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Ealing Golf Club, Twyford Abbey. (1891 - 1900s)

The exact date of the foundation of the earlier club is still to be found.

The earliest report found so far is from the Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News October 1891 and makes quite interesting reading. "In playing for the monthly medal of the Ealing Golf Club some really extraordinary results were arrived at. The winner, Mr E Bird, actually got down as low as 69, his card reading thus, 93-24-69 . On the face of it one would say what an exceedingly liberal body the handicapping committee is. Of course 69 is a score very rarely indeed returned in a competition, in fact I don't think I've ever read of, or seen such a card. But the poor scratch men as represented by Mr McBarnet and Mr Low fared very differently. It is indeed hard to find themselves giving a man 24 who beats them on level terms, one by 69 and the other by 65!!! The annals of golf may be searched in vain for anything comparable to this. The runner-up, Mr C H Martin, also made an excellent return, 97-18-79. These results are really too absurd, and the handicapping of the Ealing Club will have to be gone into quite carefully, or their competitions will cease to have interest whatever."  

Result of the monthly medal for February 1892; P M Bigge, 84-16-68; J Rogers, 88-17-71; C M Martin, 83-12-71. Miss Watts won the ladies’ medal, 119-10-109.  


Ealing Golf Club, Twyford Abbey. Competition results from June 1892.

From the Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News Saturday 25th June 1892. Image © Illustrated London News Group.


In December 1892 the Ealing club visited West Herts Golf Club at Bushey. The home club won an exciting game by 15 to 13. The December 1892 monthly medal was won by R N Woodhouse, 101-24-77.

Thanks to Dixon Pickup up for the images below and the following text. “A very fine gilt example for the Ealing Golf Club, c1892-1895 (on maker's address details). Pitts move to Maddox Street, London in 1895 and they show this change on their products immediately. I assume therefore that this example is a 'first issue' for the fledgling club. One piece 23mm and very fine quality”.


Ealing Golf Club, Twyford Abbey. Images courtesy of Dixon Pickup.


Ealing Golf Club, Twyford Abbey. Images courtesy of Dixon Pickup.

Images courtesy of Dixon Pickup.


Result of the February 1893 medal; W H Miller, 82; W S Hargreaves, 83; G B Balfour, 84; F Carver, 88.

Result of the monthly medal played in the park at Twyford Abbey on Saturday 20th August 1893; Mr J R Phillips, 99-22-77; J R Curvey, 103-22-81; A Hart, 105- 24-81; C Plummer, 84 scratch; Mr Pritchard, 100-16-84; W H Skinner, 104-20-84; Mr Hern; 104-20-84; 104-20-84; H Hall, 107-22-85; M G Perchell, 112-24-88; W Jackson, 99-9-90; E A Hay, 114-22-92.

From 1894 to 1898 the professional was J C Pearson.

In February 1895 Lord George Hamilton became president of the club. The secretary was A T W McCaul. It was listed as an eighteen-hole course at Twyford.

In March 1895 the Ealing Club appointed William Walker, of St Andrews, their professional and green-keeper. It was reported that "he is now at work getting the course in order. Walker has instructions to show the links to intending applicants or other visitors. He is an excellent player, having gone round the links of the Richmond club at Sudbrook Park, where he was professional for two years, in 72." 


Ealing Golf Club, Twyford Abbey. Article from The Sketch April 1895.


Ealing Golf Club, Twyford Abbey. Article from The Sketch April 1895.

From The Sketch Wednesday April 10th 1895. Image © Illustrated London News Group. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


The following text accompanies the above images; “The Ealing Club, whose links are at Twyford Abbey, has commenced play. The course, which consists of eighteen-holes, the majority of which are of a decidedly sporting character, is situated amidst scenery of remarkable beauty, midway between Ealing and Sudbury, which are the two nearest stations, and the committee have arranged for a waggonette which now runs hourly on Saturdays between Ealing station and the links. There are plenty of natural hazards, consisting mainly of the River Brent, which has to be crossed no less than seven times, and necessitates the bringing into play of all the clubs. A record for the course has been established by Walker, of St Andrews, the club’s professional, who went round last week in the excellent score of 74. The President of the club is Lord George Hamilton, and among the Vice-Presidents are Sir Dixon Hartland, Bart., M.P; Mr Ambrose Q.C., M.P; J Stephens M.P; J Bigwood M.P; Montagu Sharp M.P. The Hon. Secretary is A T W McCaul.”

In June 1895 the Ealing Golf Club announced that Sunday play would be allowed on their links at Twyford Abbey, on condition that members carried their own clubs.

Result of the monthly medal played on Saturday 26th October 1895; F W Graham, 84-4-80.

It was reported that the new course of the Ealing Golf Club was opened on Thursday 7th May 1903 with a professional tournament. The players were; J H Taylor, James Braid, Peter Paxton and S J Cooper. The 18-hole stroke play competition was played in the morning and won by Braid with a score of 76. Taylor and Cooper scored 83 and Paxton 85. The foursome competition in the afternoon was won by Taylor and Cooper by 6 & 4.

The Google Map below shows Twyford Abbey.