomphrey 0 G Keenlyside 1
J Appleby 1 Rev. V H F Ritson 0
A G Shearer 1 W Smith 0
E M Elliott 0 R Wallace 1
F Baker 1 S W Smith 0
T Mudie 0 R McConway 1
J Lock 1 J Earnshaw 0
J Cusworth 1 George Jackson 0
L M Douglas 1 J H Young 0
F Coleby 1 R Shepherd 0
W Tocher 1 J L Henderson 0
  9   3

The final of the Victory Trophy was played in November 1922, result; (tie for first) A Robertson, 82-4-78; A Halliwell, 85-7 -78; J R Maxwell, 93-14-79; T Mudie, 96-14-82; F Coleby, 93-11-82; A G Shearer, 94-9-85; W Duncan, 105-16-89; A E Pickering, 109-20-89.

W Richardson presided at the annual meeting in April 1923, the secretary, J R Maxwell stated in his annual report that a considerable sum had bee spent on the course, which had been in good condition throughout the year. Following are the officers for the year; President, W Richardson; captain, T Mudie; vice-captain, S Nixon; secretary, L M Douglas; treasurer, E Parker; F Pyle, N Nutt and D Tooms were added to the committee. 

Below is the result of a match played on the Spital Dene Course in August 1924.

Tynemouth Golf Club   Wallsend Golf Club  
R C Stevenson 0 A Robertson 1
R J Stonehouse 0 A Halliwell 1
J Armstrong 1 A J Barr 0
E R Kirkup 1 A H Dodsworth 0
R Wingate 1 G Neil 0
G E Addison 0 L M Douglas 1
J Bell 1 T Murdie 0
A Eddleston 1 W Duncan 0
P H Horn 1 J S Parker 0
H Rosenvinge 1 A Thomson 0
R Jackson 1 W Wilkinson 0
W E Bowman 1 L Nixon 0
J H Marshall 1 A Smith 0
  10   3

Below result of a match between the Golf Club and Wallsend Police played in April 1927.

Wallsend Golf Club   Wallsend Police Team  
F H Briggs 1 Supt. Halliday 0
A Halliwell 1 P.C. Inchmore 0
F Coleby 1 P .C. Henderson 0
A J Barr (half) 0 P.C. Coates (half) 0
W Blackham 1 Inspector Ormston 0
S Nixon 0 Sgt. Dixon 1
A P Bennett 1 P.C. Burton 0
  5   1

The final of the McClintock Cup (36-hole bogey) was played in August 1927. The winner was J Broughton, 7 down; Messsrs. J Coleby, Shearer and Horsley tied for second place. 

Mr J Cusworth presided at the annual meeting in April 1931, the following officers were elected; President, W Richardson; vice-presidents - J Cusworth, T McPherson, F Nixon, W Tocher, L M Douglas; captain, W Foster; vice-captain, A Halliwell; secretary, A C Smith; treasurer, Robert Davison; committee - W Blackham, A P Bennett, F L Dowslan, J Smetton, C E Faddy. Ladies' Section; Captain, Miss E Nattrass; vice-captain, Mrs Craig; hon. secretary, Miss L Temple; committee - Mrs Cosans, Mrs Mudie, Misses Bowman, Taylor, Towenson, Shaw, Trotter.

The final of the McClintock Cup was played on Saturday 6th August 1932; S Coleby (10) 4up; A B Bennett (20) all square; F Cook (12) 1down.

From the Golfer’s Handbook 1933; Wallsend Golf Club, Rosehill, Willington Quay-on-Tyne; Membership of 180; Secretary – A P Bennett, 26 Albury Park Road, Tynemouth; Professional and green-keeper, T Monaghan; Records – amateur; A Halliwell, 71; professional; R May, 68; Nine-hole course; Station at Howdon, quarter of a mile; Visitors, 1s/6d a day; weekend 2s; 7s/6d a week. Sunday play allowed without caddies.

The course is extended to 15-holes in May 1935. The secretary at this time was Mr R Fairlamb.


Wallsend Golf Club, Rosehill, Newcastle-on-Tyne. Report on the extension of the course May 1935.

From the Shields Daily News Thursday 16th May 1935. Image © Johnston Press plc. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


At the 35th annual meeting in April 1939 it was stated that the improvement made in 1938/39 had been maintained. The following officials were appointed; President, L M Douglas; vice-president, J Blench; captain, A Walker; vice-captain, J H Dennis; hon. secretary, J D Heddon; hon. treasurer, J L Balmer; hon. auditors, E Moyes and J E Parker; general committee - E Moyes, J E Parker, J Smettem, G Fairlamb, F Coates, A Robertson, J H Dennis, W Johnson, F Cook.

At the time of WW2 the secretary  was; G N Rawling, 18 The Crescent, Wallsend-on-Tyne; Membership of 230; Green-keeper, G Monagahan; 14-hole course with a SSS of 70.

It was reported in November 1945 that a meeting was to be held at The Cafe, Station Road, to discuss the future of the club. The clubhouse and course had been requisitioned by the military in May 1941 to aid the war effort. It was hoped that the club would be able to re-open to serve its part in the post-war plan of "open spaces for recreation." 

The current Wallsend Centurion club was founded in 1973.

The Google Map below shows the location of the former Rosehill golf course.