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Wheatley Park Golf Club, Doncaster, Yorks. (1914 - 1935)

The club was founded in 1914.

Report from the Yorkshire Evening Post Friday 17 October 1913 - "There is a proposal on foot for having a golf course laid out in Wheatley Park. It is said that the park, now owned by a development syndicate, is eminently adaptable for such a purpose, and that its area would allow of the laying out of an eighteen-hole course."

Below the proposed golf course at Wheatley Park.


Wheatley Park Golf Club, Report on the proposed club and course November 1913.

From the Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer Friday 14 November 1913. Image © Johnston Press plc. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


The 18-hole Wheatley Park course was laid out under the supervision of the well known golf course architect, Dr Alister MacKenzie of Leeds. Sir William Cooke, Bart., owner of Wheatley Park, was informed by Dr MacKenzie that "it would eventually be a course second to none in Yorkshire."


Wheatley Park Golf Club, Doncaster, Yorkshire. The golf course to proceed in December 1913.

South Yorkshire Times and Mexborough & Swinton Times Saturday 20 December 1913. Image © Johnston Press plc. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


Below "The Scraper" at work on the course.


Wheatley Park Golf Club, Doncaster, Yorkshire. The scraper at work on the Wheatley Park golf course.

Image courtesy of Neil Crafter.


Report from the Sheffield Daily Telegraph Thursday 19 February 1914 - "The new golf course at Wheatley Park is being prepared for an early start. It promises to be an ideal course, being within a mile and a half of the town, whilst the old Hall, the ancestral residence of the Cook family, will make a commodious and comfortable clubhouse.

The preparation of the greens is going on rapidly. Already eight have been turfed, two are modelled out, and another couple are on their way, making a dozen in all, and it is hoped with a continuance of the present weather to have 18 greens ready for use in April.

The ground floor of the Hall, with the basement and kitchen wing, will be converted into a clubhouse. Workmen are now engaged upon the caretaker's and steward's apartments, and the other rooms will be proceeded with at once.

The club is going to be a tremendous success. Already 130 applications for membership have been received, and the first 200 will be admitted without entrance fee. The subscription for gentlemen has been fixed at three guineas, ladies two guineas, and juniors, country and honorary members one guinea. The green fee has not been decided upon yet, but all necessary information may be obtained from Mr Milne, Priory Place."

It was reported in April 1914 that it had been decided to continue the Doncaster Town Moor Club. The newly formed Wheatley Park Golf Club had depleted the membership at Town Moor. There was a doubt whether the Town Moor Club would be able to continue, but, thankfully, between 30 and 40 members decided to continue their membership and the club carried on.


Wheatley Park Golf Club, Doncaster. Image from the Sheffield Daily Telegraph June 1914.

From the Sheffield Daily Telegraph Wednesday 10 June. Image © Johnston Press plc. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


The text on the above article reads “The fifth green on the on the Doncaster Golf Club’s course at Wheatley Park. Fifteen greens, tee-shot and green-guarding bunkers have been made since January this year at a cost of under £500. The course has been made out of a park, and it was necessary to remove scores of trees and shrubs. This club is rapidly becoming a big success. 

Results from Whit Monday competitions played in May 1915 at Wheatley Park. Singles; S Groome, 3down; J Boulter, 6down; E Dawson, 7down; Foursome, E S Kidson and H J Plant, 6down.

Result of the September 1915 monthly medal; E Dawson, 91-13-78; K G Woodmansey, 97-19-78; J H Kain, 93-13-80; C F Frood, 99-18-81; E S Kidson, 100-18-82. In the Mumford Prize W L Cole, 1down and J P Bone, 7down qualified.


Wheatley Park Golf Club, Doncaster, Yorkshire. The golf pavilion at Wheatley Park.

The golf pavilion at Wheatley Park. Image courtesy of Graham Rowley


At the annual meting in May 1917 the report showed expenses for the year amounted to £353/7s/6d and receipts £335/1s, which included £300/18s from subscriptions and green fees, leaving a balance owing to the bank of £18/5s. The following officers were appointed; secretary, Mr G Soorah; treasurer, Mr H R Haigh; committee - A A Bell, J P Bone, Mr Corbett, A J Hand, T W Plant, H W Stiles, H Warren, Mr Turner, C T Frood, J Holmes and Mr Palmer.

Following the war the professional was William L Fotheringham who was described in one newspaper report in 1920 as "A budding golf champion, a player with a long drive, who plays a fine brassey shot on the fairway, is especially good on approach work, and, although his method on the green is in marked contrast with many other players, usually gets home without loss of strokes." Willie Fotheringham had two golfing brothers, George and John L Fotheringham, ex South African open champions.

In January 1922 Willie Fotheringhm left Wheatley Park to take up the professional post at Lee Hall Golf Club. He was replaced in March by H E Pearce, assistant at Hull Golf Club.

Below is the result of a match played at Airmyn Park, Goole (now defunct,) on Saturday 1st September 1923. 

Goole (Airmyn Park) Golf Club   Wheatley Park Golf Club  
A Blythe (half) 0 S Groom (half) 0
E Bond 1 S W Ellis 0
F Turner 0 A Jefferson 1
R G Bickerton (half) 0 J Woodhouse (half) 0
E L Harrap 1 W Corbett 0
A Coxon 1 E G Jacobs 0
S Bickerton (half) 0 G A Brown (half) 0
F Greenacre 0 J L Postlethwaite 1
A Banning 0 T K Rigg 1
T McCullock 1 G Broadhead 0
A Townend 0 A P Curran 1
  4   4

A very satisfactory report was presented at the annual meeting in April 1928 by the captain, W H G Maw. Officials elected for the coming year; captain, H A Butler; vice-cpatain, G W R Taylor; secretary, Captain J H R Kain; Charles Craven, treasurer.

Below is the result of a match played at Hull Golf Club in July 1928.

Hull Golf Club   Wheatley Hall Golf Club  
S F Bastow 1 R G Brunton 0
R P Carmichael 1 W S Ellis 0
J W Carmichael 1 C Craven 0
S Baker 1 R Craven 0
A Palethorpe 1 A E Duncan 0
D Whitehouse 1 G Maw 0
A Ealand 0 I Woodhouse 1
A Train 1 C G Ramskir 0
H Easton 1 R Dickinson 0
W G Stephenson 1 S Wild 0
A M Crawford (half) 0 G W Robinson (half) 0
R O Reed 1 R Slight 0
A E Andrew 1 H F Butler 0
W B Bentley (half) 0 J Prosser (half) 0
O Gibbs 1 D W New 0
V H Iddon 1 J R M Walker 0
A R Duncan 0 H Stiles 1
H H Tuck (professional) 0 K H Tuck (professional) 1
  13   3

The Hull team also won the foursomes by 6 matches to 3. 

Captain's Cup Day in August 1928. The match was a memorable one with some great golf, it would be remembered for many years by the members who watched. The finalists were R G Brunton (+1) and W S Ellis (3) the latter winning by 4 and 3. Mr Ellis had rounds of 77 and 75, and Mr Brunton, 76 and 72. Mrs Butler, wife of the captain, presented the prizes.

At the annual report in April 1929 the follwing membership number were given; men, 140; women, 66; country, 9; provisional, 5; tennis, 34; juniors, 18. The figures showed a slight decrease in membership.

On Sunday 5 April 1931 George Duncan and K N Tuck, local professional, played a match over the course. After the match George Duncan and Harry Tuck, the professional of the Hull Club at Kirkella, were made honorary members of Wheatley Park.

On Saturday 13 June 1931 a mixed foursomes open competition was played, 42 couples entered. The winners and runners-up were both from the Wheatley Park club. Mr & Mrs Peace took the first prize and Miss Tracey & Mr G Young, second. The prizes were presented by the wife of the club captain, Mrs J Boulter.  


Wheatley Park Golf Club, Doncaster. The former course on the 1930 O.S map.

The former Wheatley Hall and the Golf Course are marked on the above map. Reproduced from the{1930} Ordnance Survey Map.


The following is an extract from a report that appeared in the Sheffield Independant on Wednesday 30 October 1935.

"Wheatley Park is to be Doncaster's latest housing estate. Wheatley Hall was the former home of the Cooke family, and for nearly 20 years that of the Wheatley Park Golf Club, but traces of its one time glory are rapidly disappearing.

Fairways greens and tees have long since gone. In their place foundations for new houses are being fashioned and sites for new factories are being reserved.

Before long a wide new thoroughfare linking up Thorne Road with the centre of town via Wheatley Lane will be completed and a new suburb in being."  


Wheatley Hall Golf Club, Doncaster. Wheatley Hall was demolished in 1938.

Wheatley Hall was demolished in 1938.


The current Wheatley Golf Club course, designed by George Duncan, was opened at Armthorpe Road on Thursday 29 March 1934.


Wheateley Golf Club, Doncaster. Course location.

Location of the first Wheatley course. Grid reference SE59050,05035, co-ordinates 459050,405035.