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Northallerton Golf Club, North Yorks. (1892 - 1940)

Report on a proposed golf course between Yafforth and Romanby in May 1892.


Northallerton Golf Club, North Yorkshire. Report on a proposed golf course in May 1892.

Newcastle Daily Chronicle Monday 23 May 1892. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Evidence of another club formed at Northallerton - On Friday 23rd March 1895, at the invitation of Mr Heugh, a farmer, a golf club was formed to play on his land.

The later club founded in 1910. A 9-hole course on about a mile from the town on the Bullamoor Road. A challenging and interesting course with good greens. The Golden Lion Hotel in Northallerton was the nearest to the golf course. The station was 1 ½ miles away.

Result of a match played at Northallerton against Ripon Golf Club in August 1911.

Northallerton Golf Club   Ripon Golf Club  
E W Tinsley 0 P Marston 1
Dr. Carter 0 C Craven 1
Rev. S D Crawford 0 E W Battle 1
J E Barnard 1 H F Steele 0
B Peacock 1 W Brayshay 0
F H Godding 0 Dr. Hey 1
J R Stainsby 1 P B Elliott 0
N Russell 0 T Spence 1
Hy. Hird 0 J R Habgood 1
T Russell (professional) 0 W H Brownhill (professional) 1
  3   7

The Rev S M Thompson was in the chair at the annual meeting held in April 1913. The report stated that the club membership stood at 102. For the ensuing year eleven members had resigned, and only 5 new members had been elected. This was one of the serious features of the year and the committee urged members to induce others to join. The balance sheet showed a loss of 11/- on the year with a debit balance of £37.On the motion of Mr N Russell, seconded by Mr E R Lee, the report and balance sheet was adopted. Mr J P Yeoman was re-elected president; the vice-presidents were re-elected; Mr Tinsley, captain; J E Barnard, secretary; T Russell, treasurer. A vote of sympathy on his illness was passed on to the past captain Mr J Simpson.

In 1914 the joint secretaries were F Yeoman and N Russell and the professional T Russell. There was a membership of 110. The entry fee was £1/1/0 and the subs £1/1/0. Visitors’ fees were 1/6 a day, 5/- a week and 10/- a month. There were no restrictions for Ladies and no Sunday play.

Below the course at Bullamoor at the time of WW1.


Northallerton Golf Club, Bullamoor, Yorkshire. Location of the golf course at Bullamoor at the time of WW1.

Ordnance Survey Map © Crown Copyright {1919}


In 1923 the secretary was W Y Stead, Brompton, Northallerton. Membership of 68.

On the Thursday 3rd February 1927 Mr J Clapham holed in one at the 139 yard fourth hole. 

By 1930 the secretary was A R Kerr, Zetland St, Northallerton and the green-keeper J Whan. Visitors’ fees were 2/- a day, 6/- a week and 12/- a month. Sunday play allowed.

The club move to Wiske Moor in February 1930.


Northallerton Golf Club, Wiske Moor, Yorkshire. The club move to a course at Wiske Moor in February 1932..

Leeds Mercury Saturday 15th February 1930. Image © Johnston Press plc. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


At the annual meeting in March 1930 the secretary, A R Kew, stated that there had been a loss on the year's working of £40. P Redding was elected captain. A H Simpson, F W D Hodgson and J S Clapham were elected to the management committee.

It was reported in June 1931 that E Pengelly, professional at Ripon Golf Club, would be available for coaching new members every Thursday.

Result of a mixed foursome played in June 1931; Mrs Green and L Dale, 72; Mrs Kitching and D Lockey, 74; Miss Wilson and W Jackson, 77; Mrs Wetherill and Mr Waugh, 78; Miss Metcalfe and Mr Twizell, 80; Mrs Ball and Mr Green, 83; Mrs Oates and Capt. Kerr, 85.

In 1932 the address given  is Northallerton Golf Club, Wiske Moor. The secretary was R B Oates, Welbeck House, South Parade, Northallerton.

In the mid 1930s the secretary was J Mitchell Topping, The White House, Northallerton. The professional and green-keeper was J Wall. 9-holes with a SSS of 70. Visitors’ fees 2/- a day (1/- after 5pm). 6/- a month.

It was reported in the Yorkshire Post in May 1935 that "This month is the 25th anniversary of Northallerton Golf Club and there was a large company present at the clubhouse when a tournament was held and the successful future of the club was toasted." 

Result of a golf league match played at Leyburn Golf Club (now defunct) in July 1939.

Leyburn Golf Club   Northallerton Golf Club  
H Beaumont and W Rider 2 F O Hodgson and R Stockdale 0
R Milner and E J Adamson 2 W E Gelling and T M Lightfoot 1
J W Lee and F Wray 5 A McNaught and N C Bryning 4
  9   5

The club intends to continue during the war.


Northallerton Golf Club, Wiske Moor, Yorkshire. The club decides to carry on during the war.

Newcastle Journal Saturday 4th November 1939. Image © Trinity Mirror. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


In the club last year in 1940 the secretary was W O Ledbetter, 11 Hambleton Avenue North, Northalleron. The 9-holes now had SSS and Par of 68, club membership was 100.

Below the course and clubhouse on Wiske Moor.


Northallerton Golf Club, Wiske Moor, Yorkshire. The Wiske Moore clubhouse and course on the 1930 O.S. map.

Ordnance Survey Map© Crown Copyright {1930}.



Northallerton Golf Club was situated alongside the railway line on Wiske Moor. The course was taken over for the war effort in the 1940s and the  club was not re-established following the war. Many of the Northallerton members joined the Thirsk club and this amalgamation produced the Thirsk & Northallerton Golf Club.