Totnes Golf Club, Devon. (1895 - 1938)

Founded 1895 when the professional to 1897 was J Cole.

Originally a 6-hole course that was situated near Lower Bourton. The railway station was about 5 minutes from this course.

In 1905 the club moved to a nine-hole course on Race Marsh.

The club was closed for the duration of WW1, re-opening in 1922. 

Below is a report on the opening in April 1895.


Totnes Golf Club, Devon. Opening of the Totnes Golf Club April 1895.

From the Exeter & Plymouth Gazette Tuesday 30th April 1895. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


At the annual meeting in March 1905 it was decided to move to Race Marsh where a nine-hole course was to be laid out. The following officers were elected; President, His Grace the Duke of Somerset; captain, W J Phillips; hon. secretary, C F Rea; greens committee – W J Phillips, W R Edmond, C J Swears, W Walter, F K Windeatt, C F Rea; ladies’ committee – Mrs W J Phillips, Mrs H Phillips, Mrs Buckner, Mrs Swears, Miss Beadel, Miss Kellock.

The club move to the Race Marsh course in April 1905.

Result of the October 1906 monthly bogey; W J Phillips (captain,) 1down; E M Tucker, 1down; A Ferguson, 2down; H C Paige, 2down; F H Hudson, 3down; C F Rea, 4down; C J Swears, 5down. J W Chenhall made a no return.

The following officers were elected at the annual meeting in April 1907; President, Duke of Somerset; capatain, Walter Phillips; hon. secretary, Rev. C F Rea. Miss M Hingston succeeded Miss Beadel as ladies’ secretary.

Below is a report on the annual meeting held in May 1909.


Totnes Golf Club, Devon. Report on the annual meeting held in May 1909.

From the Totnes Weekly Times Saturday 22nd May 1909. Image © Tindle Newspapers. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


In 1914 the secretary was C J Swears, Puddaven House, Dartington, Totnes. The membership was 40. There was no entry fee. Subs were £1/1/0. Visitors’ fees were 1/- a day, 3/6 a week and 10/- a month. Sunday play was not allowed.

In 1923 the secretary was T Hartland, The Retreat, Totnes and the greenkeeper T Knott. Membership had now increased to 98. Visitors’ fees had also increased to 2/- a day. Sunday play allowed without caddies.

Result of the 1924 January medal; A Millbourn, 87-24-63; H F Bevan, 87-16-71; E S Bowes, 87-12-75; A Hingston, 87-12-75; H Maddick, 96-17-79; T Hartland, 97-18-79; A Huxham, 92-12-80; F G Hanks, 97-14-83; L Foster, 112-24-88.

Result of the 1924 March medal; H F Bevan, 87-16-71; Sir D Twomey, 94-22-72; F K Windeatt94-18-76; H Maddick, 96-17-79.

Result of the June monthly medal 1924; A S Millbourne, 82-20-62; Sir D Twomey, 87-22-65; H F Bevan, 82-16-66; E S Bowes, 81-12-69; A Huxham, 85-15-70; A Hingston, 83-12-71; F K Windeatt, 90-18-72; T Hartland, 91-18-73; A E Bettridge, 94-16-78; H Maddick, 96-17-79.

Following is the result of the April 1926 medal; A Durham, 81-14-67; A Hingston, 82-14-68; H Maddick, 89-19-70; D Foster, 94-24-70; F K Peto, 94-20-74; F K Windeatt, 94-20-74; H F Bevan, 91-16-75.

Result of the May 1926 monthly bogey competition; A S Millburn (15), 2down; E S Bowes (13), 2down; A Huxham (14), 3down; L Foster (24), 3down; G H Beecheno (14), 4down; F K Windeatt (20), 4down; W B Bucquet (24), 6down.

Result of the ladies’ medal for January 1927; Mrs Foster, 100-30-70; Mrs Edmonds, 88-17-71; Mrs Mulhall, 106-34-72; Lady Twomey, 103-26-77. There were two no returns. Result of the gents monthly medal; J B Ireland, 92-24-68; S Jellicoe, 85-16-69; L Foster, 91-20-71; F K Peto, 95-20-75. A mixed foursome competition was also held in January, result as follows; Lady Twomey and H F Bevan, 94-21-73; Mrs Edmonds and L Foster, 92-18½ -73½; Mrs Robertson and A S Millbourn, 95-21-74; Miss B Millbourn and H Maddick, 102-27½- 74½; Mrs Millbourn and P Bickford, 109-30-79; Miss Lovell and Sir D Twomey, 103-22-81; Miss J Mulhall and D White, 111-29-82.

Result of the monthly medal for July 1927; Dr S C Jellicoe, 82-16-66; H F Bevan, 82-16-66; H B White, 92-20-72. There were three no returns.

Result of the ladies’ monthly medal for May 1928; Miss Jackson, 98-32-66; Mrs Edmonds, 88-13-75; Mrs Fletcher, 108-32-76; Mrs Beecheno, 100-19-81; Mrs Guy, 119-36-83. A mixed foursome was also played in May 1928, result; Mrs Edmonds and H Maddick, 83-15½-67½; Mrs Mulhall and T Hartland, 102-26-76; Mrs Foster and O R Round, 101-24-77; Mrs Robertson and S C Jellicoe, 101-22½-78½; Miss B Millbourn and Sir D Twomey, 105-28-78; Lady Twomey and L Foster, 104-23-81. 

Result of the Gent’s bogey played in August 1929; P H Cox (11), 3down; S C Jellicoe (10), 3down; M Hartland (18), 4down; F K Peto (15), 6down; F K Windeatt (12), 7down; E Jellicoe (18), 7down. Ladies’ bogey result; Miss N Kauntze (24), 1up; Mrs Beecheno (14), 8down.

The ladies monthly medal for March 1930 was won by Mrs Hanks, the other six competitors had no returns.


Totnes Golf Club, Devon. A report on the Totnes Golf Club from May 1930.

From the Western Morning News Saturday 17th May 1930. Image © Trinity Mirror. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


The following card of the course is probably from the 1920/30s.

Hole Length Bogey
1 90 3
2 250 4
3 282 4
4 296 5
5 190 4
6 155 3
7 295 5
8 300 5
9 250 5

Total length of 2,108 yards with a bogey of 38.

Below is the result of a match played against South Devon & Wrangaton Golf Club on Saturday 23rd June 1934.

Totnes Golf Club   South Devon & Wrangaton Golf Club  
H J Bune 0 R W Prowse 1
H F Bevan (1up) 1 W C H Pitts 0
C Jago 0 A L Patterson 1
E Dutton-Evans 0 F G Hanks 1
P H Edwards (3&2) 1 H S Burbery 0
F K Windeatt (2&1) 1 G A Devenish 0
H Maddick (5&4) 1 C Francis 0
A S Brook (7&6) 1 C Allen 0
H J Bune & H F Bevan (half) 0 R W Prowse & W C H Pitts (half) 0
C Jago & E Dutton-Evans 0 A L Patterson & F G Hanks 1
P H Edwards & F K Windeatt (1up) 1 H S Burbery & G A Devenish 0
H Maddick & A S Brook (6&4) 1 C Francis & C Allen 0
  7   4

In the club's final year in 1938 the secretary was A J Trembath, Midland Bank Chambers, Totnes and the  greenkeeper was still T Knott. The 9hole course had a SSS and Par of 64 and a membership of 60.

Totnes Golf Club, Devon. Location of the former golf course.

The golf course marked to the north is the original site.

Grid reference SX80950, 61305, co-ordinates 280950, 061305.

The later course was situated on the race course at Broad Marsh, near the railway station, this is now an Industrial Estate.

Grid reference SX80400, 60990, co-ordinates 280400, 060990.


The Google Map below pinpoints the location of the later course at Broad Marsh.