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Laleham Golf Club, Chertsey. (1938 - 2017) 

Founded in 1904 as Chertsey Golf Club (see separate entry for Chertsey Golf Club for the early history.)

It became Laleham Golf Club in 1938. 

The challenging course was designed by the 1904 Open Champion Jack White and offered a unique golfing experience, with its tree-lined fairways, well protected approaches and smooth putting surfaces, mixed in with strategic water hazards. Laleham was a test for all levels of golfer, from beginners to established players.

Following WW2 the secretary was G C Evans; professional, G Webb; green-keeper, A E J Dash; Professional course record, W Smithers 67; 18-holes with a Par and SSS of 73.

In the mid 1950s the secretary was C  Miller, 28 Staines Road, Laleham; professional, G Webb; green-keeper, A E J Dash; Professional course record, W Smithers 67; membership of 220; 18-holes measured 6,110 yards with a SSS of 71; visitors’ fees 3s/6d a round, 5s a day.

In the mid 1960s the secretary was A Parker; professional, G Webb; green-keeper, C J Taylor; Professional course record, R H Mandeville 66.

In the mid 1970s the secretary was G A Crease; professional, G Webb; Amateur course record, C Poulton 66; membership of 500; green fees, £1.65.

In the 1980s the secretary was R H E Emms; professional, T Whitton; visitors’ fees £6 weekdays, £8 at weekend; membership of 500.  

It became a “Pay and Play” course on the 1st April 2015. 


Laleham Golf Club, Chertsey, Surrey. Laleham Golf Club scorecard.


Laleham Golf Club, Chertsey, Surrey. Laleham Golf Club scorecard.

Laleham scorecard.


Laleham Golf Club, Chertsey, Surrey. Laleham Golf Club course plan.

Course plan.


Laleham Golf Club, Chertsey, Surrey. Clubhouse and course.

Laleham Golf Club clubhouse and course.


Laleham Golf Club, Chertsey, Surrey. Sharing the course with sheep in 2015.

The end is in sight… golfers sharing the course with sheep between the twelfth and thirteenth holes in March 2015. March 31st 2015.


The following message appeared on the club website in January 2017.

"It is with great sadness that we have taken the decision to close Laleham Golf Course and Clubhouse in Chertsey, Surrey on 31 March 2017. The combination of sustained trading losses, the current economic climate and a nationwide decline in the demand for golf has meant that the operation of Laleham is no longer commercially viable.

Laleham Golf Course, which was rescued from bankruptcy in 2008 following its purchase from the members at that time, has previously received significant investment in both the course and its facilities in an effort to enhance the experience at the course, attract new players and bring financial stability and success to the club.

Unfortunately, despite the initial and subsequent investment and the introduction of several different structures, the club has continued to make significant trading losses.

This is set against the backdrop of a national decrease in the number of people playing golf which has seen a decline in memberships at many clubs and closures of other local courses, the recent recession and the increasingly popularity of fitness-based sports such as cycling.

Laleham Golf Course would like to take this opportunity to thank the club’s members and local golfers for their support.

Laleham golf course is an 18-hole parkland-style pay and play course with a touch of inland links, dating back to 1903, and nestled between the banks of the River Thames and the Abbey River.

There are no immediate plans for the Laleham site, which will be returned to the landlord.”