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Craven Golf Club, Skipton, Yorks. (1893 - 1900s)

The club was founded in 1893.

It was reported in April 1893 that a club had been formed under the title of the Craven Golf Club. The course would be laid out at Gargrave. The prospects of the club were stated to be “very bright” and members who had joined were highly delighted with the course. It was “small in extent but possessed many features suitable to the game”.  The following were the officers of the club; President, Sir Matthew W Wilson, Bart; treasurer, J H Bramwell, secretary, C J Turner; committee – Captain Preston, Rev L B Morris, R B Barrett, A H Bracewell, M Amcotts-Wilson and the Rev J R Leigh.

The Map below from the 1900s shows Stony Butts, location of the earlier golf course.


Craven Golf Club, Skipton, Yorkshire. Map showing the location of the earlier course at Gargrave.

Ordnance Survey Map © Crown Copyright {1910.}


Craven Golf Club, Skipton, Yorkshire. Picture showing the early Gargrave golf course.

To the right of the above picture is the Gargrave course with Milton House in the background.


The following report is from the Leeds Mercury Wednesday 22 April 1896. "A new golf course was opened yesterday afternoon in connection with the Craven Golf Club, when an exhibition game took place between Mr T Vardon, the Ilkley professional, and Mr Gaudin, the assistant professional. The new course is pleasantly situated behind the Skipton Castle Woods, and the opening game was witnessed by a large and fashionable assembly. The Craven Club have transferred their headquarters at Gargrave to Skipton, and have now an increased membership of 60. The new course is well adapted to the game, but the greens being bumpy, rendered accurate putting difficult. The game was watched with much interest, and the result of the 18-holes was - Vardon, 84; Gaudin, 89."

Report on the annual meeting held in March 1897.


Craven Golf Club, Skipton, Yorkshire. Report on the annual meeting in March 1897.

From the Craven Herald Friday 19 March 1897. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


The club disappeared in the early 1900s the professional at the time was W Hartley.

It was announced at a meeting of the Yorkshire Union of Golf Clubs in March 1902 that the Craven Golf Club was no longer in existence.


Craven Golf Club, Skipton. Competition medal.

Craven Golf Club Competition Medal.


The Google Map shows the location of the earlier Gargrave golf course.