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Saltash Golf Club, Cornwall.

The nine-hole course was open for play on Monday 7th April 1924 when Dr H O Grenfell, club president and founder member, hit the opening drive. The first game was a foursome between Dr G Garland and Mrs Bawden and Lieutenant H Denton R.N and Miss Trenear. Among those present at the opening were; the Mayor of Saltash, Mr J Lander, a vice-president of the club; the Mayoress, Mrs Vosper; Lieutenant R H Spraggs R.N, secretary of the club. Following the opening the officials and members of the club had tea together at Warfelton Farm. Club membership at this time numbered over 100. The course was laid out on Warfelton Farm lying to the west of the road running from St. Stephen’s village and meeting the Callington – Saltash Road, the course was a lengthy 20 minute walk from the railway station. It originally only measured around 2,000 yards but was stated as being an “interesting course with the second, seventh and eighth greens being built on a marsh, which had been thoroughly drained, and these holes form the sporting element of the course, sufficient hazards being left to test the ability of the player to keep in the fairway and to judge the accuracy of his shots correctly. When on the third and sixth greens, which are in close proximity to one another, there is a splendid view of the church of St Stephen’s and the historic keep of Trematon Castle” The course was in the process of being extended to 18 holes, a large clubhouse was also under construction. The total length of the extended course would be approximately 4,500 yards , it was hoped the course would be completed July. With Plymouth in close proximity it was sure to prove a popular venue.

Saltash Golf Club, Cornwall. The opening drive.

The president hitting the opening shot in April 1924.


Saltash Golf Club, Cornwall. Members at the opening.

Members and guests at the opening of the Saltash Club.


In 1925 the secretary was Lieutenant H C Spraggs RN, Hill Park, Saltash and the professional J H Munday. An 18 hole course, professional course record by C H Reith with a score of 70. Visitors’ fees were 2/6 a day, weekends 3/- a day. Sunday play was allowed after 1 pm without caddies. The station at Saltash (GWR) was ½ mile away.

In 1925/6 the professional was F W Hearn who also held the new professional record of 67.

In 1930 the secretary was still Lt H C Spraggs now of West Park, Saltash. The professional and greenkeeper was F R Palmer (1929 to 1933). Visitors’ fees were 2/6 a day and 10/- a week. Sunday play was allowed without caddies. Local hotels were the Railway and the Commercial.

From 1935 to the clubs final year in 1940 the club address was given as St Stephens by Saltash. The secretary was J D Kitto and the greenkeeper J Clack. Club membership was 100. Visitors’ fees were, 1/6 a round, 2/6 a day and 10/- a week.

In January 1935 Lieutenant Colonel T T O’Neill holed in one at the eighth.

Result of a flag competition held in May 1935; Ladies, Mrs Jinman, 18th fairway; Mrs W Wilkinson, 17th green; Mrs M C Bawdon, 17th green; Men, W R Prynne, 19th green; W A Wilkinson, 19th fairway; R Rosewarne, 18th green; Junior, Keith Jinman, 17th fairway.

Eclectic competition for prizes presented by the Ladies’ President, Mrs L Greenway, played in June 1937; Ladies’ competition – Mrs Wilkinson, 72-9-63; Mrs Ralph, 79-14-65; Mrs Baker, 82-15½-66½; Mrs Kitto, 87-17-70; Mrs Bawden, 99-12-87; Gent’s – D Baker, 60-9½-50½; A Cleland, 70-12-58; J Reid, 61-2½-58½; J D Kitto, 67-8½-58½; P Lamey, 68-8½-59½; C J Phillips, 70-10-60; J A Baker, 66-5½-60½; M C Bawden, 68-6½-61½; H Denton, 70-7½-62½; R M Lippiatt, 74-10-64; R Reed, 71-6½-64½; H C Baker, 74-7½-66½; R A Rogers, 75-8-67; B Day, 81-7½-73½; R Rosewarne, 85-10-75; E Lockwood, 89-12-77.

The annual meeting was held on Friday 4th February 1938. Mr J D Kitto secretary, reported that competitions had been well supported, Mr Dingley (Launceston) gave a cup for competition between Launceston and Saltash, which was won by Launceston. Officers elected were; president, DR H O Grenfell; vice-president, Rear Admiral T T Lanyon; captain, R A Rogers; vice-captain, R Underhill; secretary, J D Kitto; assistant secretary, R M Lippiatt; treasurer, Major M C Bawden; auditor, C A Newman.

Below is the result of a club match played at Saltash against Bin Down in August 1938.

Saltash Golf Club   Bin Down Golf Club  
J Reed 0 W A R Wilkinson (1up) 1
J A Baker (5&3) 1 V T Higgins 0
R Hare (2&1) 1 D Drew 0
R A Rogers (4&2) 1 T Lewis 0
B Day (4&3) 1 D A Davey 0
A Lawrey (2up) 1 E Prynne 0
S R Underhill 0 D Pengelly (2up) 1
R M Lippiatt (2&1) 1 L Middleton 0
G L Walton (6&4) 1 H R Coad 0
A Cleland (half) 0 L Cook (half) 0
  7   2

The AGM was held on Friday 3rd February 1939. Lieut-Colonel T T O’Neill was in the chair when the secretary, Mr J D Kitto, reported that there had been a number of resignations owing to members leaving the district, numbers had dropped to 70. The club had economised with labour, but the wet season had added to their difficulties. Green fees were up, and would have been good had there been favourable weather. The chairman made reference to the excellent work of the secretary and asked him reconsider his resignation. Major M C Bawden reported an adverse balance on the year of £14, plus repairs of £20 for the machinery. Officers elected were; president, Dr H O Grenfell; vice-president, Rear Admiral T T Lanyon; captain and assistant secretary, Mr R Lippeatt; secretary Mr J D Kitto; treasurer, Major M C Bawden. Messrs Cleland, Walton and Endean were elected to fill vacancies on the committee.

Saltash Golf Club, Cornwall. Location of the former golf course.

Location of the Saltash course in the 1930s.

Grid reference SX41830,58935, co-ordinates 241830,058935.