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Blackpool North Shore Golf Club. (1904 - 1927)

The club was founded in 1904. Mr R H Mabbott along with a group of golf enthusiasts set about laying out the initial 9-hole course on the Knowle. The course was extended to 18-holes the following year.

The original course and clubhouse was located to the south of the current course.

The balance sheet for the first year was produced in February 1905, as follows; Income - donations, £77/19s; subscriptions, £249/7s/6d; entrance fees, £25/4s; visitors’ fees, £25. The expenditure amounted to £395/2s/4d, as follows; laying out the course, £69/12s/4d; wages, £119/15s; stationery and printing, £27/10s/1d. The profit on refreshments was £31/12s/10d, resulting in a balance in hand of £51/2s/4d     

The following report appeared in the Manchester Courier and General Advertiser on Monday 6th November 1905:-

The members of the Blackpool North Shore Golf Club were in a very happy mood on Saturday afternoon, for the Mayor of Blackpool, Alderman J Brodie J.P., opened their new golf house, and, moreover, he gave them a 40guinea bowl for competition. The occasion was unique in Blackpool’s history, this being the first time any Mayor of the town has concerned himself with golf, and secondly, this is the only golf club-house in Blackpool. Mr Alexander H Doleman, J.P., who went to Blackpool as long ago as 1858, was the guest of the evening at the dinner. He told how he introduced the game into Fylde – he is known as “the Father of Fylde Golf” – by founding the Lytham and St Annes Golf Club in 1886.

Earlier in the day the monthly qualifying competition for the captain’s cup had taken place, result as follows; H Rushton, 93-25-68; C Timmis, 84-6-78; J W P Loftos, 90-12-78; J E H Gorst, 87-8-79; J A Whittington, 103-24-79; R Rowlands, 95-15-80; A S Bark, 104-22-82; C A Saberton, 107-25-82; J B Wild, 96-13-83; J Humber, 88-4-84; W Benton, 95-11-84; A M Secker, 95-10-85; T Hynes, 100-13-87; F Hedge, 107-20-87; J H Tullis, 101-13-88; J P Stableford, 96-6-90; F J Cooksey, 110-20-90; W Bateson, 112-22-90.

The following is from the 1905 Nisbet's Golf Yearbook; Instituted 1904; Number of members 260, ladies 35; Hon. secretary - F H Gorst, 7 Birley Street, Blackpool; Captain, R H Mabbott; 18-holes; Entrance fee £2/2s and subs £1/1s; Green-keeper, Mr Fleming; Terms for visitors, 2s/6d a day, 7/6 a week. The links are situated on the high land at the northerly end of the town, and are easily reached by car from Talbot Road Railway Station to Uncle Tom's Cabin, about 250 yards from the clubhouse, fare 1p. The links are essentially of a sporting character, but not to difficult. The holes vary in length from 120 to 390 yards, the majority being from 240 to 270 yards long. The hazards are almost entirely natural, and are composed of hedges, a road, and two pits, a bunker being arranged in front of each pit to arrest running balls. 

On Saturday 18th May 1907 there were 37 entrants for the Clifton Cup. It was won by H W Horsfall with a score of 87-12-75, runner-up was G H Harrop, 82-6-76.

There were twenty seven entrants for the R H Mabbott commemoration shield competition played in July 1907. Dr C W Sabberton was the winner with a score of 88-11-77, and was presented with a momento.

Result of a match played at St. Annes Old Links in July 1907.

St. Annes Old Links Golf Club   Blackpool North Shore Golf Club  
J Prestwick 1 C Chantler 0
A C Whittle 0 J B Chantler 1
S Wilson 0 A Shott 1
R Cartmell 0 T F Mercer 1
H P Nash 0 W H Dent 1
W Dodd 1 R D Furnival 0
C A Stead 0 O F Robinson 0
R Craigie 0 A M Secker 1
J B Pye 0 W A Pleasant 0
  2   5

The spring meeting was held on Saturday 15th May 1909 Mr A E Stanley was successful in both competitions played. In the Stableford Cup (36 holes), presented by Mr J P Stableford, he scored 183-26-157. In the Clifton Cup, presented by Mr J Harling, he scored 85-17-68. Although successful it must have proved a very tiring day for the winner.

Result of  a qualifying competition for the captain’s prize played in May 1914; First division – M Shaw, 85-8-77; O T Robinson, 90-12-78; J Critchley, 89-10-79; W H Mann, 88-8-80; H H Evans, 88-6-82; S S Nash, 91-9-82; J S Jones, 95-12-83; J Prestwich, 95-12-83; F E Wedge, 95-11-84; W A Almond, 87-2-85; F Woodhouse, 95-10-85; J H Kershaw, 94-6-88; Second division – R W Graham, 93-14-79; J Gibson, 97-17-80; M Doniger, 97-13-84; E Fielding, 106-22-84; C E Hill, 106-22-84; A J Brown, 105-20-85; A J Perriss, 105-20-85; H W Beasley, 107-22-85; R Blake, 99-13-86; J F Hurst, 102-15-87; J Westhead, 106-18-88; R Robinson, 110-22-88.

The club moved to the current location at Knowle Hill in 1927.


Blackpool North Shore Golf Club. Location of the course 1912 O.S map.

The above map shows the location of the earlier course (the clubhouse is marked bottom centre). Reproduced from the {1912} Ordnance Survey Map.


The Google Map below pinpoints the location of the 1912 clubhouse.


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