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Kendal Golf Club, Racecourse Course, Cumbria. (1891 - 1908)

Founded in 1891.

The course was laid out over the disused racecourse above the town. It was originally an 18-hole course reducing to 12-holes by closure.

Report from Golf Friday 15 May 1891 - "A NEW CLUB AT KENDAL - A new golf course was laid out on Thursday 7 May at Kendal, by George Lowe, professional, St Anne's. Gentlemen wishing to join, should in the meantime apply to Mr Greenwood, Solicitor, Kendal." 

The club continued at this location until 1907 but with the opening of the new Serpentine course membership dwindled and many members moved to Serpentine. The Race Course club had disappeared by 1908.

Result of a match against Morecambe and Heysham Golf Club played in October 1894.


Kendal Golf Club, Racecourse Golf Course. Result of a match played in October 1894.

"Golf" Friday 19 October 1894. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Competition result from April 1895.


Kendal Golf Club, Race Course. Competition result from April 1895.

Leeds Mercury Tuesday 9 April 1895. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


The AGM was held at the Town Hall on Thursday 6 January 1898 with R H Greenwood in the chair. The following officers were elected; captain, Dr Taylor; secretary, Dr Leeming; treasurer, Dr Parker; the committee, R H Greenwood, C Somervell, C J Cropper, W Evershed and Dr Sturridge. Dr Parker, the new treasurer, had some fine credentials for the job. Recently when subscriptions amounting to 25/-, which had been promised, needed collecting, he took on the roll of debt collector. He not only succeeded in recovering that money, but a further 25/- was raised the next day. The retiring treasurer, Rev S J Livesey, produced the balance sheet for the year and when everything was taken into consideration there was a balance in hand of 3s/4d (about 17p) Amongst others present were Dr Leeming, J Martin, R F Chorley and T H Green.

Result of the monthly bogey for April 1898; B J Lawlor (4) and W R Parker (8) qualified to play in the final in October. On Easter Monday a special competition was arranged, results as follows; H Hoggarth, 100-27-73; Dr Parker (10) and Dr Gibson (12) tied for second place with 74net.

Following is the result of a match played on Thursday 14 April 1898 at Penrith in wretched weather.

Penrith Golf Club   Kendal Golf Club  
W Heelis 0 B J Lawlor 5
E F S Tylecote 0 W R Parker 0
J G Gandy 0 R O Pennington 5
J Bushby 6 J A Gibson 0
R H Horrax 0 A N Other 0
C B L Tylecote 7 F B Pollitt 0
R Thompson 4 A Hoggarth 0
H Gandy 0 P F Sturridge 0
J B Tylecote 0 S Turner 0
  17   10

On Thursday 14 July 1898 a match was played between teams selected by the captain and secretary; result as follows:

Captain's side   Secretary's side  
B J Lawlor 6 F Nicholson 0
P F Sturridge 0 R O Pennington 0
B R A Taylor 0 R W Leeming 2
Rev S J Livesey 0 W Evershed 5
Rev T Heelis 0 G E Moser 5
H A Mawby 0 R Greenwood 4
T H Green 0 A Hoggarth 3
  6   19

It was reported in August 1898 that whilst playing with Dr Elder on the racecourse links Mr B J Lawlor had set a new course record of 76, this beat the previous record by three shots. It also mentions that the course was playing its “full length” Scorecard details:

Out 4 3 5 4 6 3 5 4 4 38
Home 5 4 3 4 4 6 3 5 4 38

In 1900 the secretary was Dr Leeming. The course was of 18-holes at this time.

Because of changes to the course layout etc. new course record scores can be higher see below.

On Tuesday 11 September 1900 Jack Collins the Kendal Race Course professional set a new course record; out 4,4,5,3,5,4,5,4,4 = 38, in 5,4,3,5,4,5,3,5,5 = 39, total 77. The previous record was held by John Ba(e)ll, previous Race Course professional who scored 79.

Entry from the 1905 Nisbet's Golf Yearbook; Kendal Golf Club; Instituted 1891; Hon. secretary - H B Greenwood, Bankfield, Kendal; President, Captain Bagot, M.P.; The course is of 12-holes on the old racecourse.

In 1906/7 the secretary was H B Greenwood, Bankfield, Kendal, the president was Captain Bagot MP. There was no entry fee, subs were 21/- and 10/6 for ladies. The course was now 12 holes, a mile and half from the railway station.


Kendal Race Course Golf Club, Cumbria. Location of the golf course.

The old Racecourse site is marked to the bottom left.Grid reference SD50050,91620, co-ordinates 350050,491620.