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Penistone & Thurlstone Golf Club, South Yorkshire. (1904 - WW1)

The club was founded in 1904.

The course of nine-holes covering about 40 acres on the Royd Moor Farm, stated to be “in one of the prettiest valleys for miles”  Initially there was a membership of just 5. The GCR station was 2 miles away.

The following is from the 1905 Nisbet’s Golf Yearbook; Instituted 1904; Membership of 36; Joint hon. secretaries – J A Wainwright, Thurlstone, Penistone, and A Hayland, Wellcliffe, Penistone; Entrance fee 10s/6d and Subs 10/6; Nine-holes; Visitors 1s a day. The links are on a farm called Royd Moor Farm. The club is only just formed and has no clubhouse at present, but in a year’s time the club will have made considerable progress. 

Below is the result of a club match played at Lees Hall Golf Club in May 1910. 

Lees Hall Golf Club   Penistone Golf Club  
G Birch 0 T E Denison 1
G H Hemsoll 1 G A Winterbottom 0
F Clarkson 1 E Winterbottom 0
J Smith 0 H Hoyland 1
W Burnell 1 R A Goddard 0
W H Trippett 0 J Hinchcliffe 1
J E Dewsnap 1 J A Wainwright 0
J Hyde 1 A Hoyland 0
L Murray 1 H Hinchcliffe 0
F Potts 1 H Winterbottom 0
E Griffiths 1 T H Bollans 0
S Robinson (half) 0 W G Smith (half) 0
  8   3

Below is the result of a match played at Penistone on Saturday 20th May 1911 against Clayton West Golf Club (also now defunct).

Penistone Golf Club   Clayton West Golf Club  
T E Denison 0 J F Beardall 1
J A Winterbottom 0 F Armitage 1
T G Martin 0 H Barnicott 1
J A Wainwright 1 J Hinchcliffe 0
E Winterbottom (half) 0 W Carnelly (half) 0
H Hoyland 0 T A Given 1
A Hoyland 1 D Bell 0
H Hinchcliffe 0 G Ingham 1
R A Goddard (half) 0 A Mitchell (half) 0
W G Smith 1 F Child 0
A Winterbottom 1 F Warren 0
T Smith 1 A Ashforth 0
  5   5

Below, the end is nigh in December 1913.


Penistone and Thurlstone Golf Club, Royd Moor. The club nears the end in December 1913.

From the Sheffield Daily Telegraph Friday 19th December 1913. Image © Johnston Press plc. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


Penistone & Thurlstone Golf Club, Yorkshire. Royd Moor golf course.

Royd Moor, course location. Grid reference SE22235,04310, co-ordinates 422235,404310.



Penistone & Thurlestone Golf Club disappeared after WW1.