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Cleveleys Hydro Golf Club, Blackpool, Lancs. (1900 - 1950s)

Founded in 1900.

A 9-hole course up to WW1, when the longest hole was 385yds. It appeared as an 18-hole course from the early 1920s.

It was situated between the shore and the main Fleetwood Road,  some 4 ½ miles north of Blackpool. There was a clubhouse and the course was well served by both bus and tram. The station at Clevely’s in the early years was 2 miles away; in later years the nearest station was at Blackpool 3 ½ miles away and Thornton 2 miles away. The Blackpool to Fleetwood  Electric Tram station was nearby. Local  hotels were the County and Lane Ends, Metropole, Imperial Hydro, South Shore Hydro, Cleveley’s Hydro, Albion, Palatine and Royal.

The Blackpool Gazette have informed us that the club played a competition for an antique copper cigarette box made from Nelson’s Flagship. It was inscribed “Second Golf Sweepstake, Cleveleys Hydro” If anyone has any further information please “contact us” (HMS Foudroyant was wrecked in a storm in June 1897 and was grounded on the shore at Blackpool)


Clevelys Hydro Golf Club, Blackpool. The early course.

The course in the 1900s.


  Secretary Professional/Greenkeeper
1906/14 Arthur Nicholas  
1904/19   Lawrence Gregson (p)
1919/1922   D McKenzie (p)
1923/28 C H Woolmer E Marsh (p)
1929/30s H C Rowe, "Anchorsholme" Blackpool. E Marsh (p)
1935/39 R M Band, Mossom Lane, Cleveleys. E Marsh (p)
1940/47 T Patterson, 9 Brentwood Avenue, Anchorsholme. E Marsh (p) L Gregson (g)
1948 L Hackins, 307 Fleetwood Rd, Blackpool. E Marsh (p)
1950s C Harrison, 132 Anchorsholme Lane, Blackpool. E Marsh (p&g)

Interesting to note that L Gregson appears as green-keeper in 1940/47; could this have been Lawrence Gregson the professional 1904/19?


Cleveleys Hydro Golf Club, Blackpool. On the tee at Cleveleys Golf Links.

On the tee at the Clevelys Hydro Golf Links.


Cleveleys Hydro Golf Club, Blackpool. Golf Club button.

Cleveleys Hydro Golf Club silver and enamel button (22mm), Birmingham 1925 by JA Restall, Cambridge Street, Birmingham. Courtesy of Dixon Pickup.


The 36-hole bogey competition for the president’s prize was played in September 1933 and resulted in a win for 17 year old J Knight, handicap 12, with a score of 6 down. There was a tie for second place between L A Leach (3) and H Bradshaw (14) 9 down.


Cleveleys Hydro Golf Club, Blackpool. Putter No 9 marked Edwin Marsh, Cleveleys Hydro.

Putter No 9 marked Edwin Marsh, Cleveleys Hydro. Image courtesy of Brian Holland.


Cleveleys Hydro Golf Club, Blackpool. Hickory Club by Edwin Marsh, professional.

Hickory shafted mid iron 125-175 yards marked Edwin Marsh, Cleveleys Hydro.


Cleveleys Hydro Golf Club, Blackpool. Players on the course.

Players on the The Hydro course.


The area once occupied the golf course is now taken up with playgrounds, tennis courts, bowling green and a pitch and putt course.


Course records -
1906/19 C H Aldersmith, amateur, 39 James Butcher, professional, 39
1929/30s E Marsh, professional, 63.
1940/47 A Gray, amateur, 63 E Marsh, pro 63.
1906/14 Visitors' fees, 1/- a day, 5/- a week and 10/- a month. Sunday play with caddies.
1923/28 Fees for residents, 1/6 a day, 7/6 a week. Non residents paid 2/6 and 12/6.
1929/30s The SSS was 68 and club membership 220.
1935/39 There was a revised SSS of 66.
1940/47 Visitors' fees were 2/6 a day, 5/- at weekend and 12/6 a week. Membership 170.
1948 Standard Scratch Score and par of  67.


Cleveleys Hydro Golf Club, Blackpool. The golf course

Above image courtesy Thornton Cleveleys past.


Clevelys Hydro Golf Club, Blackpool, in the 1920s.

Cleveleys postcard dated January 1925. Postcard by E Coppock, Blackpool. Progress Series.


The picture below shows the golf course and Hydro at the time of closure in the 1950s. 


Cleveleys Hydro Golf Club, Blackpool. The golf course and Hydro near the time of closure.

Picture of the course and the Hydro which looks to be in the process of demolition. Image courtesy of M C O’Brien.


Cleveleys Hydro Golf Club, Blackpool, course location.

Location of the Cleveleys course.

Grid reference SD31355,42475, co-ordinates 331355,442475.