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Seghill Golf Club, Northumberland. (1935 - WW2)

First appeared in the mid 1930s, did not appear after WW2.

In 1935 the secretary was G F Rutherford, East View, Seaton Delaval, telephone 37. The professional was G Carr and the greenkeeper T Jewers. 18 hole course with a membership of 220. The station at Seghill was ½ mile away. Visitors’ fees 1/- a round, 1/6 a day, 2/6 at weekend and Bank Holiday, 7/6 a week, 12/6 a fortnight and £1 a month.

Result of a match played at Blyth Golf Club in May 1935.


Seghill Golf Club, Northumberland. Result of a match played at Blyth Golf Club in May 1935.

Blyth News Thursday 16 May 1935.I mage © Johnston Press plc. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


Below is the result of a ladies match played at Seghill against Three Mile Bridge in July 1935. 

Seghill Golf Club   Three Mile Bridge  
Mrs Kedge 1 Mrs Rae 0
Mrs Sharp 0 Mrs Oliver 1
Mrs Townsley 0 Miss Bainbridge 1
Miss Hall 0 Mrs Forrestal 1
Miss Finnie 0 Mrs Slater 1
Mrs Keating 0 Mrs Taylor 1
  1   5

For the second year in succession a Seghill player was successful in the Royal Infirmary competition, organized by the Northumberland Union of Golf Clubs and played over the Tynemouth course, on Saturday 21st September 1935; Leading scores; J G Forster (Seghill), 81-13-68; H Smith (Corbridge), 83-14-69; A E Howe (Morpeth), 88-18-70.

An open mixed foursome was played over the Seghill course on Saturday 21 September 1935, result; Commander & Mrs F E Kedge (R.A.N Sydney), 67½; Mrs Hoare & S Muter (Newbiggin), 68½; Seghill players scores - Mrs D R M Crombie & J Pattinson, 69; Miss E Moss & R Donaldson, 69½; Miss E Chater & H P Borrell, 70½; Miss Whitfield & J R Robson, 71½; Mr & Mrs A Townsley, 72½.

The mixed foursomes competition for the Walton-Brown Salver was played over the Seghill course on Saturday 28 September 1935 and was won by Miss E Moss and A G Agar, 91-24½-66½; runners-up, Miss E Chater and G B Sharpe, 92-24-68.    

Competition result from June 1937.


Seghill Golf Club, Northumberland. Result of the captain's prize played in June 1937.

Blyth News Monday 28 June 1937. Image © Johnston Press plc. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


A successful year was reported by the secretary, G B Sharpe, at the annual meeting held in January 1939, Capt J W Keating in the chair.

It was reported that total membership was 295, and a substantial increase in visitors was attributed to the excellent condition of the course. Approaches had been leveled, bunkers and greens were improved and the services of H Fernie (Northumberland Club professional) had been sought to layout and supervise a new scheme of bunkering.

An extension to the clubhouse had been completed and had proved satisfactory.

Following are the trophy winners for the season; Walton Brown Salver – Miss C M Hall and Mr W Emmerson; Coronation Cup – Miss M Goldsmith; Laycock Cup – J Robson; Seymour Cup – J G Forster; Townsley Cup – J Pattison; Baxter Ellis Cup – H S Hay; Monthly Tankard winners – G Bell, S Dorin, J Pattison, E N Clarkson, S Baxter, H Johnson, H W Hindmarch and G B Sharpe.

The following officials were elected for 1939; President, Capt S Walton Brown; club captain, S Dorin; vice-captain, B M P Hardy; secretary, G B Sharpe; treasurer, J Thompson; Committee – J W Keating, W Emmerson, John Gabriel Forster, B M P Hardy, S Hurt, O Kaiser, J A Metcalf, N Nicholson, W Young.

Result of the R.V.I competition played in May 1939; W J Robson (16), J Higginbotham (18), 69; J Cheeseman (16), E N Clarkson (11), H Nicholson (18), 71; S Kell (18), 74; S Dorin (15), 75. 

Below is the result of a match played at Seghill against Morpeth Golf Club in May 1939.  

Seghill Golf Club   Morpeth Golf Club  
S Dorin & T S Hately 1 J H Sanderson & J Buchanan  0
B M P Hardy & H Davidson 1 G S Charlton & R Charlton 0
W D Thomas & W Foggett (half) 0 W B Baker & T Milburn (half) 0
C B Sharp & A G Agar 1 S McNeil & C L Sharp 0
W Young & S Hurst 1 A W L Davy & G Buchanan 0
A Nicholson & J Cheesman 1 D Patterson & H Jackson 0
  5   0

Result of the Captain’s Prize played in June 1939; J O Mole (14), 62; J Leitch (17), J Robson (5), S Baxter (11), T Little (12), 65; H Hindmarsh (11), H Jackson (13),S J Adamson (18), S Duncan (16), J A Robson (16), 67; N Nicholson (18), G B Sharpe (9), H Davidson (8), N Nutt (15), S Hurst (14), J Pattinson (3), 69; T M Walker (16), A H Milligan (18), F J Stannerd (18), B M P Hardy (4), J Higginbottom (18), 70.

Below is the result of a ladies’ match played at Seghill against Morpeth In June 1939. 

Seghill Golf Club   Morpeth Golf Club  
Mrs Bendle 0 Mrs Sharp 1
Mrs Sharp (half) 0 Mrs Jackson (half) o
Mrs W Wallace 0 Mrs Davy 1
Miss Wright 0 Mrs H Jackson 1
Mrs S Wallace 0 Mrs Gibson 1
Mrs Dorin 0 Mrs Dodds 1
Mrs Nicholson 0 Mrs Mitchell 1
  0   6

 In 1940 the secretary was G B Sharpe, Cheviot View, Seghill. Telephone Newcastle 27136. The professional was W A Nicholson and the green-keeper R Phillips. The 18- holes had a SSS of 66 and Par 67 membership was 300. Visitors’ fees 2/- a day, 3/6 weekend and Holidays (if playing with a member 2/6)


Seghill Golf Club, Northumberland. Location of the former course.

It’s  interesting to note that the clubhouse is still showing on this early 1950s map but the course has disappeared.
Grid reference, NZ28385,74435 co-ordinates 428385,574435