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Burwash Golf Club, Sussex. (1908 - 1936)

The club was founded in 1908.

The professional until 1910 was A Mitchell. The professional and green-keeper from 1910 to 1911 was J Isted.

The following is a report that appeared  in the Kent & Sussex Courier on Friday May 1st 1908.

"The old golf club having become extinct, and the links in the Church Fields abandoned, a new organisation has arisen out of its ashes. The new club whose links are on Dawes Farm, has, under the energetic secretaryship of Mr H Dormer, reached a membership of 50. The inaugeral match was played on Monday when the links were declared open."  

A very well supported competiton was played on the 19th and 20th August 1908. The course was in excellent condition considering the short time it had been open. Lunch and tea was served to members and their guests at Dawe's House. Results from the first days competition; men's singles, Dr A W Curties; mixed foursomes, Miss R McKnight and Dr A W Curties; ladies' competition, Miss Brooke. Second day; ladies open 18-hole medal, Mrs Morland; men's competition, E W Care; men's foursomes, B Wimble and H Hunter.

Following are the results from competitions played on Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th April 1910; ladies' 18-hole medal, Miss L Russell; 9-hole mixed foursome medal, Mrs Hill and W Roxby; 9-hole foursome mtach play, Miss L Russell and Miss A McKnight; challenge cup presented by Miss Lucas, Miss R McKnight.

Results from the August meeting 1912; ladies' challenge cup presented by Miss B Thornley, Miss A McKnight; approach and putting, Miss May McKnight; foursomes, Misses R & M McKnight; driving, Miss Hooper; mixed foursome, Miss Brook & W Roxby; gentlemen 18-hole medal, W Bennett 67 nett; approach and putting, T Springett beat Dr Curties in play off; open foursome, Rev A P Spelman and S M Brodie; open bogey, L Martyn-Linnington; open driving, W E Cree.

In 1913/4 the secretary was E H Dormer, Mount House A 9-hole course with a membership of 70. Entry fees were £1/1/0 and subs £1/10/0. Visitors’ fees were 2/- a day, 10/- a week and £1 a month. Sunday play was not allowed. Railway stations were at Tilehurst 3 miles away and  Etchingham 2 ¾ miles away. 

On Whit Monday in 1914 the club held their annual competitions (see below.) All the ladies’ prizes were won by Mrs F Napper. Results as follows; ladies’ 18 hole medal Mrs F Napper (8), 83nett; ladies’ 9 hole bogey, Mrs F Napper 3up; Open Mixed Foursome match play, Mrs F Napper and H Odell beat Miss J M Knight and A W Curteis; Gent’s Open Medal, W Bennett, 69nett; Open 9 hole match play, A W Curteis beat W Roxby by 3 and 2.  


Burwash Golf Club, Sussex. Competition results from whitsuntide 1914.

From the Sussex Express Thursday 4th June 1914. Image © Johnston Press plc. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


It was reported in 1921 that the Burwash Golf Club had been re-established. Owing to the war the course had been closed in 1915. In December of 1920 a general meeting of former members decided to re-start the club. Following a lot of work the course was fit for play, but it would be some time before it reached the standard of the course pre WW1.  

Following the war the secretary to 1928 was Lieutenant Colonel H Y Beale and the greenkeeper was S Glazier. Membership was now 50. 

From 1929 to 1931 the secretary was H B Willett, Meeching, Burwash. Increase in membership to 60.

On Wednesday 15th May 1929 Spencer Glazier, the Burwash green-keeper, visited Tom Buss, the Heathfield green-keeper, for the first of their two annual games. Buss won the match by 2 and 1. 

On Tuesday 15th October 1930 Heathfield Golf Club (now defunct) entertained Burwash Golf Club.

Heathfield Golf Club   Burwash Golf Club  
Major G W I Learoyd (3&1) 1 Rev A P Spelman 0
Rev H F Severn 0 Lt-Col H A Hanley (8&7) 1
N N Johnston (2up) 1 H H Holland 0
Major-Gen G F Davies 0 Sir H Mitchell (2&1) 1
B Fletcher 0 H B Willett (6&4) 1
M L Walker 0 H W Shipman (6&4) 1
Major H Clark 0 Capt G S Holmwood (6&4) 1
Major G W I Learoyd & N N Johnston (1up) 1 Lt-Col H A Hanley & Sir H Mitchell 0
Major-Gen G F Davies & Major H Clark(e) 0 H H Holland & J E B Wilson (6&5) 1
Rev H F Severn & B Fletcher (2&1)  1 H W Shipman & Capt G S Holmwood 0
  4   6

In 1932 the secretary was H W Shipman, Bunkers Hill, Burwash Common. Membership about 70.


Burwash Golf Club, Sussex. View from the golf course.

View from the Burwash course.


Below is the result of a match played at Heathfield Golf Club in September 1932.

Heathfield Golf Club       Burwash Golf Club      
Gentlemen   Ladies   Gentlemen   Ladies  
Major G W I Learoyd (5&4) 1 Miss M L Walker (half) 0 H B Willett 0 Miss Stevenson (half) 0
Rev A P Spelman (2&1) 1 Mrs Learoyd (5&4) 1 H W Shipman 0 Miss Lovelace 0
N N Johnston (2up) 1 Miss Cummings (2up) 1 Captain Holmwood 0 Miss McKnight 0
H H Jackson (4&3) 1 Miss Christian (2up) 1 J B Wilson 0 Miss Edye 0
Rev H F Severn (3&2) 1 Miss Billson (2up) 1 W W Kilby 0 Miss Hodgkinson 0
Major H J Clark 0 Miss M Johnston (7&6) 1 W Maude-Roxby (2up) 1 Miss Marsh 0
  5   5   1   0

Below is the result of a match played at Burwash against New Highwood Golf Club, Bexhill, on Friday 20th October 1933. 

Burwash Golf Club   New Highwood Golf Club  
Lt Col H A Hanley (half) 0 L G Turpin (half) 0
E A Atkinson 1 H E Marsh 0
H H Holland 0 W Tattersall 1
Rev A P Spelman 1 Capt J E Holden 0
Sir H Mitchell (half) 0 E A Kincard (half) 0
W W Kilby 1 P J Brook 0
Miss Lacy (half) 0 Miss Hemmings (half) 0
Miss Stephenson 1 Mrs McIlveen 0
Mrs Ingram 0 Mrs Turpin 1
Miss Edye 0 Miss Lyte 1
Mrs Wilson 0 Miss Murray 1
Mrs Feilden (half) 0 Mrs Marsh (half) 0
Mrs Walford & Lt Col Hanley 1 Mrs McIlveen & Capt Holden 0
Miss Stephenson & Dr A W S Curties 1 Mrs Turpin & L G Turpin 0
Miss Dacy & Sir H Mitchell 1 Miss Hemming & P J Brook 0
Mrs Ingram & H H Holland 0 Miss Lyte & W Tattersall 1
Mrs Wilson & E A Atkinson 1 Miss Murray & E A Kinnard 0
Miss Edye & W W Kilby 0 Miss Marsh & H E Marsh 1
  8   6

Below is the result of a match against Lamberhurst played in April 1934.


Burwash Golf Club, Sussex. Report on a match against Lamberhurst in April 1934.

From the Kent & Sussex Courier Friday 27th April 1934. Image © Trinity Mirror. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


In 1935 the secretary was W W Kilby, Hackwood, Robertsbridge.

In 1936 the secretary was H Holland, Holly Lodge, Etchingham, Sussex, telephone 24 and the greenkeeper  was still S Glazier. The 9 hole course had a SSS of 67 and club membership was about 70.  Visitors’ fees were as 1914, Sunday play was still not allowed.  Local hotel was The Bear.

It was announced in October 1936 that the club would be closing on December 31st. The land was to be used for housing development.

The last game on the Burwash Course took place on Wednesday 30th December 1936. The Union Jack from the flag-pole was presented to Mr H B Willett, the president, and the club colours flag from the clubhouse to Mr W Maude-Roxby, the oldest member.

What was really the last act of the Burwash Golf Club took place on Wednesday 21st January 1937 when Geering & Colyer, the auctioneers, sold two pavilions, tool shed, shelters, lawn mowers, rollers, tables, tools and equipment. The men's pavilion was secured by the Burwash Bowling Club for £2, the tool shed went for 16 shillings, the ladies' pavilion made £3/10s. The total amount raised was about £15.

It was reported in March 1937 that the Burwash Golf Club, which had recently been disbanded, had presented Mr Spencer Glazier, who had been their well respected green-keeper for 18 years, a cheque for £21.

The closure of the club caused much dismay to the local chemist, who complained that he had only moved to the area because of the golf course.

Although the course was mainly built over some features of the course are still visible with some appearing in local gardens. 


Burwash Golf Club, Sussex. A view of the course.

Postcard of Burwash golf course. Authors Collection.


Burwash Golf Club, Sussex. Location of the course in 1910.

Course location, Burwash. Grid reference TQ66795,24840, co-ordinates 566795,124840.