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Ingleton & Bentham Golf Club, North Yorkshire. (1907 - 1935)

Result of the July 1907 monthly medal; Dr Troughton, Bentham, 88-16-72; Richard Atkinson, 98-20-78.

The September 1907 monthly medal was won by Richard Atkinson "a veteran of 60" with a score of 97-20-77  

The second round for the Captain’s Cup was played in July 1908; R Atkinson, 88- 20-68; J H Cragg, 95-18-73; James Turner, 100-22-78.

Result of the first qualifying round for the prize presented by the captain, Mr T Thompson; J Butterfield, 98-18-80; Dr Troughton, 92-10-82; J Turner, 93-11-82; J Foster, 93-9-84; Rev A S Roberts, 90-2-88.

Result of the first round of the Walker Cup played in May 1912; Dr Troughton beat W Clarkson; Rev R H Craze beat G Walling jun; H Tolson beat H Pigou; P Thompson beat J Brown; J Turner beat G Walling; T Clegg beat Rev P Coates.  

In 1914 the secretary was Jas Turner. A 9-hole challenging course with a Bogey score of 38.  The club had a membership of 70. There was no entry fee. Subs for gents were £1 and ladies 10/-. Visitors’ fees were 1/6 a day, 5/- a week and 10/- a month.

Below is the result of a match played at Ingleton against Lancaster Golf Club on Saturday 25 April 1914.

Ingleton & Bentham Golf Club   Lancaster Golf Club  
T Thompson 0 J L Whalley (2&1) 1
J Turner (6&4) 1 E C Palmer 0
J Bibby (6&5) 1 F R C Storey 0
T Wells (3&2) 1 W Birchall 0
G Walling (half) 0 D Wright (half) 0
Rev R H Craze 0 J W Whittaker (2&1) 1
Rev P Coates (1up) 1 W H Cook 0
J Brown (3&2) 1 C F Gardner 0
  5   2

Below result of the competition for the silver vase presented by the president, H J Pigou.


Ingleton and Bentham Golf Club, Yorkshire. Result of a competition played in July 1914.

From the Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer Tuesday 7 July 1914. Image © Johnston Press plc. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


The report below from 1916 for the Ingleton & Bentham Golf Club, would the club carry on?


Ingleton & Bentham Golf Club. Report from The Evening Post April 1916.

From The Lancashire Evening Post 6 April 1916. Image © Johnston Press plc. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


The current Bentham Golf Club was founded in 1922. 

Below is a report of a competition for the Dr Mackenzie Cup from April 1935. It appears that the Ingleton Golf Club was still playing on the "Parkfoot Links"  at this time.


Ingleton & Bentham Golf Club. Competition for the Dr Mackenzie cup in April 1935.

From the Morecambe Guardian Friday 26 April 1935. Image © Johnston Press plc. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


Ingleton & Bentham Golf Club. Location of the golf course on the Parkks.

Location of the Ingleton & Bentham golf course is in the centre of the above map on the Parks, Bentham Road. Reproduced from the {1909} Ordnance Survey Map.


The Google Map below pinpoints the location of the former Ingleton & Bentham course at the Parks, Bentham Road.



Ingleton & Bentham Golf Club disappeared after WW1.