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Castlebar Golf Club, Ealing. (1898 - 1901)

Castlebar Golf Club was founded  in March 1898 under the stewardship of three local dignitaries; Mr Gibbon, Mr Geen and Mr Hay. Entrance fee was 3 guineas, and subs two guineas. The professional was S J Cooper.

The first clubhouse "A Grand Victorian House" opened in 1898 and was located at the bottom of  Kent Gardens.

An alternative name for the club? The following advert appeared in the London Evening Standard on Thursday 13th October 1898 - "Ealing, 13 Kent Gardens - To be let, a capital family house, containing 3 reception and 8 bed-rooms, within a few yards of the Castle-hill golf links."

Below is an application form for the Castle Hill Golf Club. Thanks to Golf Heritage London  @LdnGolfHistory


Castle Hill Golf Club, Ealing. Application Form.

Castle Hill Golf Club Application Form.


Results from the Castlebar club's Spring Meeting in May 1900; Scratch Prize won by F Maclean with 89, Mr J Turing Peter Leing second with 90. Handicaps fifteen and under; J S Forbes, 90-11-79; C T Bazell, 92-12-80. Handicaps over fifteen (tied); Mr Romilly Hall, 95-18-77 and R W Higgins, 96-19-77. 

The images below show the layout of the course in the early 1900s. At this time the first and eighteenth holes where on the north side of Scotch Common, close to where Bellevue Road and Woodbury Park are nowadays.


Castlebar Golf Club, Ealing, London. Original course layout Holes 1 - 8 + 18.

Holes one to eight and eighteen..


Castlebar Golf Club, Ealing, London. Original course layout Holes 9 - 17.

Holes to the north-east; holes nine to seventeen.


Course measurements; Hole One - 310 yards; Two - 300 ; Three - 245; Four - 315; Five - 210; Six - 150; Seven - 190; Eight - 340; Nine - 330; Out - 2390 yards.

Hole Ten - 270 yards; Eleven - 450; Twelve - 300; Thirteen - 195; Fourteen - 250; Fifteen - 100; Sixteen - 310; Seventeen - 400; Eighteen - 310; Home - 2585; Total yardage - 4975.

The club button for the Castlebar Golf Club below is hallmarked Birmingham 1899 (by J & Co Jennens). The central crest alludes to the then owner of the Castlebar estate.


Castlebar Golf Club, Ealing, London. Club button.

Thanks to Dixon Pickup for supplying the above image and information.


Castlebar disappeared and became Ealing Golf Club in 1901.

The Google Map below shows the approximate location of the first and eighteenth holes in the early 1900s.