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Riddlesden Golf Club, Keighley. (1927 - 2016)

The club was founded in 1927.

Originally a nine-hole golf course and known as Crotona Golf Club it changed its name to Riddlesden in December 1928. The course was extended to 18-holes in early 1933.

The undulating hillside course was set in the Yorkshire Dales between Airedale and Wharfdale with stunning views from many of the holes. The clubhouse was owned by the golf club and the course belonged to the council.

It was announced in the Keighley News in January 2016 that the club would be closing due to falling membership and increasing costs.


Riddlesden Golf Club, Keighley, Yorks. Course scorecard.

Course scorecard.



Riddlesden Golf Club, Keighley, Yorks. Layout of the golf course.

Course layout.


Riddlesden Golf Club, Keighley, Yorks. The clubhouse and course.

The clubhouse and course.


On Tuesday 2nd February 1932 the Riddlesden club won the West Yorkshire Golfing Alliance on the Howden Park course of the Keighley Golf Club. Following is an extract from a report that appeared in the Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer.

"Riddlesden is the daughter organisation of the Keighley Golf Club, and the two players from the course on the steep slopes of Howden Rough, Mr F S de Lacey (captain of the club) and F Wilkinson won by one stroke with a total of 106 for 27 holes (70 and 36). It did not detract from the merit of their victory that Riddlesden were one of  the longer handicap sides, with the amateur playing from twelve and the green-keeping professional from four, because until two years ago when he turned professional, Wilkinson was a member of the Riddlesden club, with a handicap of 14. He has made steady progress in spite of his green-keeping duties, and he had strong support all the way from his amateur partner.

Riddlesden was formerly known as the Crotona Golf Club. It was formed through the public spirited enterprise of two Keighley Golf Club members, John Henderson and John (Jabez)  Crabtree."

In September 1932 the Riddlesden professional, Frederick H Wilson, married Miss Edna Hurtley.

The course was extended to 18-holes in early 1933. At this time membership fee was 30/- (ladies 21/-). The professional was J M Fraser. The hon. secretary was J N Summers.

In 1938 the professional was C H Race.

At the time of WW2 the secretary was E Smith, 33 Worth Avenue, Stockbridge; the professional was J Pilkington and the green-keeper F Middlebrook. The 18-hole course had a Par and SSS of 64. Membership was 130. Visitors' fees were 1/- per round, 2/- at week-end.

In the mid 1950s the secretary was A Dracup, 3 Westfield Drive, Riddlesden. The professional was C H Race. Visitors' fees were 2/- a day.

In the early 1960 the secretary was E Midgley, and the professional C H Race. Later in the decade the secretary was V E Lumby. The Par was 64 and the SSS 60. Visitors' fees were, 2/6 a round, 4/- a day. Membership was 120.

In the 1970s the secretary was D B Atkinson, there was no professional. Membership was now 200. Course records; amateur, 66; professional, 63. The 18-hole course measured 4,040 yards with a SSS of 61. Visitors' 50p a day (£1 at weekend.)

D B Atkinson was still the secretary in the 1980s.  18-holes measured 4,150 yards. Course records; amateur, 65; professional, 62. Visitors' fees, £1.50 (£3). In the later 1980s the secretary was Mrs K M Brooksbank. Course records; amateur, M Mitchell, 60 (1987); professional, P Cowan, 59 (1983).

Thanks to Colin Barker for the images below and the following information – “Scorecard from Riddlesden Golf Course dated 2/1/1989 showing the local rules at the time but also the Par then was 62 with the 7th being a par 3 instead of a Par 4 - with differing Stroke Indexes”.


Riddlesden Golf Club, Keighley, Yorkshire. Course scorecard from 1989.


Riddlesden Golf Club, Keighley, Yorkshire. Course scorecard from 1989.


In 2005/6 the secretary was Mrs R Bottomley. The course measured 4,295 yards. Membership at this time was 400. Visitors' fees, £15 (£20).