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Truro Golf Club. (1912 - WW1)  

The first club at Truro was formed in 1912, it disappeared following WW1. 

The first general meeting was held at the Town Hall on Tuesday 4th June 1912, the Mayor, Mr W G Goodfellow, presided. The mayor commented that all those interested in the formation of the club had probably seen the report given by Mr M H Clemens in the local paper. He believed that all those present at the meeting had received a circular from Mr H J Thomas. After reviewing the objections to several farms which had been considered by the committee, the Mayor remarked that Penmount Farm was the site most suited to the laying out of the course. Several visits had already been made to the site, and some members of the committee had already played over the proposed course. There was sufficient space for the initial nine holes which, it was hoped, could eventually be extended to eighteen holes, although some areas were quite steep. The committee recommended the formal adoption of the Penmount Farm scheme, and thanked the owner, Mr A C Polwhele, and tenant, Mr Opie. Mr Firstbrook, The Lelant Professional, had visited the course with Mr M H Clemens, and he had suggested the layout for the nine hole course.

Mr E Carlyon remarked that they were very grateful to Mr Gow, who had been instrumental in the organisation of the club. The Mayor had also taken a keen interest in the formation of the club and it was proposed that he should be the Club’s first President. The Mayor then spoke of his great satisfaction at being the first President of the club.

Mr S P Trounce proposed the election of the following vice-presidents; Lord Clifden, Lord Falmouth, Lord Vivian, Sir A P Vivian, the Hon. John Boscawen, Col, the Hon. H W F Trefusis, the Hon. T C R Agar-Robartes M.P, Sir George Smith, the Hon. Evelyn Boscawen, Capt Tremayne, Messrs. G Hay Morgan M.P, G J Cookson, J D Enys, C G Gilbert, J C Williams, H Harcourt Williams, Charles Willliams, R C Glanville, A P Nix and A C Polwhele. Mr A W Jordan seconded the proposal, which was carried.

At a meeting the following week a green committee was formed and a set of rules drawn up. There were now over 120 members. Viscount Falmouth had very kindly subscribed £5 to the club funds.  

A general meeting was held on Tuesday 22nd October 1912 at the Town Hall under the presidency of the Mayor of Truro, Mr W G Goodfellow. Others present included; Club Captain, G Gow; Treasurer, W E Grenfell; Secretary, H J Thomas; E L Carlyon, S P Trounce, C Perry, A W Jordan, Dr H C Sharp, Mr and Mrs  A W Gill, Misses Herd; W H Treweek, J S Lean, C E S T Lutley, C H Faulkner, H G Pool, T E Bennett and T M Brand. Two men had been working continuously on the course unfortunately progress had been slow due to the unusual wet weather. The nine-hole course was open for play but due to the rough state of the course the formal opening was to be put off for a month or so. At great expense a pavilion had been erected with ladies and gents changing rooms with lockers, and also a room for social gatherings, it was felt that the money had been well spent on the clubhouse.  There was also parking space for motor vehicles and bicycles. The membership at this time was 142 which included 40 ladies. It was also proposed to employ a club professional. (Full report on the meeting and a description of the course below.)


Truro Golf Club, Cornwall. Report on a meeting and a description of the golf course.


Truro Golf Club, Cornwall. Report on a meeting and a description of the golf course.

Western Daily Mercury Thursday 24th October 1912.


The annual meeting was held in October 1916, Mr G Gow presided. The hon. treasurer, W E Grenfell, reported that the subscriptions and entrance fees amounted to £95/15s/6d. The Hon. E Boscawen was re-elected president; G Gow, captain, W E Grenfell, hon. treasurer; H J Thomas and F M Jesty, joint secretaries; T H Williams, auditor. It was decided to abandon the qualifying competition for the challenge cup, but to arrange, if possible, a single day competition for the trophy in the spring.

There was great optimism for the club – but it didn't survive.

The following is from a newspaper report from February 1923 regarding the local hunt. This report confirms the location of the former course. It’s obvious that the short lived course has now disappeared “From Lord’s Wood they drove him across the Idless Valley and over the old Truro Golf Links, past Penmount, and on to Polwhele” The grid reference for the former Penmount Farm is SW83060,47700, co-ordinates 183060,047700. 

The Google Map below pinpoints Penmount Farm, location of the former course.


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The current Truro Golf Club was founded in 1937.