West Cumberland Golf Club, Siddick, Workington. (1893 - 1911)

Founded in 1893.

Originally known as West Cumberland Golf Club it eventually took on the name of the Workington Golf Club.

The club was wound up in February 1889. The Workington club was reformed in August 1906.

The original 9-hole course was situated close to the beach at Siddick this course had closed by 1911.

Workington Golf Club appears with a course at Winscales just prior WW1.

Below is a report on the opening of the Siddick links and a description of the course in April 1893.


West Cumberland Golf Club, Siddick, Workington. Report on the opening and a description of the course April 1893.


West Cumberland Golf Club, Siddick, Workington. Report on the opening and a description of the course April 1893.

From the Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News Saturday 8th April 1893. Images © Illustrated London News Group.


Result of the monthly medal played on June 1st 1893; J R Crum, 114-10-104; Donald Fraser, 118-10-108; E W Lightfoot, 146-36-110; G A Lightfoot, 124-12-112; R H Williamson, 137-20-117; W L Fletcher, 133-15-118; R H Hodgson, 135-15-120; Robert Willis, 132-10-122; Dr. Clark, 148-25-123; J L Smith, 144-20-124; G S Wilson, 147-20-127; D Robertson, 143-15-128; W B Mathias, 140-12-128; Herbert Thompson, 158-25-133; E A Thompson, 161-25-136; A Hine jun., 182-30-152; R S U Thompson, 222-36-186; Cecil Thompson, 241-26-205.

Below is the result of a competition held on Saturday 13th January 1894.

Donald Fraser 119 10 109
R S U Thompson 127 17 110
E A Thompson 127 15 112
W L Fletcher 138 20 118
H Thompson 145 25 120
Alfred Hine jun 137 15 122
R Simpson 145 15 130
J W Wilson 152 18 34

There were no returns from; G A Lightfoot, J L Smith and Dr Highet.

Below is the result of a return match played at Siddick on Saturday 24th August 1895 against Seascale and Visitors “the greens were in excellent order” 

West Cumberland Golf Club   Seascale and Visitors  
Dr M McKerrow 10 N N Thompson 0
Rev J T Pollock 0 W J Chambers (Wallasey) 5
J L Smith 1 P S Russell 0
D Fraser 0 H W Jefferson 3
W L Fletcher 9 J C Russell 0
J W Wilson 0 E H Carr (Sale) 13
R H Williamson 0 W Owen (Timperley) 1
Rev J Cropper 0 H Braithwaite 3
  20   25

The annual meeting was held in February 1896, R H Hodgson in the chair. The income for the year was £120/19s, and the outgoings £89/7s/9d, balance in hand, £37/2/11d. The profit on sale of refreshments was £15/1s/d. The club had a membership of 64. Ernest Thompson was chosen as captain. J L Smith was elected secretary, and D Fraser, treasurer. 

It was reported in February 1899 that members of the Workington Golf Club had decided to disband the club, many members had transferred their allegiance to Seascale.

In August 1906 a meeting was held in the committee room at the Free Library in connection with the reforming of a golf club for Workington, Jonathan Scott presided.

Below is the result of a match against Wigton Golf Club (now defunct) in November 1908.


Workington Golf Club, Siddick. Result of a match against Wigton Golf Club November 1908.

From the Wigton Advertiser Saturday 7th November 1908. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Below is the result of a match played at Siddick against Cockermouth Golf Club in May 1909.

Workington Golf Club   Cockermouth Golf Club  
Miss Blair and Dr. McKerrow (4&2) 1 Mrs Pape and E H Wilson 0
Miss McKerrow and Dr. Highet 0 Miss Pape and J D Denham (3&2) 1
Miss R Blair and Rev. S Henry 0 Mrs Smailes and T Houghton (7&6) 1
Miss Crawley and T Rook (3&1) 1 Miss McDonald and S Hayton  0
Miss M Howe and Rev. E J Woodall 0 Mrs J W Watson and P Musgrave (2&1) 1
Mrs R D Coulthard and H Barbour (3&2) 1 Miss A Ritson and T Fisher 0
Miss M Moncur and A E Graeme 0 Miss Fawcett and G S Wilson (3&2) 1
Miss S Moncur and J Cameron 0 Mrs Fawcett and G J Browne (3&2) 1
Miss Howe and J H P James 0 Miss B Ritson and E Lowe (7&6) 1
Miss Sibbald and Dr. Dudgeon 0 Mrs S B Watson and Rev. J T Pollock (2&1) 1
Miss Paterson and T C R Crawley 0 Miss G Ritson and J M Smailes (8&7) 1
Miss Highton and O Ormrod (halved) 0 Miss Paisley and R Hayton (halved) 0
  3   8

Results of competitions played on Boxing Day 1910; Division A - James McKay; Col. E A Thompson; W E Fisher; Division B - J Dodd; T Brown; R D Coulthard; J Kirkwood; L Ferguson; J Bethwaite. After lunch in the clubhouse the captain, Col. E A Thompson, presented the prizes.

Below the Siddick Links being used for hay making in 1911.


West Cumberland Golf Club, Siddick, Workington. The Siddick course used for hay making in 1911.

From the Scotsman Thursday 10th August 1911. Image © Johnston Press plc.


West Cumberland Golf Club, Siddick, Workington. The course and pavilion on the 1900 O.S. map.

Ordnance Survey Map © Crown Copyright {1900}


West Cumberland Golf Club, Workington. Golf course location.

Location of the West Cumberland course at Siddick, about 1900.

Grid reference NY00370,31750, co-ordinates 300370,531750.