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Shipley Golf Club, Moorhead Course, Yorkshire. (1896 - 1921)

Sometimes called Shipley & Saltaire Golf Club was founded in 1896.  

The course at Moorhead opened in March 1897.

Report from the Leeds Times Saturday 13th March 1897. "NEW GOLF LINKS - Golf links for the accommodation of 170 members who have already joined the newly-formed Shipley Golf Club were opened on Saturday at Moorhead, Shipley, where a nine-hole course has been laid out. A professional match was played between T G Renouf, the club professional, and R C Bird of Bradford."

Professional match at Shipley in August 1897.


Shipley Golf Club, Moorhead Course. Professional match at Shipley in August 1897.

Bradford Daily Telegraph Monday 23rd August 1897. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Result of the first inter-club match played on the Moorhead course by the Shipley Club against Birkenshaw Golf Club in September 1897.

Shipley Golf Club   Birkenshaw Golf Club  
John E Parker (halved) 0 A Ackroyd (halved) 0
Ellis Denby (captain) (halved) 0 H Steward (halved) 0
John Parker 3 H C Croft 0
G Walker 0 F Swallow 3
G Holmes 4 J J Oddy 0
C H Smith 0 T P Oddy 1
R H Clark 3 W Hemingway (captain) 0
T H Wheelwright 2 A E Oddy 0
  12   4

The formal opening of a new clubhouse took place on Saturday 30th June 1900 in front of a large attendance of members and friends. Mr H Maynard, captain of the club, performed the opening ceremony in the absence of Mr James Roberts, the president. A foursome competition, open to clubs in the district, was played in the afternoon. It was won by Drs J and P Macdonald, Ravenscliffe, with a score of 93-11-82. Following are scores recorded by Shipley players; H Maynard & T H Cockshott, 103-19½-83 ½; J E Parker & I Lindow, 107-23-84; J Henderson & S S Smith, 108-23-85; H Ayrton & J O Kelly, 105-16-89; C H Smith & F Tillotson, 109-16-93.    

Below is the result of a match played at West Bowling Golf Club (now defunct) against Shipley on Saturday 21st July 1900.

West Bowling Golf Club   Shipley Golf Club  
C H Smith 0 G H Sharp 0
J E Parker 0 I Sharp 5
R Denison 0 A Wood 2
H Maynard 1 B North 0
F S Smith 7 J Wilson 0
T H Cockshott 0 J Scurrab 3
T H Wheelwright 0 J S Cowling 2
G H Boardman 0 T North 1
  8   13

From the 1905 Nisbet's Golf Yearbook; Instituted 1896; Membership of 190; Hon. secretary - E Harris, Telegraph Chambers, Market Street, Bradford; Captain, F Tillotson; Entrance fee £1/1s and subs £2/2s; 18-holes; Professional, H Loveridge; Course records - professional, H Fulford, 70; amateur, J M Falconer, 79; Visitors, 1s a day, 5s a week, 7s/6d a fortnight, 10s a month.

In August 1909 J E Parker, handicap 4, created a new amateur course record of 74, details of his round; Out - 4,4,4,4,4,5,4,3,5 = 37; Home - 4,4,4,4,4,4,3,5,5 = 37.

After much discussion at a general meeting on Saturday 8th October 1910 it was resolved that an extension of the course by 800 yards, bringing it up to 5,038 yards, was to commence immediately. 

In the final of the 36-hole Maynard Shield played in October 1910 F L Wade and J H Roberts beat J Henderson and C H Tinsley by 5 and 3. 

Result of a bogey competition played in August 1911; First Division - John Rhodes (8) all square; D A Carr (scratch) 2down; F L Wade (8) 2down; D Lindow (8) 2down; F Tillotson (7) 3down; F M Gray (7) 3down; E Mann (9) 4down; Second Division - G W Conder (11) 1up; W Minsforth (18) 2down; J C Smith (13) 3down; A M Gardiner (18) 3down; W Dunn (18) 4down.

The annual meeting was held in the clubhouse in February 1913, F Tillotson, retiring president, in the chair. The following officers were elected; President, Mr Lindow; senior vice-president, C P Holmes; junior vice-president, F L Wade; captain, W Comfort; hon. treasurer, R A Millington; hon. secretary, T Salter; hon. solicitor, R J Sugden; hon. auditor, T Hayward; committee - G H Boardman, A C Conder, F M Gray, F Lister, F Tillotson, R Webster and W Blair.

Below a new professional course record in September 1915.


Shipley Golf Club, Moorhead Course. New professional course record in September 1915.

Shipley Times and Express Friday 10th September 1915.


It was reported in May 1919 that a Gala Day in celebration of peace was being promoted by the Shipley Golf Club.

The foursome competition for the Maynard Shield was played in May 1919. In the final C W Boyce and T I S Hunter beat S Woodall and C Rhodes by 5 and 4.

At the annual meeting of the Ladies' section was held in December 1919, retiring secretary Mrs R Webster, in the chair. The following officers were elected; President, Mrs W C Lougee; captain, Mrs C W Boyce; hon. secretary, Mr H C Smedley; committee - Mrs Comfort, Mrs Gray, Mrs Smith, Mrs Webster, Mrs Fawell, Mrs Ingham, Mrs Rhodes and Mrs Woodall.

Below is the result of the President v Captain match played in March 1920.

President's Team   Captain's Team  
R A Millington (President) 0 T Salter (Captain) 1
E Platt 0 S Jackson 1
W J Hinde 0 G Morris 1
A Metcalfe 0 Will Sowden 1
J Earnshaw 0 A Rogerson 1
A Bentley 1 S Martin 0
J N Lester 0 H Tinsley 1
H Vaughan 0 A Mazurke 1
R C Ackernley 1 C Boyce 0
V H Shepherd 0 P Mallinson 1
J E Parker 1 J W Sowden 0
G Thomas 0 F L Wade 0
Dr. Emerson 1 S S Smith 0
  4   8

In July 1920 the annual 36-hole tournament for the Illingworth Cup was won by Will Sowden (+1) who beat J E Parker (10) by 4 and 2.  

Following are the best returns for the November 1920 monthly medals; First Division - S S Smith, 90-10-80; William Sowden, 80+2-82; S Jackson, 89-6-83; G Morris, 91-8-83; M Akam, 94-10-84; W Hinde, 94-10-84; S Woodall, 92-7-85; T Salter, 92-6-86; C W Boyce, 96-10-86; Second Division - W C Lougee, 93-12-81; F C M S Rhodes, 102-18-84; G Whitaker, 97-12-85; A Millington, 103-18-85; C H Tinsley, 104-18-86; J Rhodes, 99-12-87.

In December 1920 a dinner was given at the Conservative Club by R A Millington, president, and T Salter, captain, to the Shipley Golf Club committee and friends. It was stated that the new course at Beckfoot would be a great stride forward. The health of the president and captain was proposed G H Eadie (president-elect.) Amongst the guests were J E Parker, described as the "Father" of the club; secretary, Mr Salter; treasurer, Mr Millington.

In the early 1920s there seemed to be a lot of support to set up a municipal course at Moorhead when the Shipley club moved to their new course at Beckfoot.

In October 1921 the clubhouse at Moorhead was sold for £220.

It was reported in December 1921 that the club had moved from the old course at Moorhead to the new course at Beckfoot, near Cottingley Bridge.


Shipley & Saltaire Golf Club. Location of the former course at Moorhead.

The course at Moor Head. Grid reference SE13050,36900, co-ordinates 413050,436900.