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Finchley Golf Club, Greater London. (1892 - 1909)

Founded in 1892.

The original course was situated in Nether Court. The owner, Henry Thomas Tubbs, had a nine-hole course laid out in the grounds. Tubbs, who was vice-chairman of the club, died in 1917.

This early club ceased to exist in 1909.

Report below from  December 1893. It gives an idea as to the location of the course, it states "Starting from the first tee, which is situated close by the footpath leading from Nether Street to Frith Manor, just where it crosses the brook."


Finchley Golf Club, London. Report on the club and course from December 1893.

From the Hendon & Finchley Times Friday 1st December 1893. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


The 1897 Map below shows the footpath from Nether Street to Frith Manor.


Finchley Golf Club, London. 1897 Ordnance Survey Map showing the footpath to Frith Manor.

Ordnance Survey Map © Crown Copyright {1897}


Finchley Golf Club, London. The clubhouse in the 1900s.

The Finchley clubhouse in the 1900s.


In May 1895 the monthly medal and Captain’s prize was won by F H Swinstead, 97-10-87; J Heal, A F Drew and A A Hannay tied for second with 92 net.

In October 1895 Finchley played a 13 a side match against Hampstead at Finchley and won by 22 holes.

The May 1898 senior (or first division) medal was won by W Adamson 88-5-83, junior (second division) was a tie between H Goodwin and F H Tullock on 81net.

The December 1898 senior medal was a tie between A Macgregor 86-6-80, and the Rev A B Middleditch 92-12-80, E Keyter won the junior medal 100-20-80.

Result of the January 1899 medal, senior Rev A B Middleditch 94-12-82, junior Cuthbert Smith 101-13-88. The quarterly bogey competition was also held in the same month, result; C M Bailhache, 1down; A F Drew, 2down; A Macgregor, 2down.

Result of the February 1899 medal; senior A Macgregor, 88-6-82; junior J Carter Harrison, 94-15-79.

Result of the 1903 September monthly medal; Mr Cuthbert Smith, 81-5-76; R S Griffin, 89-12-77; G F Meyer, 97-18-79; Dr W Bower, 81-1-80; A F Drew, 84-3-81; H E Fisher, 90-8-82; R O Dale, 92-9-83; A Giles, 91-6-85; Dr T B Napier, 106-20-86; S A Ballance, 99-12-87; W Howe, 101-13-88.

Finchley Golf Club is listed in the 1905 Nisbet's Golf Yearbook; Instituted 1892; Members 150; Hon. Sec., A C Stair, Highcroft, Etchingham Park, Church End, Finchley; Captain, A McGregor; Professional, J Bradbeer; Amateur record, Dr W Bower, 72. The course is an interesting and sporting one of nine-holes with plenty of natural and artificial hazards. There is a comfortable clubhouse.

Result of the October 1906 monthly medal; First Division - W M Taylor, 78 net; Second Division - C R Leak, 78 net.

Below, sadly by 1909 the club had closed and was selling its assets.


Finchley Golf Club, London. Reports on the closure and selling its assets in 1909.


Finchley Golf Club, London. Report on the selling its assets in 1909.

From the Hendon & Finchley Times Friday 1st January 1909. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


The current Finchley club was formed in about 1930.