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Airmyn Park Golf Club, Goole, Yorkshire. (1911 - WW2)

Founded in 1911.

Below are competition results for Airmyn Park played in October 1912.


Goole Golf Club, Airmyn Park. Competition results from October 1912.

From The Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer Monday 21 October 1912. Image © Johnston Press plc. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


In 1914 the joint secretaries were J Fawbert and H T Ranson, Carlisle St, Goole. The professional was T Nolan. A 9-hole course with a membership of 110. There was no entry fee. Subs for gents were £3/3/0 and ladies £1/1/0. Visitors’ fees were 1/- a day. Sunday play was not allowed. Station at Goole was  1½ miles away.

The Goole Golf Club, Airmyn Park, played at Pontefract Golf Club on Saturday 11 July 1914. The following were the successful Goole players in a narrow defeat; L H Matthews, J Fawbert, E Smith, J Pile and W E Appleyard.

Result of a second round mixed foursome played in July 1914; Mr Pile and Mrs Greenacre beat A Townend and Miss E Bickerton, 2 and 1; R G Bickerton and Miss  M Weatherall beat W Best and Miss R Huntington, 6 and 5; J Richardson and Mrs R Tinn beat J Fawbert and Mrs T H Rawson, 3 and 2.

The following semi-finals for the Captain's Cup were played at Airmyn Park in April 1915; J Fawbert beat W Head, and E Bond beat E Smith.

The club captain in 1915 was W Head.

Below is the result of a match played at Airmyn Park against Wheatley Park Golf Club (now defunct) on 1st September 1923.

Goole (Airmyn Park) Golf Club   Wheatley Park Golf Club  
A Blythe (half) 0 S Groom (half) 0
E Bond 1 S W Ellis 0
F Turner 0 A Jefferson 1
R G Bickerton (half) 0 J Woodhouse (half) 0
E L Harrap 1 W Corbett 0
A Coxon 1 E G Jacobs 0
S Bickerton (half) 0 G A Brown (half) 0
F Greenacre 0 J L Postlethwaite 1
A Banning 0 T K Rigg 1
T McCullock 1 G Broadhead 0
A Townend 0 A P Curran 1
  4   4

From 1924 to the clubs final appearance in 1940 it was listed as Goole Golf Club Ltd, Airmyn Park (Grid Reference SE 730 246). The secretary was A Townsend, 57 Marshfield Rd, Goole, telephone 12 and the green-keeper F Laking. There was a membership of 180 which had fallen to 140 by closure. Visitors’ fees were 2/6 a day.

Below is the result of a match played against Pontefract Golf Club on Saturday 4 June 1925 at Airmyn Park. The home side ran out easy winners in both singles (9 to 1) and foursomes (5 to 1) matches. 

Goole Golf Club   Pontefract Golf Club  
A Blyth 1 W P Barker 0
E L Harrap (half) 0 Dr Cairns (half) 0
F Turner 1 F Chappell 0
E L Davies 1 A E Hartley 0
R G Bickerton 1 W Fearnley 0
Dr A M Erskine 1 H Simpkins 0
A Wetherall 0 J R Fisher 1
S Bickerton 1 P Bagley 0
H Clarkson 1 H Ward 0
F Greenacre (half) 0 G H King (half) 0
N G Silvester 1 E H Sweeting 0
T McCullock 1 G Hammant 0
  9   1

Below is the result of a Ladies match played at Airmyn Park against Hull Ladies in May 1930.

Goole Ladies' Golf Club   Hull Ladies' Golf Club  
Mrs N G Silvester 0 Miss Muriel Stables 1
Mrs Garstang 1 Miss Margaret Stables 0
Mrs R Heron 1 Miss Banks 0
Miss M Wetherall 1 Miss Beaumont 0
Mrs T Sherburn 1 Miss Dudley 0
Mrs Sykes 1 Miss Soar 0
Miss Clarkson 1 Mrs Hammerton 0
  6   1

Below is the result of a match played at Airmyn Park against Selby Golf Club on Saturday 7 May 1932.

Goole Golf Club   Selby Golf Club  
F Greenacre 0 B M Wishart 1
S Bickerton 1 P Cheesman 0
E G Garstang 0 B Watson 1
J Bennett 1 J A Dawson junior 0
L A Coxon 0 R Watson 1
E Davies 1 H S Dickson 0
T Hunter 0 J S Wishart 1
T Trenholme 1 J R Cauldwell 0
P H Earnshaw 0 G A M Firth 1
A Wetherall 0 M Coates 1
S Wilson 0 Rev. H W Sherwin 1
A Townend 0 F C Whitehead 1
Greenacre and Bickerton 0 B M Wishart and Cheesman 1
Garstang and Bennett 0 B Watson and Dawson 1
Coxon and Davies (Half) 0 R Watson and H S Dickson (half) 0
Hunter and Trenholme 0 J S Wishart and Cauldwell 1
Earnshaw and Wetherall 0 Firth and Coates 1
Wilson and Townend 0 Sherwin and Whitehead 1
  4   13

It was stated at the annual meeting in April 1935 that the club had a successful year financially. However, an appeal was made by the secretary and retiring captain for an increase in membership numbers. Mr A Townend said the season’s competitions had created a great deal of interest. Green fees were slightly down on last year. Improvements had been made to the course which included the addition of three new tees. The retiring captain, Mr F J Greenacre thanked the members and stressed the need for an increased membership. Mr John T Bennett was elected the new captain, Mr P H Earnshaw was elected treasurer and Mr G S Wilson was elected assistant secretary to Mr Townend. The committee members were; A Bowrie, E Davies, L A Coxon, J Trenholme, F Thompson and F J Greenacre. 

Result of  the June 1935 monthly medal; L W Silvester, 76-10-66; E Davies, 80-14-66; S Wilson, 81-14-67.

A successful year was reported at the annual meeting of the Goole club on Monday 11 April 1938. The retiring captain, Mr J Trenholme, presided, and the secretary, Mr A Townend said that although the season  had started badly, it ended well, club events being held and well suppported until mid October. Mr W N Bowie won both the club trophy and captain’s prize, Mr A E Stringer won the juvenile section trophy. Mr John E Timm was elected captain, Mr M Townend was re-elected secretary with Mr N Wallis as assistant secretary and Mr P H Earnshaw, treasurer. The committee as follows; F Thompson, N G Silvester, J Trenholme, A Fox, F J Greenacre, J T Bennett, W N Bowie and E Davies.

The draw for the second round of the Goole Golf Club captain’s prize in June 1938, as follows;

E Davies v A Bowie, F Underhill v E L Harrap, F Brigham v D R Whittington, J Trenholme or G Davies v J Huson, N E Walker v S Gunnill, A Perason v H Garforth, F Cole v N Wallis, J W C Temple v N G Silvester. 

In July 1938 the draw for the third round of the Captain’s Cup was made, as follows; A Bowie v F Underhill, D R Whiitington v J Huson, S Gunnill v A Pearson, N Wallis v J W C Temple. Also the draw for the Goole Club trophy; F Cole v H Garforth, N Wallis v N G Silvester or A Fox.

Playing in a medal competition on Saturday 6 August 1938 C K Hailey (handicap 18) holed is tee shot at the 200 yard fifth hole. The last hole in one on the course was recorded in 1933.

On Saturday 13 August 1938 Goole beat Scunthorpe 7 – 0 in a foursomes match at Goole, result below.

Goole Golf Club   Scunthorpe Golf Club  
A Bowie & N Wallis 1 H Graves & G Robertshaw 0
J Huson & J T Bennett 1 M Robertshaw & E Taylor 0
N G Silvester & H Garforth 1 A Greaves & T Mumby 0
H Monkman & A Pearson 1 G Robinson & N Wales 0
E Davies & J E Timm 1 P Carton & G Clark 0
F Underhill & F Brigham 1 N Kendall & J Sanderson 0
J H Easingwood & C K Hailey 1 V James & G Wilcox 0
  7   0

The golf club held their annual whist drive and dance at Goole Baths hall on Thursday 17 November 1938. Mrs J E Timm, wife of the captain of the club, presented the whist prizes. Miss Marion Frost, the youngest member of the club, presented Mrs Timm with a bouquet of chrysanthemums. Over 200 attended the dance, and the programme varied from the Lancers to the Lambeth Walk. Amongst those present were; Mr & Mrs J E Timm, Mr A Townsend, Mr & Mrs P H Earnshaw, Mr & Mrs N Pilling, Dr & Mrs J Crawford, Councillor & Mrs N G Silvester, Councillor R A Heptonstall, Councillor H Richardson, Captain & Mrs H Welham, Mr & Mrs C E Gorham, Mr & Mrs L A Coxon Mr & Mrs J H Easingwood Mr & Mrs E Sharpley, Mr & Mrs J Kelbrick, Mr & Mrs A Bowie, etc.     

Result of the May 1939 monthly medal; J W C Temple, 77-6-71; F Cole, 82-11-71; A Bowie, 77-4-73; J Kelbrick, 84-11-73; F Brigham, 90-17-73; J Speak, 91-18-73; P Earnshaw, 91-18-73; N G Silvester, 85-11-74.