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Rawcliffe Park Golf Club, Goole, Yorkshire. (1900 - 1920s)

Founded in 1900.

A report from the Hull Daily Mail dated 15th June 1900 “Goole is going in for golf. Yesterday a recently formed club was formally opened by Mr R Creyke J.P D.L, in his grounds at Rawcliffe, in the presence of a fair attendance. Golf is a novelty in this district, and it was something new to see the members rushing to the station with their “implements of warfare” There is however, a probability of the game becoming popular”


Goole Golf Club, Rawcliffe Park. Club button.

Goole Golf Club button. 


Professionals at Rawcliffe Park; J F Petty (1901 – 1904); H Walker (1907 – 1912); Thomas Nolan (1912 – 1914); ? Harrison (1914 – 1917); N Turner (1923.)

In 1902 the secretary was H Chapman, Bank House, Goole. A 9-hole course the professional was J F Petty. Visitors were only allowed on introduction by member. The AGM was held in May 1902, Mr Ralph Creyke was re-elected as president with the Reverend W Raven Hart captain. Mr Chapman reported that the club membership was now 38, a slight decrease on the previous year. The course has much improved and the greens were in excellent condition. Following are the medal winners for the season; Rev W Raven Hart, H Chapman, M Dunn, J Sutcliffe (twice), R Bickerton and F R Creyke.

Below a new course is laid out in 1904.


Goole Golf Club, Rawcliffe Park. The new course in 1904.

From the Sheffield Daily Telegraph Friday 4th November 1904. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


In 1905/6 the secretary was H Chapman, West Riding Bank, Goole, Yorks. The ground-keeper was J F Petty (1905) and S Morley (1906.) Visitors’ fees on introduction were 1/- a day. The station at Rawcliffe was about 1 mile away. Local hotels were the Station at Goole and the Creyke Arms at Rawcliffe. "The course is situated in Rawcliffe Park, and members are allowed to play by permission of Mr Ralph Creyke, the owner."

Result of a club match played at Pontefract on Thursday 12th May 1910. 

Pontefract Golf Club   Rawcliffe Park Golf Club  
Lieut Robinson 1 G Bennett 0
Capt Buckle 1 H Bennett 0
G W Grandidge 0 E Blyth 1
S Chappell 1 J Richardson 0
C H Wilkinson 0 W Head 1
J P Lynas 1 E Fawbert 0
H Butler 1 L Watson 0
R P Winter 1 E Smith 0
J F Sheard 1 E B Timm 0
R E Woodcock 1 J Townend 0
G Hemmant 1 R Huntington 0
  9   2

Below is the result of a match played at Rawcliffe Park against Selby Londesborough Golf Club on Thursday 30th April 1914. 

Rawcliffe Park Golf Club   Selby Londesborough Golf Club  
Ralph Creyke 1 P Cheesman 0
E B Timm 0 Mr Anson 0
Mr Goodhall 1 Mr Scannell 0
F Petty 0 Mr Mearns 1
J Hart 1 Mr Barrron 0
E Turner 1 Mr Stainland 0
E L Harrop 1 F Cheesman 0
T Huntington 1 Mr White 0
Mr Mould 1 Mr Richardson 0
P Heppenstall 1 Mr Burton 0
R S Heptonstall 1 Mr Clough 0
  9   1

The death took place on Friday 3rd September 1920 of Mr Gregory Brook Wadsworth, a founder member of the Rawcliffe Park Golf Club. 

During the 1920s the secretary at the Rawcliffe Park Golf Club was Edmund Brunyee Timm, Aire St, Goole. The 9-hole course had a membership of 60. Visitors’ fees on introduction were 1/6 a day and 5/- a week. The course was still appearing on O.S maps during the 1930s.

It was reported in May 1939 that Edmund Brunyee Timm, a former secretary at the old Rawcliffe Park Golf Club, had passed away.


Rawcliffe Park Golf Club, Goole. Course location.

Course location.