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Studley Royal Golf Club, Ripon, Yorkshire. (1891 - 1926)

Founded in 1891.

Originally a nine-hole course situated in a wonderful setting in Studley Park adjacent to Fountains Abbey.

In 1891 the club played on land lent to them by the Marquis of Ripon. The original nine-hole course was laid out by George Lowe of St Anne’s-on-Sea. In 1891 the secretary was F St Quenton. In 1892 Mr F St Quentin was elected Captain with Mr O H Wade becoming the Honorary Secretary , a post he held until 1924.

Harry Vardon was the professional and green-keeper in 1892, after only one year he moved to Bury Golf Club.

The first of a series of competitions for a silver cup took place on Thursday 12th May 1892 in beautiful weather. Result as follows; R S Backhouse, 54 scratch; C E Grange, 71-14-57; Major Busfield, 72-14-58; R Williamson, 75-14-61; D H Marshall, 77-14-63; Capt. Cameron, 79-12-67; O H Wade, 68 scratch; T S Mason, 86-14-72; Major St Paul, 119-25-94. 

Competition for the Challenge Cup in October 1892.


Studley Royal Golf Club, Ripon. The Challenge Cup competition played in October 1892.

Pateley Bridge & Nidderdale Herald Saturday 22nd October 1892.Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Studley Royal Golf Club, Ripon, Yorkshire. Club button.

Studley Royal Golf Club button. 


Result of a competition for a silver cup played in September 1893. The grass was long, hence the high scores; H Coupland, 100 scratch; Rev. R W Bardsley, 104-4-100; T Williamson, 118-12-106; Capt. Cameron, 126-18-108; R Williamson, 127-18-109; W F Powell, 133-22-111; Rev. W Willan, 130-18-112; T S Mason, 127-14-113; C H Wade, 129-12-117; E A Mangin, 141-20-121.

Result of the Challenge Cup played in October 1894; H Coupland, 99-7-92; F St Quintin, 106-13-93; T Williamson 114-16-98; T Mason, 113-15-98; G St Quintin, 107-7-100; Rev. R W Bardsley, 116-11-105; Rev. J Hartley, 118-13-105; Major Busfield, 129-23-106; E A Mangin, 126-19-107; O H Wade, 127-19-108; Capt. Cameron, 135-23-112.

Result of a mixed foursome played in October 1896; Mr T S and Miss Mason, 64-17-47; R Williamson and Miss Lockwood, 67-18-49; Rev. J T and Mrs Hartley, 60-10-50; Major Busfield and Miss V Powell, 65-15-50; A Wood and Miss W Whitaker, 55 scratch; G St Quintin and Miss Hunter, 77-7-70. 

Result of a club match played at Studley Park against Seaton Carew in June 1897.

Studley Royal Golf Club   Seaton Carew Golf Club  
A K Stowe 0 R Balfour 0
V Pennell 4 C J Bunting 0
A Wood 0 T Danby 3
Rev. R Bardsley 0 G Newby 5
R Crossland 0 E W Walker 5
Rev. J T Hartley 0 P B Kent 0
F St Quinton 9 Rev B Sykes 0
W H Mawson 4 C B Hunter 0
T S Mason 1 F Trechmann 0
  18   13

Result of the Challenge Cup played in October 1899; W Lockwood, jun., 85-9-76; Rev. M Humble, 88-12-76; W C P Snowden, 88-11-77; Rev. J T Hartley, 87-7-8o; W H Mawson, 88-8-80; W Waldon, 92-11-81; Major Busfield, 101-18-83; Re. H F B Shuckburgh, 98-13-85; R A Bamlet, 97-11-86; R Williamson, 104-15-89; C F P Edmundson, 96-7-89.

Result of the New Year's Challenge Cup played in 1903 in stormy weather; W Lockwood, jun., 86-4-82; C H Harrison, 93-10-83; W Mawson, 94-8-86; R A Bamlet, 97-9-88; R S Graham, 100-12-88; W Waldon, 101-10-91; R Williamson, 106-15-91.

Below is the result of a match played at Studley again against Seaton Carew on Saturday 5th May 1906. 

Studley Royal Golf Club   Seaton Carew Golf Club  
W C P Snowden 0 C J Bunting 1
P A Steven 1 T H Poverill 0
C H C Harrison 1 G Newby 0
C M Tweedall 1 A B Crosby 0
T Williamson 0 S Horsley 1
R W Buchanan 0 F W Purvis 1
B J Beilby 0 C R Cooper 1
R A Bamlet 1 W R Harrison 0
Rev M Humble 1 W Graham 0
  5   4

The club acquired further land in 1907 and the course was extended to 18 holes. Tom Stringer who was professional at the time helped to implement the changes.

In May 1907 the President's Cup was won by B J Beilby, 79-9-70. 

In 1909 the competition for the New Year's Cup finished in a tie between P A Steven (8) and F Hargrave (18,) Mr Steven won the play off. 

Harry Vardon returned to Studley Royal in 1913 to play a match against Edward Ray. By this time Vardon had  won the Open Championship five times and was to win it for a sixth time in 1914. Ted Ray had won the Open in 1912. There was keen interest in the match which resulted in both professionals scoring 73 against a bogey of 75. The course at this time measured 4,856yds, report below.


Studley Royal Golf Club, Ripon. Match between Vaedon and Ray played in April 1913.

Leeds Mercury Monday 7th April 1913. Image © Johnston Press plc. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


In 1913/4 the secretary was O H Wade and the professional Tom Stringer. The club had a membership of 50 at this time. Entry fee was £1 and subs £1/10/0. There was no Sunday play. The station was 2 ¼ miles away.

The competition for the President's Cup was played in May 1913; E A Mangin93-15-78; J Bull, 93-13-80; S C Craven, 80+1-81; O H Wade, 94-13-81.

Below is the result of a match played at Leyburn Golf Club (also now defunct) against Studley Royal Golf Club in June 1914. 

Leyburn Golf Club   Studley Royal Golf Club  
F A Whaley 1 Dr Stevens 0
C E Dixon 1 C H C Harrison 0
B Thompson 1 T F Spence 0
R Archer 1 R W Buchanan 0
R Horne 1 G H Peirson 0
Dr Peacock 0 P B Elliott 1
J Winsby 0 E Margen 1
F Thorman 0 J Bull 1
E Rowntree 1 O H Wade 0
A B Harland 0 E A Margen 1
H J Rea 0 F H Hargrave 1
  6   5

The course closed for the duration of WW1 and it seems that the club never really recovered from this. With dwindling membership and course deterioration the club was finally wound up in 1926. 

In 1923 the joint secretaries were O H Wade, Studley Park and J Bull of Ripon. The professional was still Tom Stringer. Visitors fees on introduction were 1/6 a day and during  summer months 2/- a day.

In May 1925 Dr. P A Steven of Ripon won the "Lady Ripon Challenge Bowl" with a net score of 74.

In the clubs final year in 1926 the joint secretaries were Captain F M Sutherland and J Bull. Visitors’ fees on introduction were 2/6 a day.

A story from the Rev. Maughan Humble in August 1929.


Studley Royal Golf Club, Ripon. A story from the Rev. Maughan Humble in August 1929.

Horfield and Bishopston Record Friday 23rd August 1929.


The death was announced in May 1930 of the Rev. Maughan Humble, vicar of Studley, he had been a prominent member of the Studley Royal Golf Club. 


Studley Royal Golf Club, Ripon, Yorkshire. Layout of the former course.

Above, plan of the 18 hole course.

Grid reference SE28780,69990, co-ordinates 428780,469990.


Below is the course scorecard.

Hole Name Yards Bogey Hole Name Yards Bogey
1 Maple Tree 347 5 10 Pond 304 5
2 Dale Bank 285 5 11 Bowl 372 5
3 The Thorn 264 4 12 Rest 262 4
4 Mount 135 3 13 Hog's Back 300 5
5 Valley 183 4 14 Ice House 243 4
6 Lake 292 5 15 Hall Drive 292 5
7 Hock 300 5 16 Avenue 204 5
8 Mackershaw 306 5 17 Blind 110 3
9 Quarry 220 4 18 Home 440 5
    2332 40     2528 41