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Battle Golf Club, Sussex. (1893 -1906)

The club was founded in 1893.

The professional in the late 1890s was A White and in 1905/6 C Carter.

A nine-hole course that was located in an area known as the “Stumbles”. The course was “a short walk from Battle Abbey and to the north of Powdermill Lake”.

The club thrived until the late 1890s when there was a dispute about the rent.

Following is a result for the ladies’ May 1896 monthly medal; Mrs Ellice, 73-20-53; Miss C G Papillon, 72-12-60; Mrs Davison, 75-15-60; Miss G M Raper, 63 scratch; Mrs Buckham, 104-20-84.

Result of the June 1897 ladies’ medal; Mrs Buckham, 86-20-66; Miss Gladys Raper, 69 scratch; Mrs Vernon, 105-25-80; Mrs Raper, 109-25-84; Miss Vernon, 112-25-87.

Result of the September 1897 ladies’ medal; Miss Vernon, 86-25-61; Mrs Vernon, 94-25-69; Miss G Raper, 70 scratch.

Result of the March 1898 ladies’ monthly medal; Mrs Sheppard, 81-10-71; Mrs E C Ellice, 88-15-73; Mrs Buckham, 100-16-84.

Result of the April 1898 ladies’ medal; Mrs E C Ellice, 75-16-59; Mrs Vernon, 91-25-66; Mrs Sheppard, 72-5-67; Mrs E M Buckham, 88-16-72; Miss D Raper, 87-10-77.

Only results from ladies’ competitions (above) have been found so far for the earlier club.

The following is an extract from a report that appeared in the Hastings & St Leonards Observer on Saturday 9th May 1903. “The adjourned general meeting to receive the report from the committee appointed at the previous meeting was held at the George Hotel on Saturday afternoon. Sir Augustus Webster, Bart., presided, and those present included; Lady Webster, Mrs Brodie, Mrs Currie, Mrs Day, Mrs Jacomb, Mrs Martin, Mrs F G Ticehurst, Mrs Whistler, Miss Queenie Sheppard, Rev Spencer Day, Colonel Baddeley, Captain Fuller Whistler J.P., A A B Dewing, C J Headland, N Hammond, F G Sheppard and A Wallace.

The committee report was to the effect that Mr A A B Dewing had been appointed hon. secretary, and Mr C J Headland, hon. treasurer. The following suggestions were made; that the annual subscription should be one guinea. That Mr Charles Carter be the green man. That visitors introduced by a member of the club, or who are a member of a recognised club, have the privilege of playing on the links for 1/- a day, 3/- a week and 10s/6d a month. The committee also reported that they had arranged with the occupiers of the land over which the club will play, Captain Ellice, Mr B Christmas and Sir Augustus Webster, for the right to play on certain specified terms.

The report was unanimously adopted and a green committee was elected as follows; Captain Ellice, Dr W Haig Brodie, Rev Spencer Day and Mr M P Grace.

The prospects of the club were discussed and it transpired that the Links to be used will be the same as the ones played on by the old Club, comprising nine-holes, and situated in the Park. It was hoped arrangements will be completed by 1st June.”

The open autumn meeting was held on Wednesday 14th October 1903. Mr F G Ticehurst jnr, won the putting competition, presented by Mr W A Raper. Mr Ticehurst also won the driving competiton. The award for approaching was won by Dr Brodie.

The spring meeting was played in May 1904. Rev Spencer Day won the bogey prize presented by Sir Augustus Webster, value £2. Mrs Sheppard won the ladies’ competition, value £2/2s. The ladies’ monthly medal was won by Miss Gladys Raper, 65-11-54. Men’s monthly medal was won by Rev Spencer Day, 115-16-99. The mixed doubles was won by Dr W Haig Brodie and Miss Smith, 121-10-111.

The annual general meeting was held at the George Hotel on Tuesday 5th July 1904, Dr W Haig Brodie in the chair. The report stated that the club was resuscitated on June 1st 1903, under very unfavourable conditions, the very bad weather making it almost impossible to play as well as hindering the work on the laying out of the course. During the year 40 members had been elected, four had resigned. The committee arranged two meetings during the year, one in the spring the other in the autumn. The weather was bad during the spring which resulted in few entrants, but the autumn meeting was a success. It was expressed, that hopefully, the club would not be allowed to again fall through.

The balance sheet was presented and included the following receipts; balance handed over from old club, £9/9s; members’ subscriptions, £36/18s; green fees, £3/7s; entrance fees for competitions, £2/4s/6d; total £51/19s/2d. The expenditure for labour, rent, roller, printing and other materials amounted to £51/7s/7d. Balance in hand 11s/7d.

The President, Sir Augustus F Webster; treasurer, Mr C Headland; secretary, Mr A A B Dewing, were unanimously re-elected. The following were chosen for the committee; Lady Idina Brassey, Lady Webster, Mrs Brodie, Miss Gladys Raper, Dr W Haig Brodie, Rev Spencer Day, Captain Fuller Whistler, M P Grace, E T Lambert and F G Ticehurst.

From the 1905 Nisbet's Golf Yearbook; Instituted 1903; Membership of 40; Hon. secretary E W Englefield, Upper Lake, Battle; Green-keeper, C Carter; Entrance fee nil and Subs £1/1s; Nine-holes; Terms for visitors, 1s a day, 3s a week, 10s/6d a month. The course is ten minutes walk from Battle Abbey and is situated in the park. Beautiful natural links and very pretty scenery.

For reasons still to be found it proved to be a very brief revival, the club finally closed in about 1906. 

The Google Map below pinpoints the possible location of the former Battle course.