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Beulah Hill Golf Club, Norbury, Greater London.(1913 - WW1)

Founded in 1913 the secretary was T C Quiney, “Bickleigh” Gildersfield Road, Streatham, telephone Streatham 82. The professionals were F Cox 1913/4 and W Nickerson 1915 to 1917. An 18 hole course with a membership of 290. Entry fees were £2/2/0 and subs £5/5/0. Visitors’ fees, on introduction, were 1/- a day, weekends and Bank Holidays 2/6. Sunday play was allowed with caddies.  The railway stations were at Norbury ¾ mile and Norwood 1 mile.

Below is a report on the proposed opening of the club in April 1913.


Beulah Hill Golf Club, Norbury, London. Report on the new club and course April 1913.


Beulah Hill Golf Club, Norbury, London. Report on the new club and course April 1913.

From The Norwood News Saturday 26th April 1913. Image © Trinity Mirror. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


Result of the monthly medal played on September 13th 1913; Senior - H Wimbury, 89-12-77; A F Biscoe, 90-12-78; C Loughborough, 99-12-87; F G Breuninger, 101-14-87; R Crawford, 108-6-102; Junior - A R Burton, 90-24-66; F W Gregg, 102-20-82; J F Endacott, 101-18-83; G F Wormald, 106-20-86; H Housecroft, 111-24-87; E W Wormald, 112-24-88; A W Leslie Lickley, 111-20-91; E Penman, 111-20-91.

The first annual dinner took place on Saturday 21st February 1914 at the Pillar Hall, Victoria Station, the president, Sir George Riddell, took the chair. There were about 120 in attendance. It was announced that members were to play Cox, the professional, the best 32 cards returned against Cox would go forward to play in a match play competition. The captain's prize was presented to A E French. 

Leading scores in the 36-hole President's Prize played on June 6th and 7th 1914; Edgar Penman, 148 net; J F Dowsett, 149; J H E Rogers, 155; J Pidgeon, 156; F G Breuninger, 157; G M Coward, 159; F Gibberd, 160.

Below is an extract of an evocative report that appeared in the Norwood News on Friday 12th June 1914:-


Some twelve months ago we notified the formation of the club, expressing at the time our opinion that, given proper management, the course would prove to be a delightful one. It was then said that the holes had been skilfully disposed so as to take full advantage of the course's strong point - striking contour variations.

It was pointed out that it would necessarily be some tome before advantage could be taken of this planning, and that in the meantime members would have to be satisfied with rough unmade greens.

The Greens Committee have resisted all persuasions to use the new greens before they were thoroughly in order, and the wisdom of this policy was evident on Saturday last, when the real course was formally opened by the captain, Mr J R Anderson.

Before driving the first ball Mr Anderson said "In the regrettable absence our esteemed and very busy President, Sir George Riddell, I have very great pleasure, now that our course is completed, in opening it and carrying out the usual formality of driving off the first ball. It is only some twelve months since our club started and I think all will agree that wonders have been done in a short time. The greens have been specially made, drained and sown. Bunkers in number have been raised and put into suitable positions to catch erring balls and the fairway throughout has been rolled and mown and brought into a fit condition for play.

Our course, unlike many metropolitan ones, is distinctly an attractive one, and possesses many natural features of beauty. The woods and fine trees with which the course abounds, adds charm to the pastime of golf. Certainly this cannot be said of many courses. In particular in that part of the course known as the Alps, for which name I believe our classical scholar and indefatigable member of the committee, Mr Gascoigne is responsible, as well as for the club motto "Itur per alpes," the view from the summit on a clear day is not to be forgotten.

We have now a large number of lady members and on a fine day it is a very pretty site to see them in coats of red, green, blue and yellow, either by themselves or in mixes foursomes. The ladies will find that golf boots or shoes with low flat heels are much more comfortable than the more up-to-date equipment of high and pointed ones.

The amiable secretary, Mr T C Quiney of "Bickleigh," Guildersfield Road, will doubtless be very pleased to send particulars to anyone interested."  

Below is the result of a match played in September 1914 on the Beulah Hill course against Pollards Hill Golf Club.

Beulah Hill Golf Club   Pollards Hill Golf Club  
Mr Rogers 0 Mr Egginton 1
Mr Davies 1 Mr Wright 0
Mr French 0 Mr Robson 1
Mr F G Breuninger 1 Mr Keates 0
Mr Gibberd 1 Mr Elsworthy 0
Mr Dowsett 0 Mr Johnson 1
Mr Frank Aste (halved) 0 Mr Mills (halved) 0
Mr Quiney 1 Mr Thomas 0
  4   3

The ladies' monthly medal for September 1914 was won by Dorothy Braham, 86 net. 

The second annual meeting was held in the clubhouse on Saturday 17th April 1915, Bruce Penny presided. Sir George Riddell agreed to continue as President and F G Breuninger was elected captain. It was announced that progress was still being made on the course. A list was presented of 21 members who had joined the colours and it was decided to keep open their places in the club, and to perpetuate their devotion to King and country their names were to be inscribed on a Roll of Honour. Three of the groundsmen and several caddies had also left for the Front. The competition arranged in aid of the Soldiers and Sailors Tobacco Fund had resulted in a contribution of £10.

The map below from April 1915 shows both North Surrey and Beulah Hill golf courses.


Beulah Hill Golf Club, Norbury. Map showing both North Surrey and Beulah Hill golf courses.

From the Norwood News Friday 23rd April 1915. Image © Trinity Mirror. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


Below is the result of a match against Pollards Hill played on Saturday 3rd July 1915.

Beulah Hill Golf Club   Pollards Hill Golf Club  
F G Breuninger 1 A W Johnson 0
F H E Rogers 0 I Edington 1
R Crawford 1 R W Robson 0
L W Arter 1 J Webber 0
J F Dowsett 1 J E Rogers 0
F Gibberd 1 C Richardson 0
H Ward 0 G Winchester 1
J C Pidgeon (halved) 0 T A Jones (halved) 0
A L Lickley 1 P E Bradley 0
D Brown 1 W B Walker 0
  7   2


Beulah Hill Golf Club, Norbury, London. Music Hall Artists at the club in 1915.


Image (above) and following text from the Sunday Pictorial July 25th 1915.  "Here are some music-hall artists who entertained a number of our wounded soldiers at the Beulah Hill Golf Club House. Our picture shows "Dusty Rhodes" Miss Ella Shields and Mrs Cook." 

In July 1915 Mr A C Rose holed in one at the eighth. 

Result of the November 1915 monthly medal; Senior - C Loughborough, 88-9-79; Junior - L R G Oxer, 98-18-80.

The annual club supper was held in November 1916 J F Dowsett, club captain, presided. A solemn toast was drunk in silence to the memory of those members that had fallen in the war. The captain then presented the following prizes; Captain's Prize, J Seton Reid; Challenge Cup, J Seton Reid; "Daylight Saving" Cup, A Leslie Lickley; Hedge Cup, J F Dowsett; Hart Cup, F C Shatford; Davis-Oxer Cup, F C Mace; Barford-Oxer Prize (mixed foursome); F C Mace and Miss Braham. Entrance fees collected for the competitions were handed to several war funds.

It was reported in July 1917 that for the fifth time in the last two years the members of the Beulah Hill Golf Club would be entertaining wounded soldiers from local hospitals.

Beulah Hill Golf Club disappeared after WW1.