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Farningham Golf Club, Kent. (1912 - WW2)

There is a record of an earlier club that appeared prior to WW1. The professional at the club from 1912 to 1917 was J H Ellis.

The Farningham Golf Club re-appeared in the mid 1920s when the secretary was A R Daniels, “Hillside”, Farningham, Kent. Golf Club Telephone number 69. A 9-hole course the professional was A Tindall and the greenkeeper F Reeves. Course records were, amateur J Bailey with a score of 69 and professional A Tindall 65. Visitors’ fees were 2/6 a day. Sunday play allowed with caddies. There were Stations at Swanley Junction 2 miles, Eynsford 1 mile and Farningham Road 2 ¼ miles away. Local hotel was the Lion.


Farningham Golf Club, Kent. Trophy presented in 1925.

The above Biscuit Barrel was given as a prize and is engraved; Farningham Golf Club, Open Meeting August 1925, J Bailey 69 + 75 = 144 – 8 = 135. Image provided by Clifford and Sheila White.


Farningham Golf Club, Kent. Trophy won by Jack Bailey.

Above is another trophy won at Farningham Golf Club by John (Jack) Bailey; Jack Bailey held the amateur course record with a score of 69. Image courtesy of James B White.


Farningham Golf Club, Kent. Club with the name A Tindall, Farningham.

A golf club bearing the name A Tindall (professional) Farningham.


In 1940 and the clubs final appearance in 1947 the secretary was P M Statham, Ravenswood, Sandhurst Road, Sidcup, telephone Footscray 1237 (club telephone 274). The professional was still A Tindall the greenkeeper was now W Dyer. The 9 holes had a SSS of 70 and membership at this time was120. Course records were as 1927. Visitors’ fees were 2/6 a day, 5/- on Sundays.

We would like to thank Andrew Tindall for sharing his family archive (below) with us. Andrew's grandfather, Alfred Tindall, was professional at Farningham in the 1930s. It's a great insight into the work of a professional and the running of a golf club and course prior to WW2. 

Andrew continues; "Apparently Alfred used to buy worn out horses from London who were too old or slow to pull milk carts etc, and take them off for a life in the country where they had an easier time of it working on the Farningham golf course. When they had improved in health and strength he would sometimes sell them on for a small profit which helped the coffers."


Farningham Golf Club, Kent. Club Professional Alfred Tindall.

Alfred Tindall.


Farningham Golf Club, Kent. Alfred's wife Ivy with one of the horses.

Alfred's wife Ivy with one of the rescue horses.


Farningham Golf Club, Kent. Club Alfred Tindall teaching.

A Tindall teaching on the putting green.


Farningham Golf Club, Kent. Green-keeper with a work horse.

Another of the horses with the green-keeper.


"The image below shows A Tindall playing, not sure if it's the Farningham course - the water feature might be a clue. We wouldn't have the photo if it wasn't Alfred or Farningham (possibly both)."


Farningham Golf Club, Kent. Action shot of Alfred Tindall.


"Below is a letter from Farningham Golf Club outlining what the deal would be for working there. 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday would be looking after the course which was a two man job with Saturday and Sunday free to make clubs and give lessons, with the course being the number one priority."


Farningham Golf Club, Kent. Letter to A Tindall April 1925.


Farningham Golf Club, Kent. Letter to A Tindall April 1925.

The letter to A Tindall dated April 1925.


Farningham Golf Club, Kent. Job offer to A Tindall.

Job offer.


"The three scans below are references from Newark Golf Club to Sleaford Golf Club which were both before the Farningham days. I realise it gives no information about Farningham, but it says something of who would be their professional a few years later.


Farningham Golf Club, Kent. Work References between two clubs for A Tindall.


Farningam Golf Club, Kent. Work references for A Tindall.


Farningam Golf Club, Kent. Work references for A Tindall.


Memories of Farningham Golf Club from Cynthia Shaw and Susan Philcox: “The course was located between the villages of Eynsford and Farningham. During WW2 the land was acquired for agricultural purposes. During the war and just after it became a children’s playground, the course was unfenced and had easy access. It was also the place to go to collect firewood, walk the dog and pick wild flowers. In season there were Violets, Marguerites and Orchids. And the young boys used to camp there. There was a barrage balloon tethered to the site of the old clubhouse, which had been demolished. The course was not revived after the war and was used as grazing land by the local farmer. The land was finally transferred to the Woodland Trust in 1977 who subsequently planted trees under in the “Woods on your  doorstep” scheme. The area is known as Nine Hole Wood to reflect its former use”

The information board on site specifically mentions the following “The site was given to the Woodland Trust by Philip and Susan Philcox in memory of Susan’s mother and father, Sheila and Ernest Groves who lived in Farningham for over 30 years. It was originally part of a nine hole golf course founded, together with others just before the Second World War by Mrs Groves’ father, Mr R G Barrett”

Farningham Golf Club, Kent. The annual dinner 1937.

Farningham Golf Club, the annual dinner 1937.


Farningham Golf Club, Kent. Location of the former course.

Location of the Farningham course.

Grid reference TQ54320,66420, co-ordinates 554320,166420.