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Bamburgh Golf Club, Red Barns Links, Northumberland. (1896 - WW1)

Founded in 1896.

The course was on Red Barns Links between Bamburgh and Seahouses  the professional was W Weatherston.

In 1900 the secretary at the 9-hole course was G Dickson, Radcliffe House, Bamburgh.

Below is the result of a match played at Amble (also defunct) on Saturday 6th July 1912. Interestingly the away team was called Bamburgh (not Castle) so it’s possible the earlier Bamburgh club could still have been in existence at this time. 

Amble Golf Club   Bamburgh Golf Club  
H H Roberts 1 A Purves 0
H F Teasdale 1 T Marshall 0
J Stobbart 1 J Brown 0
R J Burgess 0 A Hall 1
R Taylor 1 J Marshall 0
G Rochester 1 J Hewitt 0
J Gardner 1 W McColl 0
J Turnbull 1 T W Little 0
J Sanderson 1 J Gregory 0
T L McAndrews 1 G Brewis 0
  9   1

The Golf Course at Red Barns Links is clearly marked on the O.S map below


Bamburgh Golf Club, Red Barns Links. The Golf Course marked on the 1899 O.S map.

© Crown Copyright {1899}


Location of the Bamburgh Golf Club Course.

Bamburgh Golf Club disappeared in the early 1900s.
Grid reference NU19290,34470, co-ordinates 419290,634470.



Bamburgh Castle is the current club and was founded in 1904.