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East Sheen Golf Club, Greater London. (1890s)

The club was founded 1891.

The professional in 1896/7 was A Thoroughgood. 

From The Golfing Annual Vol. V 1891-92:-

East Sheen Ladies' Golf Club, Instituted October 1891; Entrance Fee, £1/1s; Annual Subscription, Ten shillings and sixpence; Number of Members 60 to 70; Hon. Treasurer, Miss C Rankin; Ground Committee - Hon. C Hume Sinclair, Cyril Routh and C Harriott; Committee - Lady Napier, Mrs Dean, Miss Leycester Penrhyn, Miss Wigan, Miss Edgar, Miss Waterfield, Miss Harriott and Miss Milliken; Secretaries - Miss Aimee Cholmeley, The Obervatory, East Sheen, and Miss Sinclair, Durran Lodge, East Sheen; Clubhouse- The Armory, Sheen Common; Green-keeper, G Cartwright.  

Report from The Field Saturday 16th April 1892 - "The monthly medal competition on Tuesday April 5th, brought out quite a large number of players, though the day was almost too hot for golf. The holes have again been lengthened, and the course was altogether more difficult than has hitherto been the case, but the greens are improving., and the new professional (Baird) seems in every way to give satisfaction. The new greens are now nearly completed, so that it is hoped that the new round of eighteen-holes will be ready for play next month. Result of the competition; Miss E Rawstone, 115-35-80; Miss M Wigan, 108-25-83; Miss A G Waterfield, 117-32-85; Miss Pearson, 86+4-90; Miss A Cholmeley, 130--40-90; Miss C L Penrhyn, 111-20-91; Miss M Sinclair, 131-40-91; Miss M L Penrhyn, 131-36-95; Miss Aylmer, 122-26-96. Other scores were over 100 net.

In June 1892 East Sheen played a match against Royal Cromer Golf Club.

The following is taken from "Golfing" December 1896. At a meeting of the Barnes District Council it was recommended that a letter be sent to the secretary of the East Sheen Golf Club to the effect that the game should not be allowed on the Common in future.  The committee came to a similar conclusion with regard to golf on Barnes Common.

Councillor Penrhyn said it was not generally known on what lease the Golf Club held the ground. They had, he understood, a verbal lease, which meant year by year, and therefore they were entitled to six months notice."

It was considered that golf was a danger to the public on common land. 


East Sheen Golf Club. Course on the 1898 O.S map.

The Golf Course on Sheen Common is marked in the centre of the above map. Christchurch Road and Temple Sheen Road are marked to the north east. Reproduced from the {1898} Ordnance Survey map.


East Sheen Golf Club. Golf pavilion?

Sports Pavilion (for the golf club?), East Sheen.