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Greatstone Golf Club, Littlestone-on-Sea, Kent. (1906 - 1929)

The club was founded in 1906 and played on the course of the former Romney Sands Golf Club.   

A good 18-hole course with a comfortable clubhouse. The station at Littlestone-on-Sea was 10 minutes away. 

In 1914 the secretary was W F G Nicholls MA. Greatstone Golf Club, Littlestone-on-Sea. The professional was R Friend (1912 to 1924). There was no entry fee. Subs were £1/1/0. Visitors’ fees on introduction by a member were 2/6 a day and 7/6 a week. Sunday play was allowed.

In 1923/4 the secretary was H Compigne Andrews, Conway House, New Romney. The professional was R Friend and greenkeeper H Castle. There was a  membership of about 50. Course records were amateur 76 and professional 68 (no names given). Visitors’ fees on introduction were 2/6 a round, 3/6 a day and £1/1/0 a week.

In 1925 the secretary was R Howlett, “Marlborough”, Littlestone, New Romney. The professional and greenkeeper was W Hayles. Course records amateur 71, professional 68.

In 1926 fire destroyed the Greatstone clubhouse.

In the late 1920s  it was listed as a 12 hole course. The professional was R Horne (1927 to 1929). Course records were, amateur J Taylor 70 and professional R Horne 67. Local hotels Popes and the Grand.

Greatstone Golf Club, Littlestone-on-Sea, Kent. Golf course location.

Location of the Greatstone Golf Course.

Grid reference TR07700,23710, co-ordinates 607700,123710.



Below is the result of a match played at Rother Golf Club, Rye, (now defunct) in June 1927.

Rother Golf Club   Greatstone Golf Club  
G Tweedale 0 F Carey (5 and 4) 1
C T Tomlin (5 and 4) 1 V G Kennett 0
W J Bennett (halved) 0 R Howlett (halved) 0
R Newberry (2up) 1 D Carey 0
W Merricks (2 and 1) 1 T Wiles 0
B Offen (5 and 4) 1 W Savage 0
J Moore (2up) 1 W Taylor 0
D A Jones 0 R Carey 1
Tweedale and Tomlin (2 and 1) 1 F Carey and Kennett 0
Bennett and Newberry (6 and 4) 1 D Carey and Howlett 0
Merricks and Offen (3 and 2) 1 Wiles and Savage 0
Moore and Jones (4 and 3) 1 Taylor and R Carey 0
  9   2

In 1929 parts of the course were wanted for housing development and this led to the club's demise in 1929.

Below the Greatstone Golf Club wound up in 1929 the new club announced.


Greatstone Golf Club, Littlestone-on-Sea, Kent. The club is wound up in June 1929.

From the Folkestone, Hythe, Sandgate & Cheriton Herald Saturday 29th June 1929. Image © Trinity Mirror. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.