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Accrington & District Golf Club. (1893 - 1908)

Founded in 1893.

The original nine-hole moorland course was at Coppice, Peel Park, Accrington. In 1895 the location was described as follows “There is a splendid view of Pendle Hill, Ingleborough and the hills above Garstang and Lancaster including the renowned Trough of Bowland. The course had been visited by several well-known golfers, all of whom had declared that anyone who could play on the course could play anywhere”

Result of a club match played at Blackburn Golf Club in December 1895.

Blackburn Golf Club   Accrington Golf Club  
Dr R Roberts 0 H M Aitken (capt) 0
J J Whalley 0 Rev J Just 4
M Taylor 2 H L Wilson 0
M Brothers 1 E J Riley 0
W Stirrup 0 A Wilson 1
C Chritchley 2 Jas Carter 0
D Greenwood (capt) 1 J T Kenyon 0
W Taylor 0 T Lightfoot 2
A Shutt 0 H S Grimshaw 2
J Hindle 0 H Griffiths 2
  6   11

At this time of the above match the Accrington club had been in existence for two years and most of the players representing the club had only been playing the game since the club was formed.

Below is the result of a match played at Acrrington against Bury Golf Club in July 1896.

Accrington Golf Club   Bury Golf Club  
Rev. H Just 0 Dr. Deaik 5
H L Wilson, jun. 0 S F Butcher 0
J Law 8 P G Gow 0
A H Aitken 4 Dr. Gow 0
T Lightfoot 2 F Perham 0
J T Kenyon 8 F Murgatroyd 0
H Griffiths 5 H Gowenberg 0
  27   5

The interesting report below is from July 1896. It contains a section on the discovery of the India-Rubber grip accredited to “an experienced amateur golfer from the Accrington Golf Course.”


Accrington & District Golf Club. Discovery of the India-Rubber Grip reported in July 1896.

From The Sketch Wednesday 8th July 1896. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Result of the monthly medal played on Saturday 5th December 1896; Arthur Wilson, 93-8-85; T E Lightfoot, 98-8-90; James Hacking, 105-14-91; A H Aitken, 100-7-93; H S Grimshaw, 107-13-94; D Haworth, 110-15-95.

Below is the result of the monthly competition for the captain’s prize played on Saturday 3rd November 1900.

E J Riley 90 9 81 J T Kenyon 100 14 86
John Law 93 11 82 R J Alston 99 12 87
B Hacking 100 18 82 W T Entwistle 105 18 87
E Coupe 92 8 84 A H Aitken 100 12 88
A E Higham 95 11 84 J T Kenyon jnr 102 14 88
H Griffiths 96 12 84 Jas Hacking 102 14 88
Joseph Wilson 92 7 85 Dr Greenhalgh 111 18 93
Rev H J Just 88 2 86        


Accrington & District Golf Club. The clubhouse and course 1905.

Above postcard posted in 1905 showing the Accrington Golf Course and Clubhouse. Authors collection.


The following is from the 1905 Nisbet’s Golf Yearbook; Instituted 1893; Number of members 116, ladies 15; Hon. secretary – J Shaw, 193 Manchester  Road, Accrington; Captain, A Wilson; Entrance fee £2/2s and subs £1/1s; Twelve-holes; Professional, J Pemberton; Amateur record, H L Wilson jnr., 78; Terms for visitors, 5s a week. The course is laid out for the most part on moorland. The holes vary in length from 127 to 420yards. There are twelve-holes, several of which are extremely tricky, especially the first and the eleventh. The course is hilly, the seventh green being at the summit, whence splendid views of the Pennines may be obtained. The length of the competition course (eighteen-holes) is nearly three miles.  

In 1907 the secretary was J Shaw, 193 Manchester Road, Accrington. There was a membership of 120 with 27 ladies. Entry fee £2/2/0 and subs £1/1/0. Sunday play was not allowed.

This course closed in August 1908 and the club moved to its present location.

The Google Map below shows Peel Park, location of the early Accrington golf course.