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Middlesbrough Golf Club, Yorkshire. (1908 - 1939)

The club was founded in 1908.

The original course was located at Saltersgill Farm, Linthorpe. The course was very close to present day Sunningdale Road, Hoylake Road and Gleneagles Road.  Golf continued there until it moved to its present site at Brass Castle Lane, five miles south of Middlesbrough in 1939.

The monthly bogey qualifying competition for the Mason Cup was played in October 1912; T B Robertson (14) 1 up; T S Calvert (1) 1 down; E S Robinson (16) and J C Johnstone (17) 2 down; R Cooper (6), A E Alcock (9), M Reid (11), A E Lockey (17) 3 down; G E Coates (8) and C Little (12) 4 down; S Coates (10) 5 down; T H Binns (4) 6 down. The ladies' aggregate competition for the Barnard Rose Bowl resulted in a tie Between Mrs T S Calvert and Miss Spencer with a total of 299 for four rounds.  

In 1913 it was reported that the course was shortly to be extended to 18-holes. The secretary was T S Calvert, 62 The Avenue, Linthorpe. Club membership of 280. The professional was C Weastall. Entry fee £1/1/0 and subs £1/10/0. Visitors' fees 1/6 a day, 5/- a week and 10/- a month. Ladies were not allowed on Saturday afternoon and there was no Sunday play.

The annual meeting was held Hinton’s Cafe on Tuesday 17 February 1914, F G Inglis club captain, was in the chair. Mr T S Calvert submitted the annual financial statement which showed that the balance had risen from £52 to £85.Considerable alterations had been made to the course and storm shelters had been erected around the course. There were to be an extension to the clubhouse which would cost between £250 and £300, a cycle shed was also to be built. Mr J J Emerson J.P was re-elected President. Mr R W MacNay was elected captain and R A Sherwood vice-captain. Mr Hinton was elected treasurer and Mr T S Calvert secretary.

Below is the result of a ladies’ match played at Stockton against Teesside Golf Club in May 1914. 

Teesside Golf Club   Middlesbrough Golf Club  
Miss Stephenson 1 Miss Almgill 0
Mrs Townsend 0 Miss Spencer 1
Mrs Inglis 1 Miss J Calvert 0
Mrs Appleton 1 Mrs Calvert 0
Mrs Menzies 1 Mrs Lithgow 0
Miss Wilks 1 Miss Winterschladen 0
Mrs Brownlee 0 Miss Calvert 1
Mrs Brand 0 Miss Lithgow 1
  5   3

The home side also won the foursomes by 3½ to ½.  

Below is the result of the First Team match played at Teesside Golf Club In June 1914. C Weastall the Middlesbrough professional beat A W Robertson  the Teesside pro in their match.

Teesside Golf Club   Middlesbrough Golf Club  
Dr Dickson (half) 0 T S Calvert (half) 0
Dr Lowe 1 R Cooper 0
H E Wright 0 W P McFarlane 1
J T English 0 Dr Brownlee 1
P Bates 1 H T Binns 0
A Scholas 1 R A Sherwood 0
Dr Spittal (half) 0 F G English (half) 0
A W Warner 0 D L Cooper 1
J Potts 1 G A Oates 0
A Harrison 0 A E Alcock 1
O Fletcher 1 R W MacNay 0
W Anson 0 E S Pearson 1
  5   5

The Second Teams played at Middlesbrough on the same day, result below.

Middlesbrough Golf Club   Teesside Golf Club  
Dr Dalglish 0 A F Robson 1
C Little 1 H Hale 0
W J Richardson 1 W Menzies 0
G D Wilson 1 W R Cordukes 0
D G Bennington 1 H Thomas 0
J Nichols 1 H Sanderson 0
H G Winney 1 E Brown 0
J C Johnstone 1 J McNaughton 0
Dr Belas (half) 0 H B Taylor (half) 0
C Postgate 1 W P Bailey 0
J Lithgow 0 W H Lynn 1
L Walker 1 C F Thornhill 0
  9   2

Below is the result of a ladies’ match played at Linthorpe against Coniscliffe Golf Club in July 1914.

Middlesbrough Golf Club   Coniscliffe Golf Club  
Miss C K Spencer 0 Miss Hill 1
Miss J Calvert (half) 0 Mrs Dixon (half) 0
Mrs T S Calvert 1 Mrs Williams 0
Miss D Lithgow 0 Miss Dixon 1
Mrs Lithgow 0 Mrs Blain 1
Miss I Lithgow 1 Mrs Haig 0
Miss E Calvert 1 Mrs Todd 0
  3   3

The course was reduced to nine-holes during WW1.

To celebrate the re-opening of the full 18-hole course following the war a stroke competition was played in April 1919; Dr C V Dingle, 102-22-80; G Nesbitt, 99-18-81; G N Wright, 95-12-83; W C McFarlane, 88-4-84.

 The winner of the Mason Cup in May 1925 was G M Lovely with a score of all square.

Result of a match played at Linthorpe against Eaglescliffe in July 1925.

Middlesbrough Golf Club   Eaglescliffe Golf Club  
F W Kidd 1 R Livingstone 0
O R Sherwood 1 H B Taylor 0
T S Calvert 0 J Green 1
A Cox 1 W S Cromar 0
G Oates 1 W Cromar 0
H H Jones 1 A Wilkinson 0
T Moffat 1 A Finch 0
E S Pearson 1 H L Wilford 0
W Richardson 1 Dr. Clayton 0
T R Spence 1 K Wright 0
  9   1

In February 1928 it was decided to permit Sunday play.

The captain of the club in 1933/4 was James Lithgow.

In February 1935 the annual report showed that cash in hand had increased from £498 to £642. The club membership was 345. Mr Preston Kitchen was elected President in succession to the late William Moore.


Middlesbrough Golf Club, Linthorpe. Plane crashes on Linthorpe Golf Course 1935.

From The Shepton Mallett Journal  15 February 1935. Image © Illustrated London News Group. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


In August 1935 J F Copeland, vice-captain, holed is tee shot at the 185 yard fifth hole.

At the annual meeting in March 1936 the possibility of a new course having to be secured was mentioned by Mr Preston Kithen when acknowledging his re-election as president. The course was likely to be encroached upon for building purposes and a projected trunk road would bisect the course. T B Robertson was re-elected as secretary and Joseph Copeland was appointed captain. The balance in hand was £658.

It was reported in February 1937 that the club had decided to purchase Brass Castle Farm where they intend to lay out the new course.

It was announced in July 1938 that the Brass Castle course would probably be the longest in Yorkshire measuring 6,854 yards. James Braid was in the process of designing the new course which was expected to be finished by early summer 1939.  


Middlesbrough Golf Club. Location of the former course.

Middlesbrough course at Saltersgill Farm. Grid reference NZ50035,17250, co-ordinates 450035,517250.



Golf continued at Saltersgill until 1938 when the club moved to its current location at Brass Castle Lane.