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Todmorden Golf Club, Yorkshire. (1894 - 1907)

Founded in 1894.

In June 1895 the Todmorden Golf Club was situated at Todmorden Edge. There was a comfortable clubhouse, and a membership of about 100 at the newly formed club.

The club moved to the current Rive Rocks course in 1907.


Todmorden Golf Club, Yorkshire. The opening shot on the Todmorden Edge course.

The captain, F W Horsfall, prepares to hit the opening shot on the Todmorden Edge course on May 4th 1895.


In September 1895 a competition was held on the Todmorden Edge course, the trophy was presented to the club by the vice president, Mr Samuel Fielded JP. Dr MacRoberts was the winner with a net score of 91, Dr Currie was runner up with a 92.

Miss C J Gordon was a leading lady player at the club and it was stated that she had  the following attributes “firm wrists, a good eye and a capital idea of direction” She had recently won a bogey competition at the Bembridge Ladies’ Golf Club, and was presented with a silver goblet by the Princess Beatrice, who was visiting the links on the Isle of Wight (Royal Isle of Wight Golf Club, Bembridge, is now defunct).

Below, card of the course from the 1890s.

Hole Yards
1 242
2 167
3 275
4 405
5 245
6 109
7 185
8 182
9 262
Total 2072

Below is the result of a match played against Rochdale Golf Club on their King’s Road course on Saturday 9th October 1897. 

Rochdale Golf Club   Todmorden Golf Club  
W A Scholes 0 A S Roberts 0
W S Petrie 0 A B Cropley 3
F Pilling 8 P M Roberts 0
A Bell 2 E J Cropley 0
G D McLennan 3 W Brown 0
R G Heape 8 W Smith 0
J Broadbent 4 F W Horsfall 0
T H C Mackenzie 0 W Currie 0
E Healey 2 E Aitken 0
E Brierley 3 W Ormerod 0
  30   3

Result of a match played on the now defunct Anson course in August 1899.

Anson Golf Club   Todmorden Golf Club  
T Merry 7 Rev. A S Roberts 0
H D Hulme 4 Dr. McRobert 0
E L Jackson 1 A R Crossley 0
W E Gordon 1 E J Crossley 0
E Thorp 3 W Brown 0
D G McNiven 5 J W Barker 0
J B Mackenzie 4 W A Wrigley 0
S E Thomason 2 Rev. J Midgley 0
J Williamson 4 Dr. Currie 0
R F Harker 0 E S Gill 9
  31   9

For details of a home club match played against the Burnley Golf Club in 1902, see the Burnley entry on this website.

From the 1905 Nisbet's Golf Yearbook; Instituted 1894; Membership of 83; Hon. secretary - E Holmes, 3 Hamerton Terrace, Todmorden; Captain, J Gask; Nine-holes; Entrance fee £1/1s and subs £1/11s/6d, ladies £1/1s; Amateur record, Rev. A S Roberts, 75; Station one mile. The links are situated 1,000ft above sea level, and consist mainly of reclaimed moorland, and pasture. The principal bunkers are stone "dykes" with an occasional ditch. The holes vary in length from 160 to 380 yards. 

Below are the results of two club matches played against Rochdale Golf Club on Saturday 5th May 1906. 

The match below was played at Rochdale.

Rochdale Golf Club   Todmorden Golf Club  
A W Holroyd 7 P C MacRobert 0
C B Hudson 9 A R Crossley 0
O Schofield 5 E J Crossley 0
T H C Mackenzie 2 Charles Lord 0
H H Harris 5 J W Barker 0
A Hosegood 0 H B Spencer 0
J A Menzies 3 W G Stephenson 0
R G Heape 1 Richard Redman 0

The match below played at Todmorden.

Todmorden Golf Club   Rochdale Golf Club  
E Healey 2 E Holmes 0
J E Walker 11 W Sutcliffe 0
T Leach 3 J R Napier 0
E Brierly 11 E Aitken 0
R Ashworth 0 W Crossley 1
F Lye 3 J J Gledhill 0
C L Whipp 0 F Lord 0
A Hargreaves 6 T D Hoyle 0
  68   1


Todmorden Golf Club, Yorkshire. Location of the Todmorden Edge Golf House.

Location of the “Old Golf House” Parkin Lane, Todmorden Edge, gives some idea as to the location of the former course. Grid reference (Golf House) SD92400,24520, co-ordinates 392400,424520.