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Sheffield & District Golf Club. (1891 - 1930s)

The club was founded in 1891 with a nine-hole course on Lindrick Common.

The first competition was played on Saturday April 9th 1892 and was won by William Jessop.

The fourth annual general meeting was held at the Norfolk Room, Cutlers' Hall on Friday 25th October 1895. T P Lockwood and John Wortley retired from the committee on rotation with Dr Burgess and W Mitchell Eadon replacing them. The following officers were elected; President, Viscount Galway; vice-president H H Littlejohn; captain, T P Lockwood; treasurer, W B Esam; secretary, J G Ronksley; auditors, A Macredie and R J Evans.


Sheffield & District Golf Club. Club button.


Sheffield & District Golf Club. Club button.


Sheffield & District Golf Club. Club button.

S&D Golf Club buttons. Thanks to Dixon Pickup for the images.


Result of a match played at Lindrick against Headingley Golf Club on Saturday 16th September 1899.

Sheffield & District Golf Club   Headingley Golf Club  
J Hall 1 J Bower 0
H W Leader 0 F P Joscelyne 2
F W Eddison 9 J M S Lister 0
J Drummond 4 A E Kirk 0
B Waterhouse 4 F Ibbotson 0
W Robinson 2 J P Eddison 0
Rev C M Potts 5 C M Gillespie 0
A E Hall 0 H B Snell 7
  25   9


Result of the September 1900 monthly medal; W St Q Leng, 99-17-82; J W Barber, 92-9-83; J Hall, 89-4-85; H Thomas, 103-17-86; W Robinson, 95-7-88; D Barber, 105-16-89; B F Cocker, 106-16-90; C M Potts, 101-6-95.

Result of a match played at Headingley on Saturday 12th October 1901.

Headingley Golf Club   Sheffield & District Golf Club  
J R Bower 0 F J F Baines 0
F Aitchenson 4 B "Niblick" 0
W C Mayo 4 J Drummond 0
J M S Lister 7 F E Cockayne 0
A E Kirk 6 C M Potts 0
F H Mayo 0 A Barwick 1
S M May 0 D McDougall 5
S M Bryde 0 J D Haggie 3
  21   9


In 1904/5 the joint secretaries were G Denton and G A Wilson, East Parade, Sheffield; captain, A Creswick; professional, J Forrest; professional course record H Vardon, 75; amateur, A Wallace, 75; now listed as an 18-hole course with a membership of 300; entrance fee was £3/3s and subs £2/2s; visitors' fees were 1/- a day, 5/- a week and 10s/6d  a month.

The September 1919 monthly medal was won by E Barber, 90-8-82.

Result of the Jessop Cup played in April 1931, finished in a tie; P E Lee (10) 1 down; A Duncan Barber (14) 1 down; H Mappin (8) 4 down; E Wilkinson (14) 4 down.

The Sheffield & District Golf Club was still appearing in the 1933 Golfer's Handbook when the secretary was Major Sutton H Lowe; professional, R Jacobs; green-keeper, E Mappin; professional course record R Jacobs, 68; amateur, Bernard Wragg, 69; club membership 425.

Sheffield & District Golf Club eventually disappears and Lindrick Golf Club comes into being.