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Clitheroe Golf Club, Horrocksford, Lancashire. (1891 - 1931)

Founded in 1891.

The original course was at Horrocksford and  moved to its present site at Barrow Gardens in 1930 on a course laid out by James Braid; this course opened in July 1932.

Result of the Clitheroe & District Golf Club Championship played in March 1892. The finalists were; Mr A W Musson won with a score of 124, against Mr R Southworth, 136.

A members scratch competition was played over the Horrocksford 18-hole course in May 1892, scores under 150 as follows; A W Musson, 135; R Southworth, 135; F Mitchell, 139; Tom Garnett, 145; J J Smithies, 146; R Loynd, 147; Walter Southworth, 147; J H Southworth, 148; C W Wheeler, 148; R Coates, 149. 

Result of a club match played in January 1893 at Clitheroe against the Wilpshire & District Golf Club -

Clitheroe Holes Wilpshire Holes
Mr R Coates 5 Mr J N Withers (capt) 0
Dr Smithies 0 Rev J G Denison 9
Dr Musson 0 Mr J W Sharples 3
Mr T Garnett (capt) 0 Mr J Hargreaves 6
Mr R Southworth 0 Mr James Fish 8
Mr W Irving 2 Dr Irvin 0
Mr W Southworth 0 Mr G Hindle 2
Mr Frank Mitchell 0 Mr R A Pippett 1
Mr H Wheeler 0 Mr C Kenyon 1
  7   30


In May 1909 F D Kay beat H Bailey to win the T Garnett Cup.

In September 1923 F J Hargreaves won the president’s prize with a bogey score of five down.

The annual meeting was held on Saturday 20th October 1923. On a suggestion by Mr J H Taylor a resolution was carried authorizing the committee to examine the possibility of extending the Horrocksford course to eighteen-holes or, to move elsewhere, provided it didn’t men an increase in subscriptions. With the popularity of golf in the area the present course was becoming congested. The balance sheet was showing a balance in hand of £35. The following officers would serve for the coming year; Miss Barbara Eastham was re-elected president; Mr H L Rishton was to continue as captain; Mr B E Jones, secretary; Mr H Bootham assistant secretary; Mr D Lister, treasurer; W Kay and J W Lambert, auditors; committee -  A Langshaw, J H Satterthwaite, L C Thomas. It was also decided that any future members would pay an entrance fee of £1/1s.

On Saturday 5th June 1926 Mr F Marsh holed in one at the 132 yard sixth hole. It was the first official hole in one in the 35 year history of the club. 

On Saturday 10th July 1926 three players tied in the competition for the William Garnett Cup, scores after a play off; H Sharples, 89-19-70; B E Jones, 80-7-73; D Lister, 92-16-76.

At the annual meeting on Saturday 29th October 1927 Miss Eastham was re-elected president. Mr J H Ramsbottom was appointed captain in succession to Mr D Lister. Other officials were; W Kilner treasurer; B E Jones and J Blackburn, secretaries; J W Lambert and W Kay, auditors; D Lister, H M Hardacre and B Thompson were elected on the committee.

At the annual meeting held on Saturday 20th October 1928 it was stated that Mrs F Forrest was re-elected president (had Miss Eastham married?). Mr B E Jones resigned as secretary after 16 years service, he was moving from the area. Arthur Langshaw consented to take on the secretarial duties, J Blackburn was re-appointed assistant secretary, Mr Kilner, treasurer and Mr Jones was appointed captain.  

The following prizes were presented at the meeting; President’s prize, Harold N Hartley; Captain’s prize First Division, B Thompson; Captain’s prize Second Division, J H Kay; Peace Shield, F D Kay; William Garnett Cup, J H Ramsbottom; Tom Garnett Cup, B E Jones; Scratch Prize (36 holes), A Langshaw; Council’s Prize, J E Cook; Long Cup, H N Hartley; Eclectic Competition, J Blackburn; President’s prize for ladies; Miss A Whip; Captain’s prize, Miss G Simpson.

It was announced in January 1929 that the Clitheroe Golf Club had decided to form a limited liability company. The lease on the land of the present course was due to expire and it was proposed to buy a farm to lay out a new 18-hole course.

In November 1930 Mr T Oxburgh holed in one at the 134 yard ninth hole.

In September 1931 it was reported that James Braid would be laying out their new course at Barrow Gardens.


Clitheroe Golf Club, Horrocksford Course. Proposed new golf course in September 1931.

From the Lancashire Post Wednesday 30th September 1931.Image © Johnston Press plc. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


Clitheroe Golf Club, Lancashire. The course at Horrocksford.

The former Clitheroe course at Horrocksford.

Grid reference SD75380,43930, co-ordinates 375380,443930.