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Tadcaster Golf Club, Yorkshire. (1904 - 1927)

Founded in 1904. 

Below is the result of a match played against Eltofts Golf Club (also now defunct) on the Thorner course against Tadcaster Golf Club on Saturday 20th April 1907.

Eltofts Golf Club   Tadcaster Golf Club  
T G Mylchreest 0 J Bromet 3
H W Heaton 7 Hon. G Jackson 0
W P Cliff 3 Rev H G Metcalf 0
W Gale (half) 0 J Harrison (half) 0
W H Platts 0 H M Wilkinson 1
Dr Tempest 0 W Sykes 2
T G Mylchreest & H W Heaton 0 J Bromet & Hon G Jackson 2
W P Cliff & W Gale 0 Rev H G Metcalf & J Harrison 3
W H PLatts & Dr Tempest 3 H M Wilkinson & W Sykes 0
  13   11

Just prior to WW1 and in the early 1920s the secretary was Frank Colley, Egerton Lodge, Tadcaster. In 1914 the professional was W Thompson. A 9 hole course with a membership of about 40. There was no entry fee. Subs for gents were £2/2/0 and ladies 10/6. Visitors’ fees were 1/- a day and 2/6 a week. There was no Sunday play. The station was ¼ mile away.

Tadcaster Golf Club disappeared in about 1927.

Thanks to Gordon Stuart for the hand drawn map below and the following information. “In the early 1900s Tadcaster had a nine-hole course which had a clubhouse close to the cemetery at the top of the road now called Golf Links Avenue. The first hole and last hole where on the east side of Station Road which you then crossed and the remainder of the holes were east of the old railway line down to Moor Lane then back again. In the 1930s the old clubhouse was still being used as a private residence and close by were found relics of green watering on what must have been the ninth hole. I have also enclosed a very rough drawing of the area which might help with the location of the course”


Tadcaster Golf Club, Yorkshire. Location of the course.

Gordon Stuart’s map of the old Tadcaster golf course. Many of the roads on a nearby development reflect the lands former use, names such as The Fairway and Golf Links Avenue.

Grid reference SE48070,42700, co-ordinates 448070,442700.