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Ilfracombe Golf Club. (1892 - 1903)

Founded in 1892.

The original nine-hole course was located near Mullacott Cross.


Ilfracombe Golf Club, Devon. Meeting of the Ilfracombe Golf Club in March 1893

From the North Devon Journal Thursday 9 March 1893. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


In January 1894 competitions were played for the Gold and Silver medals. Results of the singles, twice round nine-holes; Mr Stabb jun., 103-8-95; Mr Guilding, 132-30-102; Miss Pedder, 143-40-103; Mr Boalfield, 110-6-104; Mr Stabb, 137-28-109; Mr Little, 116-4-112; H Lewis, 152-30-122; H Dickinson, 136-12-124; S Lynne, 154-30-124; Mr Nairne jun., 176-30-146. Doubles; Mr Boalfield and Miss Pedder, 123 net; Mr Stabb jun. and Miss Dawson, 133 net; Mr Stabb and Mr H Lewis, 137 net; Mr Guilding and Mr S Lynne, 151 net. It was reported that “There was considerable excitement with the competitions, as many have been practising very hard.”

The following article from “Golf” 5 Jan 1894 suggests that there was another course before the one at Mullacott - The club was formed in November 1892, changed to the present ground, called Mullacott, about 400 feet above level of sea, one mile and a-half from Ilfracombe, and has fine views of Welsh coast, British Channel, the hills Hangman and Hillsborough, Toors W alk, Lundy Island, town of Ilfracombe, Exmoor, and Dartmoor. Play goes on all the year round. To show the direction of three holes for strangers there are flags. President, Mr. W. Bertram ; vice-president, The Right Hon. A. J. Balfour, M.P. ; committee, Mr. Darbyshire, J.P., C.C., Mr. Leatham, Mr. Guilding ; Mr. Boatfield, secretary and treasurer.


Ilfracombe Golf Club, Devon. Result of a ladies' handicap competition in June 1894.

From the Exeter and Plymouth Gazette Tuesday 12 June 1894.


Results from the Spring meeting played in April 1894.


Ilfracombe Golf Club, Devon. Results from the Spring meeting in April 1894.



From the North Devon Journal April 1896 – “A very successful tournament was held on the links on Easter Monday and Tuesday. Eleven gentlemen and eight ladies returned their cards, and on comparison Mr Crathorne was found to be first among the gentlemen with 104 and Mrs Pickett among the ladies with 110. In the course of Monday afternoon an interesting presentation took place in the pavilion, when Mr Bertram, who has been President since the formation of the club, and has taken a very great interest its welfare, was presented with a handsome walking-stick as a slight recognition of his services. The presentation was made by Dr. Toller.”

Below is the result of a match played at Torrington Golf Club in May 1896.

Torrington Golf Club   Ilfracombe Golf Club  
C G Buchanan 1 R Daniell 0
Colonel Macartney 0 Major Prickett 2
Dr. Macindoe 2 Dr. Toller 0
F R Boatfield 5 Mr Guilding 0
  8   2

Below is the result of a match against Woolacombe Golf Club played on the Mullacott links in May 1898.

Ilfracombe Golf Club   Woolacombe Golf Club  
Dr. Toller 4 E Henshall 0
J Crathorne 5 G B Hole 0
G Hilton Lewis 3 Rev. E Skinner 0
Dr. Payne 4 Sir H Vaughan 0
Dr. Toller and J Crathorne 8 E Henshall and Sir H Vaughan 0
G Hilton Lewis and Dr Payne 0 G B Hole and Rev. E Skinner 3
  24   3

Below is the result of a match played in June 1898 against Torrington.

Ilfracombe Golf Club   Torrington Golf Club  
W R Daniel 2 Captain Buchanan 0
G B Hole 9 Colonel Macartney 0
W R Foster 0 F R Boatfield 5
J Crathorne 1 S W Dew 0
G Hilton Lewis (half) 0 J Jackson (half) 0
D Guilding 0 H D Pearce 8
Daniel and Hole 3 Buchanan and Boatfield 0
Toller and Crathorne 2 Macartney and Dew 0
Lewis and Guilding 0 Jackson and Pearce 4
  17   17

The winner of the handicap competition played in May 1901 was Mr E W Wylde net 80.

In summer 1901 the golf links had proved more popular. It was hoped that further improvements could be made on the course.

It was reported in March 1902 that “The Golf Links at Mullacott are in excellent order.”

Report below of the move to the current course.


Ilfracombe Golf Club, Devon. Report on the move to the current golf course in February 1903.

From the North Devon Journal Thursday 5 February 1903. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


In the 1905 Nisbet’s Golf Yearbook it states that the Ilfracombe Golf Club was instituted in 1903. 

The Google Map below shows the area around Mullacott Cross, location of the earlier golf course.