Stafford Moor Golf Club, Dolton, Devon. (1892 - WW1)

The club was founded in 1892.

Below is the result of a match played on the Dolton course against Exeter Golf Club on Saturday 8th July 1899. Interesting to note that it was referred to as Dolton Golf Club at this time.

Dolton Golf Club   Exeter Golf Club  
A P Drummond 4 Capt Cuthell 0
Rev H Bremridge 3 J W W Matthew 0
R F G Johnson 0 C T K Roberts 1
R W W Eyton 1 R S Passmore 0
C W Furse 7 E Petherick 0
Rev C V Wansbrough 11 Rev P Norton 0
Miss Coney 0 Mrs H A Drew 3
Mrs Drummond 0 Miss B Osmond 8
Miss Godwin 7 Miss Carr 0
Miss Arnold 0 Mrs C T K Roberts 13
A P Drummond & Rev H Bremridge 2 Capt Cuthell & J W W Matthew
R F G Johnson & R W W Eyton 5 C T K Roberts & R S Passmore 
C W Furse & Rev C V Wansbrough  E Petherick & Rev P Norton 
Miss Coney & Mrs Drummond  Miss B Osmond & Mrs H A Drew
Miss Godwin & Miss Arnold Miss Carr & Mrs C T K Roberts
  45   26


Result of a medal competition played in August 1912; Rev C R Bull, 93-15-78; Captain Buchanan, 92-6-86; Rev C V Wansbrough100-11-89; Rev H Bremridge, 95-5-90; F E Moore, 111-18-93; W Turner, 111-18-93. Also played in the same month was a foursome bogey; Mrs Drummond & F K Cobbett, 6down; Mrs Cobbett & Captain Buchanan, 8down.  

In 1914 the secretary and treasurer was F K Cobbett, Dolton. A 9-hole course situated on Stafford Moor just outside Dolton. A flat moorland course 570 feet above sea level with natural  hazards.  Length of the course was 2475 yards with a bogey of 41. A small clubhouse was provided and there were plans to enlarge and move to a more favourable sight at this time. There was a membership of 20 with entry fees of £1/1/0 and subs for gents of £2/2/0 and ladies £1/1/0. Visitors fees were 1/- a day, 3/- a week, 7/6 a month. There were no caddies and no Sunday play. The station at South Molton Road 7 miles away. 

Card of the nine-hole course -

Hole Yards Bogey
1 290 5
2 300 5
3 297 5
4 133 3
5 253 4
6 200 4
7 299 5
8 319 5
9 384 5


Stafford Moor Golf Club, Dolton, Devon.  Location of the former golf course.

The move hoped for in 1914 did not materialise and Stafford Moor Golf Club disappeared after WW1.

Grid reference SS59730, 10965, co-ordinates 259730, 110965.