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Richmond Golf Club, Yorks. (1892 - 1904)

Founded in 1892 the president of the club was the Marquess of Zetland .

The original course was situated on the West Field. The club moved in 1893/4 and laid out links on the Race Course.


Richmond Golf Club, Yorkshire. Newspaper report on the formation of the club.

From the York Herald Monday 14th November 1892. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


It was reported in January 1893 that the Richmond club golfers had been busy practicing on the new course at West Field. The club, at this early stage, was proving to be popular and had attracted a large number of members.

In September of the same year a competition was held with medals presented by, Lieutenant Colonel Barrington Kennett, club captain, and Captain Coatesworth club secretary. The long grass on some parts of the course was causing concern and was proving difficult to the players, many of whom had only recently taken up the game. Result as follows; Captain Cotesworth, 51 – scratch – 51; Col B Kennett, 52 – scratch – 52; Mr A Carter, 66 – 13 – 53; Mr W Lockwood, 54 – scratch – 54; Reverend A Vesey, 63 – 8 – 55; Mr E Danks, 64 – 6 – 58; Capt Walker, 76 – 17 – 59; Mr B Walker, 78 – 15 – 63; Mr V Walker, 83 – 20 – 63; Major Fraser, 78 – 13 – 65; Rev Canon Danks, 86 – 17 – 69.

Towards the end of the year the club were beginning to get concerned with the condition of the West Field course. The rapid growth of the grass during the summer months proved difficult to maintain, and there was also the concern of animals grazing on the course. With this in mind the club asked Mr Mitcheson, the professional, to  inspect land at the Race Course with the prospect of laying out a course there. This land was more suited to golf and the views from the course of the surrounding countryside could hardly be bettered.

At the first AGM held in the Town Hall in February 1894 the captain, Lieutenant Colonel Barrington Kennett was in the chair. There was only a small attendance which included; Captain Cotesworth, secretary, Captain Gerald Walker, Rev A C Briggs, Captain Hincks, Major Walker, Alderman George Roper, Mr Wensley Hunton, Mr C Blake and Mr W Lockwood.

In a report given by the secretary it stated that the club had 53 members. The club commenced the financial year with a debt of £14.8s.11p. Considering that they had laid out two courses it was thought that the finances were not that bad. In an attempt to attract new members to the club the entry fee had been waived for the coming year. He considered the links on the Race Course were far superior to those on West Field, and they would also save £12 on rent. It was decided that Red Coats and Dark Green collars should be adopted as the uniform of the club.

Competition winners in the clubs first year were; September monthly medal, Captain Cotesworth, gross score 51 – scratch - net; October medal, Mr W Lockwood, 48 – 5 – 43; Ladies’ October tournament, Miss L M Young, 56 gross; November medal, Captain Cotesworth; November ladies’ medal, Miss L Young, 102 – 20 – 82; December medal, Major Spottiswoode, 61 – 20 – 41; December ladies’ medal, Miss A C Young, 85 – 12 – 73.


Richmond Golf Club, Yorkshire. Newspaper report from December 1894.

From the Leeds Mercury Friday 14th December 1894. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Richmond Golf Club, Yorkshire. Location of courses.

Map showing the earlier Richmond courses. The first at the West Field in 1892, it then moved north to the Race Course in about 1894.

Grid reference (West Field) NZ15935,01355, co-ordinates 415935,501355.

Grid reference (Race Course) NZ15880,02180, co-ordinates 415880,502180.


The Google Map below pinpoints the location of the former West Field course.



The present Richmond Golf Club has been at Bend Hagg since 1904 where it was felt that a more favourable terrain was available for the course.