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Newland Golf Club, Cottingham Hill, Hull. (1906 - 1917)

The club was founded in 1906 when the professional was W Dell (1906 to 1912).

The following is an extract from an article appeared in the Hull Daily Mail on Tuesday 6th February 1906 - "Another sign of the times, so far as local interest in golf is concerned, is shown by the steady application for membership for the newly formed Newland Golf Club. The club has already enrolled nearly 100 members of both sexes. With Major Howard Booth as its president, and Sir Alfred Gelder J.P., T R Ferens M.P., T S Taylor, Rev. Canon Lambert, Mr Hudson-Smith and Major Judge as vice-presidents.

Thirty five acres of excellent land have been leased half way to Cottingham and on this a nine-hole course has already been laid out. The club has also the option of sufficient land for three more holes. It is a good, natural course, surrounded by plenty of foliage, and the greens are excellent turf. It is well drained, adjoining as it does the Hull Road. A clubhouse will shortly be erected, and it is hoped that practically everything will be in order by the end of the present month. The secretaries are S Biggs and H Bell, Cottingham Road,. F J Craft, hon. treasurer, and Oscar Mackrill will be pleased to afford information on membership. William Dell, formerly of Hornsea Golf Club, has been engaged as professional. Mr Sidney Biggs was captain of the club."

The course was formally opened on Saturday 26th May 1906. The opening was followed by a foursome match between Mr Haggit Colbeck, captain of Hull Golf Club, K T Macturk, captain of Brough Golf Club, A Dell professional at Beverley and W Dell, professional at Newland.

Result of the November 1906 ladies' medal; Miss E Lam, 109-26-83; Mrs Barnard, 108-24-84; Miss E M Smith, 112-28-84; Miss Carrick, 113-27-86; Miss Heathcote-Hacker, 111-24-87; Miss K Ross, 117-26-91.

Result of the January 1907 monthly medal; S Biggs, 97-18-79; T Denton Brookes, 99-18-81; Rev W Hay-Fea, 107-26-81; G R Barnard, 113-30-83.

Result of the April 1907 medal; J W Carmichael, 95-22-73; H W Mackrill, 97-22-75; T D Brooks, 98-18-80; T C Joyce, 102-22-80; T Smith, 102-21-81; S Biggs, 102-17-85.

It was reported in June 1907 that the course would shortly be extended to 18-holes. When the extension was completed the sixth hole would measure 600 yards. The bogey for the nine-hole course was 39.

The winner of the Haworth-Booth trophy in June 1907 was Mr Denton Brooks.

The images below and the following information were supplied by Dixon Pickup. "This  lovely Hallmark silver award button for Newland GC (25mm). Heaven bless the winner for having the details engraved on the reverse. 'WH Stather 90-16-74 nett  July 1908'. The Stathers were or had been printers in Hull for a very long time, possibly moving into city property ownership.

The Hallmark is for Birmingham 1906, the founding year, so probably a fair number were purchased. Maker 'W.J.D' (William James Dingley). Same obverse as nearby Hessle.

William Herbert Stather, named on the  button, was born in 1879. W H Stather appears on the Sutton on Hull War Memorial (it includes all the men who served, not just those killed). Survived to a good age too, living in Cottingham in 1953." 


Newland Golf Club, Cottingham Hill, Hull. Club button.


Newland Golf Club, Cottingham Hill, Hull. Reverse of club button.


In November 1909 the bowl presented by Mr Lee was played for by the ladies' section, the winner was Mrs Judge, runner-up was Mrs Ross.

Result of the May 1910 monthly bogey; J W Carmichael (3), 2up; H W Carmichael (11), 1up; T Smith (11), 4down; A B Wilson (18), 5down.

In August 1910 Thomas Whittick broke the long standing course record.

In October 1910 the club engaged the services of Ted Ray, the well known Ganton professional, to inspect and report on  alterations to the course. On Saturday 29th October 1910 Ted Ray was to play an exhibition match against the home professional, W Dell.


Newland Golf Club, Cottingham Hill, Hull. Golf Competition Spoon.

Newland Golf Club Competition Spoon.


The annual meeting was held at the Grosvenor Hotel on Monday 11th March 1912, S Briggs in the chair. Mr W G Hall, auditor produced a satisfactory balance sheet. Canon Lambert (ex-captain) gave an account on the year's work, including all the work on the clubhouse and improvements on the course. The following officers were elected; captain, J Watts; auditors, Buckley and Hall; treasurer, W H Locking; committee - G R Barnard, T D Brooks, R P Carmichael, H P Hole, A Linsley, P Ross; Hon. joint secretaries, Cyril Carrick and J R Ellerby.

In July 1912 Tom Beck from Redcar became the new professional at Newland.

In June 1914 R R Gaskell beat J W Carmichael by 2&1 in the final for the Haworth-Booth trophy.

In 1914 the joint secretaries were C Carrick, 18 Parliament Street and R J Ellerby, 31 Ash Grove, Newland. The professional was T Beck (1912 to closure). An 18-hole course of 5,400 yards in length, holes varied from 100yds to 570yds. It was an excellent test of golf with both natural and artificial hazards. There was a  membership of over 300. The entry fee was £1/1/0. Subs were £3/3/0 for gents and £1/11/6 for ladies £1/11/6 (no play after 1pm on Saturday for ladies) £2/2/0 with Saturday play. Visitors’ fees were 2/- a day, Ladies 1/-. 5/- a week, 10/- a month. Station at Cottingham ¾ mile away.

Several members of the club joined the 2nd Sportsmen's Battalion in January 1915; Rev Frank Edwards, H Matthews, Mr Gaskell and Mr Todd.

It was reported in December 1917 that the liquidator of the Newland Golf Club offered the following for sale by tender; Pavilion built of brick and timber; Shed built of wood; Pavilion built of wood. Apply to Mr Harold W Locking, Colonial Chambers, Land-of-Green-Ginger, Hull.

On the 14th December 1917  it was announced that the Newland Golf Club was to be voluntarily wound-up.


Newland Golf Club, Cottingham Hill, Hull. Location of the former golf course.

Newland Golf Club disappeared in the early 1920s. Grid reference TA06330,31990, co-ordinates 506330,431990.