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Beckenham Ladies' Golf Club. (1894 - 1922)

Founded in 1894 the Beckenham Ladies' had their own nine-hole course at Meadow Road, near Shortlands railway station. 

The result of a one sided match played at Mitcham against Prince's Ladies' Golf Club on Thursday 18th November 1897.

Prince's Ladies' Golf Club   Beckenham Ladies' Golf Club  
Miss Edwards 3 Miss Stephenson 0
Mrs Harry Stewart 2 Mrs Powell 0
Miss Sparrow 13 Mrs Wollerson 0
Miss Langley 2 Mrs George 0
Miss H Chapman 1 Mrs Bishop 0
Mrs L Le Marchant 12 Miss Creswell 0
Hon. Mrs W Rowley 3 Miss Horn 0
Mrs Packenham Lawrell 6 Mrs Porter 0
  42   0

Below is a player's jacket button for the Beckenham Ladies' Golf Club. This example has the b/mark for 'Firmin & Sons 153 Strand London', a long standing address but one they left in 1895/96, therefore almost certainly a 'first issue' for the club 20mm flat with the design incised. Thanks to Dixon Pickup.


Beckenham Ladies' Golf Club. B.L.G.C jacket button.

B.L.G.C jacket button. Image courtesy of Dixon Pickup.


Result of a match played at Beckenham against Prince's Ladies' in March 1900. The home team struggled again.

Beckenham Ladies' Golf Club   Prince's Ladies' Golf Club  
Miss Stephenson 0 Miss Anderson 3
Mrs Powell 0 Miss M Phillips 4
Mrs Michael 0 Miss Willock 0
Mrs Wollerson 0 Miss D Evans 2
Mrs George 3 Mrs Stanley Stubbs 0
Mrs Porter 0 Miss Marion Langley 5
Miss Horne 0 Hon. Maud Lawrence 6
Miss Stenning 0 Lady Sandhurst 12
Miss Stephenson & Mrs Powell 0 Miss Anderson & Miss Phillips 9
Mrs Michael & Mrs Wollerson 0 Mrs Willock & Miss Evans 2
Mrs George & Mrs Porter 0 Mrs Stubbs & Miss Langley 9
Miss Horne & Miss Stenning 0 Hon. Maud Lawrence & Lady Sandhurst 3
  3   55

The following information is taken from the 1905 Nisbet's Golf Yearbook; Beckenham Ladies' Golf Club; Hon secretary - Miss Randall, Goodwood, Beckenham, Kent; Captain, Mrs H G Porter; Entrance fee nil and subs £2/2s. 

A stroke competition was played on Wednesday 12th July 1905, result; Mrs Spooner, 107-15-92; Miss Aste, 112-17-95; Miss Senn, 119-24-95. The mixed foursome was won by Miss Aste and Paul Alliston.

The autumn meeting was held at the end of September 1905. The best scratch score for 36-holes was won by Mrs H G Porter with 172, she also returned the best handicap score, but she was not allowed to take two prizes, the handicap challenge cup and momento went to Miss K Fry, 162 net. In the competition for the best single round score on the first day Mrs Porter accomplished a fine performance by going round in 76, a record for the course. The prize for the best nine-holes on the second day was won by Miss N Roberts. Miss Elsa Harvey won the prize for the best three scores returned since March.


Beckenham Ladies' Golf Club. The Ladies' golf course in 1912.

The Ladies' course. Reproduced from the {1912} Ordnance Survey Map.


In 1914 the secretary was Miss R Byron, 4 The Knoll, Beckenham, Kent. The professional was L J Searle. 9-holes with a membership of 125 with 70 associates. There was no entry fee and subs were £2/5/0.Sunday play was not allowed. The station was at Shortlands (SE & CDR). 

Beckenham Ladies' gave up the course following WW1. 

Shortlands Golf Club appears and took over the former Ladies' course in 1922.