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Hull Golf Club, Yorkshire.

Founded in 1904.

It was originally a nine-hole course it was extended to eighteen-holes in 1906. The course was situated near Anlaby Road and close to Boothferry Park the former home of Hull City Football Club.

Following is an extract of a report from the Sheffield Daily Telegraph Monday 17th October 1904. "Opening Of New Links - The first golf club established in Hull was opened on Saturday afternoon. Hitherto lovers of the ancient game have had to travel to Beverley, Brough or Hornsea. It was about a year ago that Mr Haggitt Colbeck became convinced that a club was required in Hull and that the formation of one was practicable. He gathered round him a few ardent golfers and finally a site was selected on the Anlaby Road. The advice of Alex Herd, the ex-champion, was taken when the ground was decided upon, and also of H H Tuck, who has been engaged as professional. At present the course is only nine-holes, but during the winter it will be extended to a full 18. The first hole is 240 yards long with a hedge and ditch to clear with the drive and a little wood guarding the hole from the left. The second is 360 yards, with hedge and ditch, and two bunkers to trap the second shot. The third hole is 380 yards, with two bunkers guarding the approach. The fourth is 160 yards, with a bunker guarding the green, this being regarded as the "trickiest" hole on the course. Hole five is 330 yards with the approach guarded by hedge and ditch. The sixth is about 370 yards, with a bunker. At the seventh, which is 400 yards, there is a lot of rough ground to clear. The eighth is 160 yards, with a hedge and ditch between. The ninth is 480 yards, and here there are trees and a pond. The greens are in good condition and as far as the links are concerned the outlook is very promising. About 100 members have been enrolled and it is felt that within a year the membership will be full. 

There was a large gathering at the opening when the first captain, H Colbeck, drove off with a silver mounted cleek presented to him by the committee. Luncheon followed in the commodious clubhouse which would provide ample accommodation and comfort for the members. Tribute was paid to the hard working and enthusiastic committee and the hon. secretary Frank Hall.

A four-ball match was played between four local professionals; J Dell, Beverley; H J H Harris, Brough; H H Tuck, Hull; G V Tuck, Hull. Scores as follows:-

H J H Harris; 6,5,4,3,4,5,4,3,5 = 39; 5,5,5,3,5,4,5,4,4 = 40; total 79.

G V Tuck; 4,4,5,3,6,5,5,4,6 = 42; 4,5,5,3,4,5,6,4,6 = 42; total 84.

J Dell; 5,7,5,3,5,5,5,3,6 = 44; 5,5,4,4,5,5,6,4,5 = 43; total 87.

H H Tuck; 5,5,5,4,5,6,6,4,5 = 45; 6,5,5,4,5,5,6,4,7 = 47; total 92."  

Result of the January 1905 monthly medal; Gold Badge (16 entries) - Dr. H A Tillman, 94-12-82; C P Sherwood, 98-15-83; D Harvey, 100-12-88; P Wells, 99-8-91; Silver Badge (11 entries) - Adam Brown, 102-22-80; B Watson, 106-25-81; F A Birks, 112-24-88.

In 1907 the Ladies committee was formed, the first Ladies’ captain was Mrs J.A. Brown.

Below is the result of a match played at Brough Golf Club on Saturday 8th June 1907.

Brough Golf Club   Hull Golf Club  
F Gregory 0 Dr. H A Tillman 1
F M Jackson 1 A Brown 0
A Smith 0 D Harvey 1
W C Burkinshaw 1 J Gould Smith 0
A Williamson 1 T Croal 0
M Jackson 1 Dr. Eve 0
K T Macturk 1 H Colbeck 0
D C Smith 1 B Watson 0
A A Jones 1 J Watson 0
G F Wylde 1 Dr. Aske 0
R N Locking 0 C H Fox 1
A H Sanderson (halved) 0 B Holiday (halved) 0
M Wallis -professional (halved) 0 H H Tuck- professional (halved) 0
  8   3


Hull Golf Club, Yorkshire. Club button.

A silver-gilt Hull Golf Club button (23mm) Hallmark Birmingham 1909. Image supplied by Dixon Pickup.


Result of the August 1908 monthly bogey competition; First Division - T Croal (4) 4up; C P Sherwood (12) 2up; A C Hornstedt (8) all square; H Hill (10) all square; R Witty (9) 1down; D Harvey (4) 2down; Second Division - C Sixt (14) 2up; W J Stephenson (14) 1down; D Murray (21) 2down; F H Hall (13) 3down; S Biggs (13) 3down; G E Dove (16) 3down; A W Barnby (17) 3down; T Martin (20) 3down.

Below is the result of a club match played on Saturday May 1st 1909 at Cleethorpes.

Cleethorpes Golf Club   Hull Golf Club  
Mr Winteringham 0 W B Watson 1
Dr Duncan 1 T Croal 0
Dr Williams 1 Dr Eve 0
Mr Brown 1 C H Fox 0
Mr Mudd 0 H Colbeck 1
Mr Bacon 1 E A Laverack 0
J H Curry 0 J Watson 1
Mr McEwen 0 J Pearson 1
Mr Barker 0 S A Holmes 1
Mr Storr 1 H Hill 0
J W Coulson 1 C P Sherwood 0
Mr Sharman 0 F Hall 1
  6   6

Following the above singles games a foursome was played, this also finished level at three matches each.

Result of the May 1910 monthly medal; First Division - E S Eclair-Heath, 81-6-75; E  Buckley, 87-11-76; G A Holiday, 86-6-80; H C Mitchell-Dawson, 91-8-83; R Witty, 92-9-83; H L Potter, 94-11-83; Second Division - R Smith, 103-22-79; C H Hardy, 106-25-81; Dr. H Wales, 102-20-82; W H Pickard, 98-14-84. 

Result of the 36-hole bogey R B King Cup played in October 1910; T Luxton (9,) 1up; E A Laverack (4,) 1up; A J Hole (16,) 1up; G V Fowler (4,) all square; E M Hainworth (11,) 1down; F C Wiles (8,) 4down; A C Hornstedt (9,) 4down; S Dove(4,) 5down; H M Dawson (3,) 7down; T Croal (5,) 8down.

Below result of a ladies' match played at Hull against Beverley in October 1910.

Hull Ladies' Golf Club   Beverley Ladies' Golf Club  
Miss G Ford (7&6) 1 Mrs C Judge 0
Miss K Tunley (1up) 1 Miss P Todd 0
Miss E Hall 0 Miss McLeod (5&4) 1
Miss Laverack (5&4) 1 Miss M Todd 0
Miss Hewitt 0 Mrs W Todd (5&4) 1
Miss L Ford 0 Miss Sanderson (5&4) 1
  3   3


Hull Golf Club, Yorkshire. The early Clubhouse.

The early clubhouse.


Frank Hall, the ex-secretary, took a team of four to Londesborough Park Golf Club in April 1911.

Londesborough Park Golf Club   Hull Golf Club  
F E Young 0 R J Sopwith 1
J Wreghitt 0 F C Wiles 1
J L Wreghitt 1 R A Hutzel 0
Rev. R C Wilton 0 F Hall 1
  1   3

At the annual meeting in January 1912 the following officers were elected; President, Colonel Clarke; captain, E E Keighley (succeeding Dr. Eve.)

Below is the result of a match played at Hull against Hornsea in July 1912.

Hull Golf Club   Hornsea Golf Club  
A Holliday (2 and 1) 1 Tom Wells 0
H Mitchell-Dawson 0 H E Holmes (3 and 2) 1
Dr. F Eve  1 C Sutton 0
G F O'Riordan (5 and 4)  1 J Smith 0
C H Fox (6 and 5) 1 R M Alexander 0
B Hupp (6 and 5) 1 A A Jones 0
W Jessop (4 and 3) 1 L Liversedge 0
J M Liddell (4 and 3) 1 R N Ross 0
  7   1

The secretary in 1913 was Walter J Stephens.


Hull Golf Club, Yorkshire. Group of golfers outside the clubhouse.

A group of golfers outside the clubhouse, left to right; Case, Adamson, Thomas Gilchrist, Vincent, Dennison and Burgess. The picture was probably taken just prior to WW1.


Following is an interesting report from the Hull Daily Mail, Monday 11th April 1921, regarding a presentation to Mr Haggitt Colbeck, founder of the club in 1904. “ Mr Haggitt Colbeck, who since 1904 has rendered valuable services to the Hull Golf Club, was on Saturday presented at a dinner at the Grosvenor Hotel, with a handsome canteen of cutlery, and Mrs Colbeck with a gold watch in recognition of valuable and continuous services to the club. Mr W E Nicholson presided, and the company numbered about 120. The president recalled the early struggling days of the club, and said that Mr Colbeck must find gratification in the large gathering. Mr Colbeck’s record of service for the golfing community of the city was one which would not be improved upon in the future history of the club, and indeed it would be difficult to equal it. He was captain when the club was formed in 1904 and for the following two years, and was again elected in 1919. Through fine weather and wet, through storm and sunshine, Mr Colbeck had been a true friend to the members of the club. Mr A B Marr, Hon. Secretary, read letters of regret from members unable to be present, including Colonel G H Clarke J.P, President; MR F Hall, one of the founder members; Right Hon. T R Ferens and Councilor Keighley. In acknowledging the presentation Mr Colbeck admitted that he was probably the founder of the club, and from the inception had taken the greatest interest in its welfare, which had always been a pleasant task. He spoke highly of the assistance he had received from the club’s professional, Harry Tuck, and said that when they first went over the site of the links it looked very hopeless. He referred to the difficulties besetting the Hull golfers in those days when there were weary journeys to Hornsea and Beverley for a game, and men were lucky to get a cup of tea at the end of it. Each captain from year to year had done his best for the club, and in conclusion he said he appreciated the spirit which had prompted those gifts”

On Saturday 4th June 1921 the final of the Clarke Challenge Cup took place. Despite the weather the final was a thrilling contest between H M Carmichael and G F O’Riordan, it was on the 35th hole that Mr Carmichael secured the victory winning 2up. This competition was the equivalent of the club championship. There had been 48 entries for the competition in 1921. Mr W E Nicholson, club captain, presented each of the finalists with a silver rose bowl.  

The Haggitt Colbeck silver cleek scratch competition took place over 36 holes on Saturday 11th September 1921, the winner being Mr R D Murie. The trophy, which was held by the winner for the year, was the club used by Mr Haggit Colbeck when he drove the first ball on the opening of the course in 1904. Despite the windy conditions Mr Murie returned a very respectable score of 159, hole by hole as follows; 3,4,5,6,3,5,4,5,3 – 38; 4,5,4,6,3,7,4,5,4 – 42; 2,5,5,4,3,5,5,7,4 – 40; 4,5,5,5,4,5,3,4,4 – 39. Other scores; F Saunders, 78+82-160; R N Ross, 77+84-161; F C Wiles, 80+87-167; S Fox, 85+90-175; E Cargill, 88+88-176; S Nowell, 87+90-177.

The monthly medal was played on the same day as the above competition, result as follows; Senior (first division), E E Keighley, 84-11-73; R N Ross, 77-3-74; S C Fox, 85-11-74; F Saunders, 78-3-75; W Boyd, 89-11-78; R Witty, 90-12-78; A Linsley, 90-12-78; Junior (second division), H W Whittaker, 87-18-69; A M Burghes, 95-16-79; T Broad, 95-16-79; F G Burrill, 96-14-82; E Castleton, 104-22-82.

The monthly bogey competition result for November 1921; First division, F C Wiles (7) 2up; R N Ross (5) 2up; L A Milton (9) 1down; G A Cullington (7) 1down; E J Enor (10) 1down; H J Fontain (8) 2down; E J Towler (11) 2down; second division, A Ealand (17) 4up; H Easton, (14) 3up; M Horncastle (22) 2up; W Boyd (13) 1up; A S Foster (14) 1up; A Train (14) 1up.

In November 1921 an important phase of the clubs history when it became Hull Golf Club Limited, the new company was in a register compiled by Jordan and Sons, Ltd., company registration agents, Chancery Lane, London. Hull Golf Club (1921) Limited (177772) registered 11th November 1921, Anlaby Road, Hull to provide golf links in or near Kingston-upon-Hull, nominal capital £5,000 in 5,000 £1 shares. Minimum subscription, 100 shares, Directors; W E Nicholson, 75 the Boulevard, Hull; S F Baslow, 8 Silver Street, Hull; E S Walker, 83 Park Avenue, Hull; A B Marr, 63 Park Avenue, Hull, and five others. The new company which consisted of all the then members of the Hull Golf Club, had been formed to take over the whole of the assets of the company owning the present golf course, and whose tenants the club were. Henceforth the Hull Golf Club became the Hull Golf Co. The new company was in a strong financial position and no appeal would be made for outside capital, the whole of which had been subscribed. Only members of the club were eligible to become share-holders. The popularity of golf in the city was evident by the large waiting list for the club.

Result of the ladies medal for March 1922; 1st division, Miss A G Hill, 98-14-84; Mrs P Ross, 94-9-85; Mrs P Chadwick, 98-13-85; Mrs J R Simpson, 97-12-85; 2nd division, Miss D Davis, 103-21-82; Miss Woosnam, 109-26-83.

In June 1922 the Clarke Challenge Cup was won by Mr W E Dennison who beat Mr H M Carmichael in the 36 hole competition by 8 and 6.

On Saturday 1st July 1922 a club match was played against Hornsea on the Anlaby Road course, singles results below, the home team also won the foursomes 5 – 1. A match was played between the Hull professional, H H Tuck, and the Hornsea professional, J R Dailey,resulting in a win for the latter by 2up.

Hull Golf Club   Hornsea Golf Club  
Dr A C Barker 0 T Wells 1
D R Murie 1 W P Murdoch 0
S Dove 0 C Sutton 1
H M Carmichael 0 W E Hay 1
A B Marr 0 M G Nightingale 1
F C Wiles 1 W Summerson 0
W C Wiles 0 V Sutton 0
C C Hartley 1 C H Loncaster 0
R N Ross 1 A S Pratt 0
Dr R W Eddie 1 L N Rawes 0
H J Fontaine 0 J A Nutt 1
S Nowell 1 C L Shackles 0
G A Cullington 1 T W Stephenson 0
S C Fox 1 P Learoyd 0
H G Poole 1 A E Havercroft 0
H Colbeck 1 S Haller 0
J Scholey 1 G Keay 0
G W Rawstorn 1 D Ferraby 0
P S Cuthbert 1 F Butler 0
A W D Mark 0 P S Hornby 1
  13   6

On the same day the Hull second team visited Hessle, singles result below, the foursomes match was halved.

Hessle Golf Club   Hull 2nd Golf Club  
W Murie 1 E S Walker 0
W K Harland 0 C F Ellwood 1
T W Clayton 1 W Boyd 0
T W Gibson 1 S Jackson 0
W H Bradley 0 A S Foster 0
F Windross 0 H K Colbeck 0
R E Brooks 1 W J Stephenson 0
W M Law 0 P W Chadwick 1
C P Pearson 0 W Craker 1
C S Marriott 1 F J Hewitt 0
G Sonley 1 M Jarman 0
A H Stones 0 G W Jefferson 1
  6   4

The “Dunedin Cup” was presented to the club by the Captain and Officers of H.M.S Dunedin in 1921, it was in appreciation for the hospitality shown to them during their stay in Hull at the time of the coal strike. It was played for on the 22nd July 1922, the competition was a mixed foursome medal, a large number entered. The cup was presented by W E Nicholson, club captain, to the winners Miss Cranham and Mr L A Milton, result as follows; Mr L A Milton & Miss A Cranham, 89-19½- 69½; A B Marr & Mrs J R Simpson, 84-12-72; R P Carmichael & Miss M Hill, 88-16-72; Mr & Mrs P W Chadwick, 87-4½-72½; G A Cullington & Mrs Needler, 93-19½-73½; Dr T M J Stewart & Miss Woosnam, 90-15½-74½; A S Foster & Miss D Shores, 97-22½-74½; D R Murie & Miss G Hill, 85-10-75; S Jackson & Miss K Watt, 95-20-75; N McKenzie & Miss Temple, 93-17-76; Mr & Mrs P Ross, 92-14½-77½; G W Rawston & Miss Tunley, 93-15½-77½; H K Colbeck & Miss D Groves, 100-22-78; Mr & Mrs J P Norfolk, 100-22-78; Mr & Mrs E J Towler, 100-22-78; G F Everingham & Miss Bradley, 102-23-79; F C Wiles & Miss Ford, 93-13½-79½; Mr & Mrs H Easton, 98-18½-79½; F Hall jnr & Miss D Davis, 98-18½-79½.

In August 1922 the Wellsted Cup was won by Mr S Dove who beat Mr F G C Saunders by 1up in the final.

The first annual general meeting of the Hull Golf Club (1921) was held at the Registered Office, Anlaby Road, on Saturday November 11th 1922, Mr W E Nicholson was in the chair with 174 shareholders present. The balance sheet and report showed a substantial profit, the directors were re-elected. Mr Nicholson, the retiring captain, proposed Mr A B Marr as new captain, he was elected unanimously. The present membership was over 500, the directors were keen to make the Anlaby course even better by adding new tees. Considering the number of members and the amount of competitions played the course was in splendid condition.

In December 1922 a hint of what was to come. At a meeting of the Hull City council on Thursday 7th a discussion was taking place regarding the proposed new road scheme which would run from Anlaby Road across a portion of the Hull Golf Club land. Mr Keighley, representing the club, proposed a discussion on the proposal with the Works committee in an attempt to divert the proposed new road so as not to interfere with the golf course. He was, he said, in full sympathy with the desire to provide work for the unemployed. Mr Keighley, speaking as an ardent golfer said that the golf club now had 500 members, who were satisfied to pay for their own recreation. He hoped that due regard would be paid to people who had for over 15 years had supported the golf club, and he hoped the course would continue for some time to come.

In January 1923 a sub-committee was appointed to negotiate with the company regarding the ring road which was proposed to cut across the course in two directions. It had been decided that work on the road would not take place for at least twelve months.

At a meeting of the Hull Corporation Works Committee in March 1923 it was decided to send notice to terminate in twelve months’ time to the Hull Golf Club to vacate the land occupied by them. Mr F W Bicknell, City Engineer, explained that it was proposed to carry the road up to the golf links, and then carry the road beyond the links, so that the links would not be interfered with until absolutely necessary.

Result of a foursomes club match against Grimsby & Cleethorpes played at Anlaby Road on Saturday 20th September 1923.

Hull Golf Club   Grimsby & Cleethorpes Golf Club  
H H Tuck (pro) & S F Bastow 1 G Warburton (pro) & J H Curry 0
R P Carmichael & T M Stewart 1 F Boyers & J Williamson 0
W Boyd & S C Fox 1 M G Smith & J Spencer 0
F G C Saunders & A J Snelling 0 B B Smith & E J Makin 1
A Palethorpe & A S Foster 1 A Browne & H Adams 0
  4   1

On the 2nd October 1923 Harry Tuck, the professional, holed in one at the 158 yard twelfth hole. This was the first time Tuck had recorded a hole in one during his stay at the club, his opponent was Mr W Jessop.

On Tuesday 16th November 1923 it was reported that the Golf Club had purchased Kirkella Hall, the beautiful residence of Captain Starkey Wade, they had also taken on lease a large area of adjoining land, including “Lunds” for the laying out of the new course.

The second annual general meeting of the Hull Golf Club (1921) Ltd was held at the clubhouse on Saturday December 29th 1923, Alick B Marr, club captain, was in the chair and was supported by his fellow directors. The main item for discussion was obviously the new course at Kirkella, which was to be the future home of Hull Golf Club. In conclusion the directors paid a high tribute to the work of Harry Tuck and his staff. The splendid condition of the course during the past season was sufficient testimony of their good work.

The first week in April 1924 was a notable one in the history of Hull Golf Club. After being in possession of the Anlaby Road course since 1904 it finally closed for golf on the 31st March 1924. The clubhouse remained open until Saturday April 5th to allow the complete removal of the furnishings etc in readiness for the opening of the new course at Kirkella. 

It was reported  later in 1924 that “the fine new road across the former Hull golf course has now reached Pickering Lane, but is not yet open for use”    

The club continued at this location until 1924. Grid reference TA06025,28060, co-ordinates 506025,428060.



The clubs current location is at Kirk Ella.