Stover Golf Club, Newton Abbot. (1894 - WW1)

The club originated in 1894 when a 9-hole course was laid out on the estate of  Major Harold St Maur.

Sometimes known as Stover and Mid Devon Golf Club.

The professionals in the early 1900s were T Rutherford 1900 to 1902 and Wm Taylor 1902 to 1904.

Improvements to the course in November 1901.


Stover Golf Club, Devon. Improvements to the golf course November 1901.

East & South Devon Advertiser Saturday 16th November 1901. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


The course has improved by February 1902.


Stover Golf Club, Devon. The course has improved by February 1902.

East & South Devon Advertiser Saturday 8th February 1902. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Result of a match played at Stover against Exeter Golf Club in February 1905.

Stover Golf Club   Exeter Golf Club  
H A Francis 1 C H Wreford 0
O J Goddard 1 W K King 0
H Knight 1 J W Mathew 0
A Bearne 0 C Baker 1
H St. Maur (halved) 0 W J Pring (halved) 0
Rev. A T Pelham 1 R Chance 0
Col. O J Bradford 1 C T K Roberts 0
Major Mosse 0 E J Harding 1
H A Francis and O J Goddard 1 C H Wreford and W K King 0
H Knight and A Bearne 1 J W Mathew and C Baker 0
H St. Maur and Rev. A T Pelham 0 W J Pring and R Chance 1
Col. O J Bradford and Major Mosse 1 C T K Roberts and E J Harding 0
  8   3

Result of the April 1905 monthly medal; H A Francis, 79-6-73; H St Maur, 86-11-75; Col. O J Bradford, 91-14-77; Rev. A T Pelham, 91-13-78; H Knight, 89-9-80; W Medlycott, 108-26-82.

Result of a ladies' competition played in May 1905; Mrs Eales, 97-19-78; Mrs Peacock, 103-24-79; Miss E Cornish-Bowden, 103-22-81; Miss A M Vicary, 107-24-83; Miss G C Wright, 105-21-84; Miss D Bourne, 98-10-88; Mrs Laycock, 111-19-92; Mrs Hunt, 125-30-95; Mrs Staveley, 114-18-96.

Result of the January 1906 monthly medal; Capt. Stoddart, R.N., 83-11-72; Col. Bradford, 86-14-72; Rev. R W Menneer, 93-20-73; H Knight, 83-7-76; Rev. C J Penrice, 105-12-93.

Result of the ladies' monthly medal for June 1908; Miss G C Wright, 100-15-85; Miss E Cornish-Bowden, 107-19-88; Miss T Kitson, 120-29-91; Miss H B Liardet, 96-4-92; Mrs Staveley, 107-15-92.

Result of the December 1908 monthly medal; H Knight, 85-7-78; S U Mackay, 90-12-78; Col. Bradford, 95-16-79; Col. Heath, 91-10-81; G A Buck, 105-24-81; Major Mosse, 95-10-85.

Result of the February 1912 monthly bogey competition played at the Stover and mid Devon club; A Grant-Legge (15) 4down; A M Parker (9) 6down; H L Brutton (11) 6down; Col Heath C.B (7) 8down.

Result of the February 1912 monthly medal; A Grant-Legge, 89-15-74; H L Brutton, 86-11-75; R St Maur, 91-12-79; H Knight, 94-7-87; Colonel Goad, 98-8-90, A Wright, 98-8-90; A Bromham, 106-15-91.

The secretary in January 1912 was Rev. C J Penrice, Devon House, Bovey Tracey.

Below, result of a club match played at the Warren Golf Club in February 1912.

Warren   Stover  
G C Campbell 0 Hon D K Watson (2&1) 1
L C H Palairet (1up) 1 P Parke Smith 0
C R H Collis (2&1) 1 Colonel Heath 0
A Bearne (3&2) 1 H Knight 0
Major Church (1up) 1 A Wright 0
W J Pring 0 Colonel Goad (2&1) 1
J W W Matthew 0 A M Parker (7&6) 1
P H Stirk (5&3) 1 Capt Stoddart R.N 0
  5   3

Warren also won the foursome match.

Result of the Kerswell Challenge Cup, for winners of monthly medals, played in May 1912; P Parks-Smith, 87-6-81; Colonel Goad, 91-9-82; A F Wright, 91-8-83; A S Forbes, 90-7-83; H Knight, 94-9-85 Captain Travers, 101-16-85; J Sheepshanks, 92-6-86; A H Pache, 102-12-90.

In 1914 the secretary Rev. C J Penrice and the treasurer was H Knight, Wilts & Dorset Bank, Newton Abbott the professionals were C Dymond (1907 to 1915) and W Lilley 1915 to 1917). 18-hole course of 4830 yards with a bogey of 73, a membership of 76. Entry fees were, living within 10 miles, £3/3/0, beyond £2/2/0, outside the county £1/1/0. Subs were £3/3/0, £1/11/6 and £1/1/0 respectively. Visitors’ fees were 2/6 a day, 10/- a week and £1/10/0 a month. Railway stations at Heathfield 1 mile and Newton Abbott 3 miles.

Also in 1914 was the Stover and mid Devon Ladies Golf Club which was Founded in 1900. The club had a membership of 40. Entry fees were, within 10 miles £1/1/0, beyond 10/6, outside county £1/1/0. Subs were £1/1/0, £1/1/0 and 10/6 respectively.

Stover & Mid Devon Golf Club, Newton Abbot. Location of the former golf course.

The site of the course in the early 1900s; the current course is to the south.

Grid reference SX82920, 74545, co-ordinates 282920, 074545.


The original club continued until the outbreak of WW1.

The current club was founded in 1931.