Torrington Golf Club, Devon. (1895 - 1930s)

Founded in 1895.

The original 9-hole course was located on Great Torrington Common.

It moved to its current location at Weare Trees in the early 1930s.

Extract of a report from the Western Morning News Wednesday 27th November 1895 – “Torrington golf links are being much enjoyed. It is a nine-hole course, six holes being on the north, and three on the river side of the common.  A professional from Westward Ho!, who laid out the links, was delighted with the course, the obstacles being excellent. There is only one drawback – that play takes place across a main thoroughfare, but the traffic is small except at certain times of the day. If the existence of the links only induces golfers to take up their residence at this bracing and lovely place they will have serve a very useful purpose.”

Below is the result of the first match played by the recently formed Torrington Golf Club. It took place at Torrington on Friday 29th May 1896 against Ilfracombe Golf Club.

Torrington Golf Club   Ilfracombe Golf Club  
C G Buchanan 1 R Daniell 0
Colonel Macartney 0 Major Prickett 2
Dr. Macindoe 2 Dr. Toller 0
F R Boatfield 5 Mr Guilding 0
  8   2

 Result of the July 1896 monthly medal; Col. Macartney, 90-12-78; R G S Buckland, 110-22-88; Capt. C G Buchanan, 89scratch; Dr. Macindoe, 99-4-95; J R Stevenson, 113-20-93; S W Dew, 114-20-94; J Jackson, 109-14-95; F R Boatfield, 96scratch; S Jackson, 122-25-97; G M Doe, 140-36-104; W F Vaughan, 132-20-112.

Below is the result of a match played at Ilfracombe in June 1898.

Ilfracombe Golf Club   Torrington Golf Club  
W R Daniel 2 Captain Buchanan 0
G B Hole 9 Colonel Macartney 0
W R Foster 0 F R Boatfield 5
J Crathorne 1 S W Dew 0
G Hilton Lewis (half) 0 J Jackson (half) 0
D Guilding 0 H D Pearce 8
Daniel and Hole 3 Buchanan and Boatfield 0
Toller and Crathorne 2 Macartney and Dew 0
Lewis and Guilding 0 Jackson and Pearce 4
  17   17

In 1900 it was listed as a 9-hole course the secretary was F R Boatfield.

In 1906/8 it was called Great Torrington Golf Club. The secretary was J C Barry, National Provincial Bank. There was no entry fee subs were 21/-.There was a membership of just 12. The station was half mile away. Visitors’ fees were 2/6 a week.

In 1911 the secretary was T R Nicholls, National Provincial Bank. Sunday play was not permitted.

In February 1912 T Nicholls, secretary, handed a cheque for three guineas to Mr Paul Judd, on behalf of the Coal and Flour Fund. The donation is accompanied with the request that the inhabitants will continue to protect the Club’s property and greens from damage.  

It's likely that the earlier club finished at the time of WW1.

In October 1921 it was reported in the North Devon Journal “The formation of a golf club at Torrington. The new links have been prepared in the fields near the reservoir fields”

Result of a mixed foursomes played at Torrington in October 1922; Mrs E W W Scott & H Vincent with a nett  score of 23 for nine holes.

Result of the Presidents Cup competition played in August 1926; W G Oxnam, 101 – 16 – 85, S Greensted, 100 – 14 – 86, H Vincent, 107 – 20 – 87, A J Heaman, 97 – 10 – 87, E J Rogers, 102 – 14 – 88.

In November 1925 C S Short and W J Blatchford defeated H Vincent and H Settle in a foursomes competition by 3 and 2.

At the annual meeting in July 1927 the president, Mr E H Rogers, was in the chair. The treasurer presented his report which showed a balance in hand of 9s/8d. It was decided that the subscriptions should be doubled! Family tickets were raised from £2/2/0 to £3/3/0. The president was re-elected. The secretary handed in his resignation, but after persuasion, Mr Buckland agreed to continue in office. The following were elected to the general committee; Mr Rogers, Mr Buckland, F Bromell, C S Short, W G Hall, H Vincent, B E Blatchford, A J Heaman, R G S Buckland, R W Parnell and W J Oxnam. The following were elected to the competitions’ committee; A J Heaman, W G Oxnam, B E Blatchford and F Bromell. Messrs. Heaman, Rogers and Short were elected to the ground committee.    

Torrrington Golf Club, Devon. Location of the earlier golf course.

Location of the first Torrington course on Great Torrington Common. This course was appearing from the early 1900s through to the 1930s.

Grid reference SS48500, 19390, co-ordinates 248500, 119390.

There could have been two courses in Torrington, the one near the reservoir, which I’m still looking for, and the other on the map above.