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Chorley Golf Club, Astley Park, Lancs. (1897 - 1926)

Founded in 1897.

Originally a 9-hole course at Hall o’ th’ Hill.

In 1907 the club moved to a nine-hole course on Astley Park, Queens Road, Chorley where it stayed until 1926. This course is now the site of the Parklands High School. 

The members were desperate to acquire an new 18-hole course and the opportunity arose to return to its original site, J A Steer the golf architect and professional at Blackpool South Shore laid out the new course at Hall o‘ th ‘hill in 1926.

The Spring Meeting of the Chorley District Club took place on the Hall O’ th’ Hill course on Saturday 5th May 1900 and attracted a large gathering of members. Several prizes were up for grabs, result; P Stowell, 86-10-76; G H Ormerod, 87-10-77; B C Middleton, 92-15-77; W Mayhew, 93-16-77; P E Middleton, 86-8-78; G Thwaites, 114-36-78; F W Brindle, 99-16-83; W H Killick, 119-36-83; D Marriage, 94-10-84; L Stowell, 110-24-86; A Gillett, 107-18-89; Rev. J E Jelly, 118-24-94; C de C Cuff, 120-24-96. The ladies’ nine-hole handicap was won by Mrs Marriage, 50-2-48. The mixed foursome was won by Miss Kershaw and P E Middleton, 105-20-85.  

The following report is from the Manchester Courier and Lancashire General Advertiser dated Monday 3rd June 1907 “New Course at Chorley – A new course was opened on the Astley Park Estate, Chorley, on Saturday afternoon. The links are most beautifully situated, being bordered on the north side by Astley Wood, and on clear days a magnificent view of West Lancashire, extending to the sea coast, is presented. The nine holes embrace a distance of 2,700 yards and there are several natural hazards. It is most conveniently placed, being within two minutes’ walk of the Town Hall. A clubhouse has been obtained quite close to the entrance at Queen’s Road. Already 255 members have been enrolled. A professional, J Brooks, late of the Arnside Golf Club, has been engaged. At the informal opening the captain, F W Brindle, and the professional, played against R C Greenwood and W Archer, the latter pair won by 2up.”

The first competition for the newly formed club was played on Saturday 12th October 1907. Sixteen players qualified to take part in the final, result; N H Fletcher, 86-16-70; G H Ormerod, 84-12-72; W T Sowerbutts, 86-12-74; W Archer, 90-11-79; G H Phillips, 94-14-80; R C Greenwood, 93-12-81; J B Hyde, 103-21-82; E W Heald, 104-20-84; O Waring, 100-16-84; F W Brindle, 101-16-85; F Standish, 104-18-86; J Stubbs, 113-24-89.

Result of the August 1908 monthly medal (bogey 74); C C Webb, 90-20-70; M Kirkwood, 88-16-72; T S Kirkman, 97-20-77; N S Fletcher, 87-10-87; W T Sowerbutts, 90-11-79; E W Heald, 99-18-81; P D Fletcher, 97-16-81; J B Hide, 100-18-82. Thirty-six cards were taken out. 

Club captain in 1913 was John Whitfield.

There were 32 entries for the first qualifying round in the competition for Mr L Holt’s prize which was played on Saturday 31st May 1913, result as follows; M Kirkwood (handicap 11) 1down; G H Omerod (7) 4down; N Holt (13) 4down; W T Sowerbutts (6) 5down; R W Butterfield (11) 5down; J B Bennett (14) 7down; H Chadwick (13) 8down; J W Murray (14) 8down; J W Ashton (22) 8down; W MacFarlane (1) 9down; H A Bleakledge (9) 11down; A B Hargreaves jnr (24) 11down; Jas Ashton (22) 12down. 

Result of the April 1914 monthly medal; G Anderton, 98-24-74; P Rawcliffe, 98-18-80; J W Murray, 95-14-81; G H Ormerod, 92-7-85; J Spedding, 98-12-86; J W Ashton, 103-16-87.

Below a report on the annual meeting held in March 1915.


Chorley Golf Club, Astley Park. Report on the annual meeting March 1915.

From the Preston Herald Saturday 20th March 1915.


Result of the 1921 August monthly medal; P Slater, 99-20-79; A Withnell, 100-20-80; H Hargreaves, 94-13-81; J E Ball, 90-8-82; A Rainford, 94-12-82; C Moss, 99-16-83.

At the annual meeting on Wednesday 25th March 1925 the purchase of the Hall o’ th’ Hill Estate at Heath Charnock, for the construction of an 18-hole course was confirmed. It was hoped that nine-holes would be ready for play by August. T H Kevill was elected president, and J Haydock captain.

At the annual meeting for the lady members on March 30th 1925 Mrs A H Ostick was elected captain; Mrs W Bamber, vice-captain; Mrs A Tipping, hon. secretary; Mrs P Rawcliffe, hon. treasurer.

The Google Map below pinpoints Astley Park, the location of Parklands High School, the site of the Chorley golf course from 1907 to 1926.


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