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Crabble Golf Club. (1930 - 1949)

The club appeared in the 1930s.

First mention of the course was in May 1933.


Crabble Golf Club, Kent. Newspaper report from May 1933.

From the Dover Express Friday 12th May 1933. Image © Trinity Mirror. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


An 18-hole competition was played on Wednesday 5th August 1936 was a tie between Miss Hearn and Mr Brazier with scores of 59 each. Miss Hearn won the nine-hole play off. Another competition was played on the 22nd; Mr Horton, 59; Mr Amos, 63.

Result of a match played against Tontine Golf Club June 1937.

Crabble Golf Club   Tontine Golf Club  
G J Abbott and Miss Murray 1 C Richardson and A Brazier 0
C Horton and J Pitt 0 E G Walker and F Wanstall 1
E Stoneman and Councillor Goodfellow 0 W Grady and B Camm 1
Alderman Russell and Councillor Law 0 F Jordan and E Buttress 1
Mrs Parkin and J H Brazier 0 H Finn and J W Mills 1
Miss Watts and Mrs Brazier 0 Miss Radcliffe and Miss Richardson 1
  1   5


Crabble Golf Club, Kent. Newspaper report from October 1937.

From the Dover Express Friday 8th October 1937. Image © Trinity Mirror. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


The first competition of the 1938 season was played on Saturday 21st May 1938. A good number of players took part, the winner was Mr Hambrook with a score of 53, one under bogey, Mr E Stoneman was second. The club had arranged a club match at Folkestone for the coming Saturday. Members were also encouraged to enter their names for the club cup competitions.

The Crabble club played Tontine at Folkestone on Saturday 28th May 1938.

Tontine Golf Club   Crabble Golf Club  
E Buttress 1 J Pitt 0
C Richardson 1 E Stoneman 0
J A Butler 1 C Horton 0
E Trafford 1 H E Russell 0
B Scott 1 J H Brazier 0
B Camm 1 H Hambrook 0
G E Payne 1 T Graham 0
F Wanstall 1 F Amos 0
Miss Richardson 1 Miss Watts 0
Miss Radcliffe 0 Mrs Brazier 1
  9   1

A stroke competition was played on Saturday 9th July 1938 and was won by Mr V Wood, runner-up was S Gardiner. Membership at the club was now over 50. Entries were invited for the H V Hare Cup.

In August 1938 Miss D Hearns Cup was won by Mrs Ellender, 75, by one stroke after 18-holes, runner-up was Mrs Brazier, 76. The weekly competition was won by Miss Watts, 55, and Mr Fisher, 57.  

The “Law” Challenge Cup final was played on Tuesday 31st August 1938 between Mr Richards who scored 61 and Mr Louch, 63. 

The Hare Challenge Cup final was played on Saturday 24th September 1938 and was won on the nineteenth hole by Mr Amos (7) 55, beating Mr Tye (4) 56. In the semi-final Mr Amos beat Mr Richards and Mr Tye beat Mr Horton. The weekly competition was by Mr Stoneman and Mr Brazier.

The cups and prizes were presented at the annual dinner on Friday 21st October held at the Garden Hall, the Black and White band providing the music. Mr J Brazier was the MC. 

Results of competitions played in May 1939; Ladies - Miss Q Graves, 85; gentlemen - C Horton, 60.

The June 1939 competition was won by P Lancaster (8,) 43.

Results from July 1939; Ladies - Mrs Brazier (17,) 47; gentlemen - E Winn (18,) 42.

Results of the W L Law and R Victor Hare cup finals played in August 1939. W L Law Cup -  E Stoneman  beat F Lancaster; R Victor Hare Cup - T Graham beat J Spratt.  

A meeting was to be held on Saturday July 6th 1946 to decide the future of the club. Although there is no report on the outcome the club must have decided to carry on, for the time being.

The ladies' competition in August 1946 was won on the 20th hole, Mrs Ellender beating Mrs Hadden.

A mixed competition in September 1946 was won by P Lancaster and Mrs G Hambrook.

Competition winners in July 1948; Ladies - Mrs A Hammond; gentlemen - W J Burton.

The article below was the last found for Crabble Golf Club.


Crabble Golf Club, Kent. The final article found for Crabble Golf Club in April 1949.

From the Dover Express Friday 29th April 1949. Image © Trinity Mirror. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


The Google Map below shows the former Athletic Ground.