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Downs Golf Club, Deal, Kent. (1924 - 1953)

The club was formed in 1924 and played over the Royal Cinque Ports Links. 

The Downs Club was formed for tradesmen and professionals not eligible to join Royal Cinque Ports. The Downs had their own clubhouse and were responsible for the upkeep of the 9-hole “ladies course” around the back of the first green and second tee. The Royal Cinque Ports Artisans Club was formed at the same time. 

Below is the result of a match played at St Margaret's-at-Cliffe in August 1923, a year before the club was formed.


Downs Golf Club, Deal, Kent. Result of a match played in August 1923.

From the Dover Express Friday 24th August 1923. Image © Trinity Mirror. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


Downs Golf Club, Deal, Kent. Club button.

Downs Golf Club button. 


In 1924 the secretary was J Hewson, “Manilla House” 99 Beach Street, Deal. There was a membership of 54. Visitors’ fees were 3/- a day.

Below is the result of a match played at St Margaret’s at Cliffe Golf Club (now defunct) on Sunday 30th June 1924, the home team finished up easy winners. 


St Margaret's Golf Club   Downs Golf Club  
E Lyford (half) 0 A F Avery (half) 0
W H Clifford (3&2) 1 H Boncey 0
L W Rampton (6&4) 1 J Henson 0
J B Haly (2&1) 1 J W Brown 0
Col Caldwell (5&4) 1 J Turk 0
Maj Morrison (3&1) 1 S J Channing 0
F W Gane 0 J F Arnold (4&3) 1
H H Dommitt (5&3) 1 R J Arnold 0
  6   1


St Margaret's   Downs  
E Lyford & L W Rampton (4&3) 1 A F Avery & J Turk 0
W H Clifford & F W Gane (3&2) 1 H Boncey & R J Arnold 0
J B Haly & H H Dommitt (4&3) 1 J W Brown & J Henson 0
Col Caldwell & Maj Morrison (3&1) 1 J F Arnold & S J Channing 0
  4   0

In 1930 and 1935 the secretary was S F Townend, 9 Queen Street, Deal. In 1938 the address for the secretary was; S F Townend, Sandhills, Deal.

From 1940 to its disappearance following WW2, the secretary was S F Townend, 21 Queen Street, Deal. Membership of 50. Sunday play was allowed. The station at Deal was ½ mile away.

On 3rd August 1940 the Royal Cinque Ports clubhouse was closed due to the war and members were able to use the Downs Club facilities until 1947. Stanley Thompson the Hon. Secretary of the Downs Club was co-opted onto the Royal Cinque Ports board and later made an honorary life member of RCP. 


Downs Golf Club, Deal, Kent. The Downs Golf Club Dinner Menu November 1947.

The Downs Golf Club Dinner Menu November 3rd 1947. Thanks to Allen Thomas for the image.


In 1952 RCP finances were strained and the Downs Club was offered incorporation into the RCP and the Downs Club officially closed on 1st March 1953. 

Thanks to Mark Chaplin for his help in compiling the History of the Downs Club.