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Gravesend Golf Club, Kent. (1896 - 1920s)

Officers and fees for 1896; President - The Mayor, T Layborn; Secretary, R C Fowle; Committee - Geo. Butchard, Ellerslie; J H Cooper, Dashwood; T Nettleingham, Overline; J Russell, jnr., New House; A Walker, Adisham House; H Walker, Portland House; G Warren, 11 Wrotham Road; W B Willmot, London & Provincial Bank; G Wood, Woodlands; G Wood, Southleet; Entrance Fee, £1/1 shilling; Subscription £2/2 shillings; Ladies Subscription, £1/1s. Application for membership to be sent to Robert C Fowle, Honorary Secretary, 23 King Street.

The course was located between Great Clane Marshes and Filborough Marshes, the clubhouse was near the junction of Higham Road and Castle Lane. The course was still appearing on O.S maps into the 1920s. 


Gravesend Golf Club, Kent. Easter Meeting results in April 1903.

From the Gravesend Reporter, North Kent and South Essex Advertiser April 1903. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


In September 1903 the PGA southern section qualifying competition for the “News of the World” match play tournament was held at Acton Golf Club (now defunct). The Gravesend professional, A Gray, qualified with a score of 76+70=146.

The following is from the 1905 Nisbet’s Golf Yearbook; Instituted 1903; Membership of 70; Hon. secretaries; F H Stevens, Milton Road, Gravesend; W C Fletcher, 180 Parrock Street, Gravesend; Captain, Robert C Fowle; Entrance Fee £1/1s and Subs, £2/2s; Nine-hole course; Professional, G Walker; Professional record G Walker, 71; Amateur record R C Fraser, 71; Terms for visitors – Temporary members who are members of any recognised Golf Club, or officers of the naval, military, and Civil Services of the Crown (this restriction is not applying to friends staying in a member’s house) admitted to the club room and links on payment of 5s a week; £1/1s for six months; and £1/1s for a further six months. The course is situated on the Marsh Lands on the banks of the Thames between Gravesend and Higham. The turf is very good, and though not a difficult one, the course is very interesting. It at present consists of nine-hoes, but it is proposed in the near future to increase it to eighteen.

Result of a match played at Gravesend against Wrotham Heath on Saturday 15th May 1906. 

Gravesend Golf Club   Wrotham Heath Golf Club  
J G G Robson 1 W R Stratton 0
F V Carter 1 R S Trueman 0
A Wallis Adams 1 D C Campbell Muir 0
H Gibson Poole 1 L H Hardy 0
P A Sandford 1 L Green 0
H B Freer 0 A W Woodburn 1
H Sandford 1 W H Cooper 0
H E Porter 1 Captain Gardiner 0
  7   1

It was reported in 1909 that The Right Hon. A J Balfour M.P., had accepted an invitation to open the “new” Gravesend Golf Links on November 26th 1909. He was to be accompanied by the Right Hon. Alfred Lyttelton M.P., who would join in a match with two professionals.  


Gravesend Golf Club, Kent. Course location at Chalk.

Above map shows the location of the Gravesend course and clubhouse. Reproduced from the {1909} Ordnance Survey Map.


Gravesend Golf Club, Kent. The former course on the proposed Thames Crossing.AC

Aerial view of the planned Thames Crossing with the former Gravesend course marked.