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Blundell Golf Club, Woodvale, Ainsdale, Southport. (1904 - 1935)

The club first appeared in 1904.

The professional prior to WW1 was Richard Wright.  

The secretary in 1906/7 was Henry Pidduck, 175 Lord Street, Southport.

Result of the monthly medal played on Saturday 21st February 1914; J Littler, 99-17-81; A Clough, 107-23-84; W Manning, 110-25-85; R J Cooper, 95-9-86; Cyril Williams, 106-19-87; J W Nevill, 96-8-88.

While playing against T H Spooner for the annual gold medal in April 1921 G Little holed in one at the 130 yard sixteenth hole. Spooner won the medal by 7 strokes.

In 1923 the secretary was T C Irving, 53 Kempton Road, telephone 47 and the professional F Pennington.  A-9 hole course with a membership of 180. Visitors’ fees were 2/6 a day, weekend and Bank Holiday 5/- a day. Sunday play was allowed without caddies. Station at Ainsdale  was just 2 minutes away. Local hotel was the Prince of Wales, Southport.


Blundell Golf Club, Ainsdale, Southport. The clubhouse and course.

The above postcard shows the Blundell course and clubhouse. Authors Collection.


In 1929 the secretary was W Carradus the professional was still F Pennington. The 9-holes had a SSS of 70 and a membership of 200. Visitors fees were 2/6 a day, 3/6 at weekend.


Blundell Golf Club, Woodvale, Ainsdale, Lancs. Handicap certificate from June 1929.

Handicap Certificate from June 1929. Image courtesy of David Heath.


In 1932/33 the secretary was R G Bouldon and the professional F Pennington. The amateur course record was held by R H Boyd, 66. Membership of 200.

Result of the monthly medal played on Saturday 4th March 1933; Division 1 – T H Spooner, 77-4-73; C Craig, 83-9-74; J P White, 81-6-75; J B Redman, 90-14-76; L Birkett, 84-7-77; A S Craig, 91-14-77; T F Fletcher, 92-14-78; R R Corkill, 85-6-79; T Kenyon, 87-8-79; T McCaull, 88-9-79; B Worswick, 88-7-81; C A Johnson, 92-8-84; Division 2 – W Winn, 90-18-72; T G R Reynolds, 92-19-73; F Wardle, 92-17-75; G E Smith, 93-18-75; A T Brunskill, 95-20-75; J P Sewell, 95-20-75; F D Foulkes, 95-17-78; W Honnor, 95-15-80; T Fletcher jun, 97-15-82; J L Paton, 98-16-82; R N Bennett, 101-18-83; C Strongfellow, 103-17-86. 

Result of the August 1934 monthly medal; Division 1 – E Howarth, 82-10-72; R R Corkill, 81-8-73; T Davies, 83-10-73; J Walmsley, 90-12-78; W Honnor, 92-13-79; Division 2 – T G Reynolds, 85-18-67; D Mungall, 87-20-67; H Jones, 85-18-67; G M Jones, 85-17-68; F D Foulkes, 87-19-68.


Blundell Golf Club, Ainsdale, Southport. The clubhouse and course at Woodvale,

Another view of the Golf Club and Course, Woodvale. Authors Collection.


In 1935 the secretary was R G Bouldon. Amateur course record held by R H Boyd 66. Visitor fees 2/6 a day and 5/- a day at weekend.

Following is an extract from a report that appeared in the Lancashire Evening Post on Thursday 4th April 1935.The headline read; A Southport Golf Course To Go – Land For Building – Blundell Club’s 31 Years on Site. “Southport will have one golf course fewer this summer, for the Blundell club at Ainsdale have decided not to take up a new course offered to them by an estate company, who are claiming their present land for a large scale development scheme.

A club official said today that a number of meetings of the shareholders had been held, and they had decided against the proposal to move from Ainsdale to Formby as suggested by the estate company. A final meeting will be held soon when a resolution proposing the voluntary winding up will be submitted. “It is a great pityfor the Blundell,” ” remarked the official, although it’s only a nine-hole course which has been offered to us just over the borough boundary at Formby, it would have been even better, as it is among the pinewoods and sandhills. It could have been extended to 18-holes and become one of the best courses in the district”

The established Blundell Golf Club had occupied the site since 1904.

Plans for the land include making of a main road across the LMS railway by a bridge, several subsidiary roads, a new church and the provision of a new shopping centre.”    

Blundell Golf Club disappeared and was built over in 1935.

Blundell Golf Club, Ainsdale, Southport. Location of the former links.

Location of the Blundell course in the early 1930s.

Grid reference SD31110,11810, co-ordinates 331110,411810.