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Oulton Golf Club, Leeds. (1906 - WW1)

Founded in 1906. 

Report from April 1907 – Oulton Golf Club had a successful first year, there are now about 60 members and a credit balance of £12. Officers for the ensuing year; President, Major Calvarley; hon, treasurer, W H Flockton; hon. secretary,  J E Davenport, The Elms, Oulton; captain, C F Badeley.

Result of the June 1910 monthly medal; N D Long, 93-20-73; J H Rome, 90-16-74; T Swales, 98-24-74; C F Baddeley, 79-2-77; Mrs Baddeley, 99-21-78; A P Bolland, 91-12-79.

Result of the August 1910 monthly medal; E Loudon, 83-12-71; Mrs Baddeley, 93-21-72; A P Bolland, 88-12-76; E Glover, 88-12-76; J H Rome, 93-14-79.

Result of the July 1911 monthly medal; J T Tomlinson, 97-24-73; J R Bibby, 94-18-76; J H Rome, 88-10-78; A S Rickards, 94-16-78; F Dawson, 103-25-78; W D Long, 86-6-80; T Swals, 100-20-80.

Mr Kidson Swales was a member in 1913.

The address for the secretary in 1907 is The Elms, Oulton. The Google Map below pinpoints the location of The Elms from the 1908 O.S map. Whether the golf course was in this location is unknown.